Article author: Asatro News Published: 19th day of Sol-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 19th day of Sol-month 2014

The unstoppable awakening against non-Europeans and non-European manipulators that are assaulting European nations

Another YouGov poll stated that 70% want immigration "stopped completely" or reduced, the YouGov poll was conducted before the Channel 5 (false, controlled and staged debate on immigration), only 4% of respondents wanted more immigration ( =the total number of Jews who were over-represented in the survey)

There is a fear factor - that the foreigner is causing trouble for them" -Anjem Choudary

Anjem Choudary accurately and implicitly admits that he and other non-white immigrants and immigrant children are "causing trouble".

Anjem Choudry then echoed the liberal line in an attempt to manipulate people into still believing that immigration is solely an economic and not a racial issue, as it is in his racial interests to do such, in the same way that it is in the racial interest of Jews to try and trick us into believing race does not exist (so they can attempt to destroy our race, as they could never challenge us openly, if we were racially conscious, as we are increasingly becoming).

Anjem Choudry stated that "Britons" disliked immigration because of the pressure immigration puts on the NHS and that we are only against immigration due to the "recession"*.

*"Recession" is an illogical term, meaning simply that period in the artificially created circular economic cycle where the (majority Jewish owned) banks stop lending money so easily to businesses, the government and individuals and subsequently there is less money in the economy, so it is not in an economic boom and thus is called a Recession, as the economy is comparatively receding (the economy grows slower or does not grow at all subsequently).  

Andjem Choudry likes the immigration of non-Europeans into European nations, just like Ed Miliband, Moshe Kantor, the ADL, Paidea and HIAS like immigration of non-Europeans into European nations and actively do their subversive utmost to increase it.

Anjem Choudry thus has the same liberal line on immigration if he takes that line and it is openly known that Anjem Choudry wants Muslims to increase in numbers to take over the UK, as he openly admits and is commonly known, then what does that and what should that tell the general public about the liberal Christian ministers, Marxist political commentators (like Andrew Neil) and their Jewish editors and leaders who take that line on immigration?

Either they are retarded and are simply victims of Jewish anti-European ideologies or they (being Jewish-Supremacists) too want us Europeans to be made into an ethnic minority in our own homeland.

"Afghanistan is not occupying Britain. Britain [is] going to Muslim countries and killing 'people'"

Anjem Choudary

No, Afghanistan is not occupying Britain, but Pakistanis and dozens of other non-European immigrant groups are occupying, in a near civil-war intensity, large portions of Leicester, London, Slough, Birmingham, Manchester, Page Hall Sheffield and large portions of almost every single city in Europe and especially in the UK, which has one of the highest population densities in Europe.

Non-Europeans, such as Nigerians, Somalians and Pakistanis are also engaging in abducting raping and murdering European men and women alike, especially teenagers, quite frankly, it would be safer to be in Afghanistan right now for us, than to be in some non-white occupied inner-city areas late at night.

Conservative MP Phillip Hollobone stated subversively that: “These figures are proof positive that the Daily Express reflects the opinion of the British people."

 -manipulative lies... what about on the subject of war? the banks? affirmative action? non-white crime rates? -all things the (Jewish owned and staffed) Daily express is for and the European  and especially our English folk are strongly against!

What these figures show is that the Nationalist Asatru News reflects the true and un-manipulated opinions of the ethnic English, Welsh, Scottish and other Northern European people.

Class conflict instigator Katie Hopkins stated in accordance with an anti-racial world-view that: "Hard working people in this country have had enough."

This is a malicious understatement and a blatant attempt to make immigration into a class issue, when it is clearly a racial issue, you need only study the polling data to see that non-Europeans are almost all in favour of mass-immigration (of more of their specific racial groups especially) and that our fellow Europeans are fully and entirely against any form of immigration by in-between 80-90%, with nearing 10% of the population believing in repatriation of all immigrants and over 50% of the population believing in the repatriation of some or all 'criminal immigrants' (so does the UKIP in relation to 'foreign criminals').  

The controlled mainstream 'debate' on immigration is not really a debate, but an attempt to make it look like the media is accountable to public opinion, which it is not.
 If the debate were actually to statistically represent our folk's opinions, even according to the recent survey (non-white including) conducted by Channel 5 / YouGov, you would have 7 people arguing against immigration and only 3 arguing for immigration fo non-whites (i.e: white genocide), and if it were representative of the opinion of us Europeans, the debate would be 8/9 people arguing against immigration and one or 2 lonely left-wing manipulators arguing (manipulating) for continued mass-immigration, which can only be described in its effects as: Comparative demographic genocide.

In support of non-European (non-white) immigration into our territories you will find: most of the Conservative party, if not 95% of it, all of the Labour party, all of the Lib Dems, every single Jewish synagogue (allegedly every single Jew inside also) and all of the established Christian churches, Muslim Mosques and University staff and even some in the working-class BNP want us to become a minority, under some sick ideology of getting revenge or teaching a lesson against the white middle class or something visibly marxist like such and yes in UKIP you will find leftwing or Jewish infiltrators (such as Shneur Odze, a badly-failed ex-'potential MEP candidate' who has also tried to get elected to the UKIP National Executive Committee and failed) and immigrant-sentimental Christians who think they "value working immigrants", but really have no idea of the consequences of what they are actually thinking and advocating or misrepresent the views of the average (90%+ English) members.

Every last single Jewish lobby group on the issue of immigration is obviously in support of immigration, every single last Rabbi, wants immigration of non-whites to increase, so that we Europeans can be subjugated into being a minority, so that they have complete control, in a "multi-ethnic society", meaning simply a minority white population (as seen in South Africa), so that they can legislate against our very existence using democracy and the non-white voting-block majority, encourage violence against us, with the aim of wiping us out, and to give themselves complete un-rivaled political power. And to make the only 1st world nation Israel, by reducing all European nations into being "not going to be the monolithic societies they used to be"

The majority of our folk are already FULLY and by a super-majority against immigration in its entirety, by 80-90%.

Evidently the Jewish-supremacists have pushed too hard and too fast, and now people have woken up and millions more will be waking up, several thousand people will wake up to the reality of Jewish power today alone, just take a look at the wider perspective of the sheer scale of our awakening, Jewish power is scheduled for demolition at this rate, no matter whether we take power through civil war or a democratic resurgence.

All they can do now is to attempt to silence and placate our folk's surging and un-chained opinions on this subject, as they fear our full awakening and the destruction it necessarily entails for their power and attempted supremacy over us, once and for all eternity.

We are destined to win, and the Jewish-Supremacists are fearfully starting to realize this now, subsequently their tactics are changing, it is no longer cry racism, but say ok, your concern is legitimate or even have their political pundits increasingly agree with our folk, and yet government will do nothing about it.

Any noises against immigration by any elected MP is nothing more than attempted manipulation of our folk. 

It is technically impossible, to reduce immigration whilst also being a member of the EU.

It is de-facto impossible to reduce immigration whilst we have a majority Jewish-media and majority-Jewish-owned financial domination over our nation and politics .

But no matter what our peoples opinions are, if no force takes this opinion and changes the nation in accordance with it, nothing will happen and the opinions of our folk will simply be ignored, in-fact the opposite of their opinion will be enacted if any of the established political parties gain office, even UKIP is not hard-line enough on immigration to suit our peoples wishes and the BNP is effectively a fraud, and is electorally incompetent, and so cannot physically do anything.

Our people must be encouraged themselves to stand as their own representatives, without political party subversion, in their own areas, surrounded by their neighbours and friends, standing up for their local area and folk interests.

This will electorally force UKIP to become more hard-line on immigration and through UKIP and a vast array of independent candidates standing for office, then and then only is the situation on immigration likely to be changed in accordance with the increasingly nationalistic, anti-non-white-immigrant (and anti-Roma) sentiments of our Northern European folk. 

This situation itself is only possible with an increasingly nationalist political and cultural presence, and a decrease in the brainwashing reach of the far-left Christian church and education establishments alike.

Our folk's opinion on immigration would although still be betrayed, if the non-European immigrants already here are allowed to stay.

Every last single non-white must be expelled, this is non-negotiable. 

There should not even be 1 non-white in the entirety of Europe and each and every of-continent European nation, if they are to remain European in the the long term evolutionary view of our future.

Anti-immigrant sentiment is not simply anger at people coming into this country (as the mainstream debate attempts to manipulate people into thinking), it is anger at them settling here and overwhelming our lands, that anger is at the growing immigrant population, which is caused not only be new immigration but by the resident immigrant population increasing in their own numbers, often whilst on 20 thousand or more in benefits.

The sight of a non-white with several children, is a sight which causes anti-immigrant sentiment, these people may although be classified as 'British Nationals' or born residents thus this anti-'immigrant' sentiment, is not simply, and cannot be simply about immigration, but is about the impact of non-European immigrants and their descendants on our nation, our own lives, selves and the future of our nation and territory our nation inhabits, for which our people are gravely concerned.

This pro European and anti-non-European sentiment can only be honoured, by the complete and total expulsion of all non-Europeans (non-whites) from all European territories, this is undeniable. This is our task.

Keep positive, Keep practical, Keep persevering