Article author: Asatro NewsPublished: 3rd Æfterra Jéola 2014 / 3rd day After Yule 2264.RE

The unstoppable awakening against immigration of foreign ethnic groups: indicated irrefutably by polling data

Back on October 17th 2013 I reported on a Sky news poll that created results the marxists at Sky news could not tolerate: 

Sky news really did not know what they were getting into did they when they conducted their most recent poll on the subject of immigration.

All of their left wing fantasies of (white english)public support for the comparative demographic genocide of the indigenous white population were crushed to dust beneath a data sheet showing the mass-awakening of our population in relation to the crisis of mass-immigration.

The poll showed that 67% of people found the Coalition government's plan to reduce immigration down to less than 99,999 to be unsatisfactory and stated that they want the government to take "drastic action" in reducing immigration that goes further than reducing net immigration down to 99,999 per year. 

The sky news report results attempts to argue that those who are unfamiliar with immigrants want them in the country less, using the manipulative lie that ignorance causes racism. This is not factual as those who have been on the front line in areas such as London, Birmingham and Manchester are normally those who are the most hostile to immigrants.

That result was due to the way the question was asked in the poll, as all political data is collected with a thesis in mind beforehand by these inductive marxists and Jewish-racists looking to force an appearance of 'acceptance' of mass-immigration, which is in effect nothing more than comparative demographic genocide. 

The poll conducted during the first few days of October 2013 showed 67 percent of the British public considers the coalition government’s plans to cut immigration down to 100,000 as unsatisfactory and inadequate. 

The coalition has subsequently failed to do even this, with mass-immigration having increased to above 500,000, with immigration figures likely to reach 700,000 per year due to the influx of migrants from Romania and Bulgaria: the EUs last ditch attempt to alter the demographics of the UK before the near-inevitable EU referendum scheduled for before 2017 and 2017 at the latest.

Recent polling goes further than the Sky polling conducted in October 2013, this recent polling (by the BBC) showed that 89% of the British public does NOT think that immigration is a “good thing for Britain”, this result, from a mainstream call-in live TV survey, shows our people have come to understand once again how dangerous any non-white and non-Northern European immigration is, which is no surprise after the Home Office released data showing that 50% of all people in the country are negatively impacted (directly in personal costs that is) by immigrants and descendants of non-European immigrants. 

 But this intelligent realization against immigrants has been continual for decades and especially in recent years, and yet it has never been allowed to hit the headlines: an un-publicized YouGov poll in November 2010 found 81% supported tighter controls on immigration.

52 percent said they will vote for a party that would “significantly” reduce immigration levels. 

This is a very good sign for UKIP and suggests positive advances are inevitable for the Nationalist Asatru News and other groups seeking to fight against comparitive demographic genocide by replacing the mainstream media in accordance with folkish aims and ideological allegiances.

Comres polling data also shows that our people have had their opinions ignored by the government, but not merely ignored, the government has done the exact opposite of what we wanted to happen, showing UKIP is the natural party of England but also Britain, as it is the only party that even vaguely represents the opinions of our people.
  • 89% of British people oppose ending immigration controls on new EU states Bulgaria and Romania from 2014.
  • Only 7% supported removing immigration controls on Romania and Bulgaria 
  • 89% of those aged 65 or older oppose ending immigration controls.
  • Across all social classes there is consistent opposition to ending immigration controls. 
  • 79% of both AB and DE classes oppose ending controls. 
  • C2 voters are most likely to be opposed to immigration at 81%
  • Demonstrating a 2% difference in opinions (lower than the margin of error) to immigration between so called economic "classes", crushing the myth that the wealthy support immigration, in reality only Jewish Marxists, generic Marxists (media presenters, school teachers, university staff, civil servants, etc) and non-whites support immigration.
  • Opposition was and is strongest in Yorkshire and Humberside with 88% of respondents against ending controls.  In the West Midlands the figure is 87%.  The South East (82%) and Scotland (81%) follow behind.
Yorkshire is where the Nationalist Asatru News is based (in addition to Devonshire), showing a positive sign for the possibilities of our future grassroots campaigns, those who would like to help out with article writing should get in contact, physical campaigns will be discussed at a meeting in York around late February.
  • Support for maintaining immigration controls was and is consistent amongst all voters for political parties, even those who have been supportive of immigration in the past.  60% of Green voters, 73% of Liberal Democrats, 75% of Labour voters and 86% of SNP voters opposed ending immigration controls on these new EU member states.

The Comres poll found that the intense anti mass-immigration sentiment is higher (88-95%) among rural populations and thus those who do not have ethnic minorities as a large proportion of their social contacts (i.e they do not know any immigrants well), demonstrating that when not compromised by personal contacts and freed to think on a scientific level our population quite easily knows what is best for its interests, despite the Westminster regime's assumption that we do not know what is in our best interests and thus the excuse for their rule has no grounds. Although 53% of those living with ethnic minorities as social contacts (i.e who knew migrants well) still held the view that drastic action must be taken to reduce mass-immigration. 

This was to be expected from the inevitable experience of ethnic minority crime in urban areas (96% of all inter-racial crime, crime committed by one group at the expense of another) is BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) against the white indigenous population (London Met statistics, consistently at 90-96% from the 1990s through to today).

People who have lived near non-whites and subsequently have moved away from non-white areas are the most awakened segment of the population, as they have had first hand experience and evidence of the sheer horror caused by non-whites as they become a majority in the inner cities.

In every single mainstream poll on the subject of immigration and race there is always a pro-immigration bias, which I describe as a pro-ignorance bias, deliberately in place to stop people from realising that the reality is that 95% of their fellow English population do not want immigration, not even working immigrants, although this recent Comres polling data shows a nearly accurate picture, with numerous areas opposing further immigrants at numbers near to 90%!

In an article I wrote on the subject, I detail why non-European working immigrants are in-fact the most damaging class of immigrants.

A YouGov poll graphic demonstrates quite clearly the fact that the general public (including non-whites in this sample, showing that this poll is understating the opinions of the indigenous population) increasingly opposes the fundamentally Marxist EU principle of internal immigration of workers throughout the EU states.

It is alleged that YouGov is notoriously biased and presents data that is twisted, weighted and deliberately designed to understate problems and over-state anything that is in the interest of the far-left, this is evident when comparing YouGov polling results to the similar Comres polling results detailed above.

The mainstream media, having realized the massive and natural dislike of immigrants, which they have sought to manipulate and change since the 1940s, have tried to force acceptance of the lie that "(primarily non-white) immigration is good for the economy", positively despite such conditioning for over 70 years, arguable 90 years since the 1920s, the public (even in this YouGov sample, that under-states the indigenous population's opinion) still by a majority think that immigration is bad for the British economy. 

This is a major intellectual advantage we folkish nationalists (as normal, intelligent self-concerned folk) have, as the public (people like us) despite nearly a century of Jewish Marxist manipulation via the media, schools and culture, still realize that immigrantion and thus immigrants are bad for our economy.

The general public (my beloved folk-nation) are closer to the so-called far-right than they are to the mainstream political parties on most subjects, that is the reality the far-left, mainstream and Jewish Marxist media attempt to hide from our people, the reality that so called far-right sentiments are actually NORMAL sentiments.

Economic policy is an important area the electorate considers when deciding who to vote for, our people understand that the best economic policy is not to alter interest rates or taxation rates, but instead to improve the very composition of our nation at the most basic of ethnic levels, by reducing immigration.

The same opinion trend  could be easily accessed in relation to how to improve school results. 

Note that YouGov systematically under-represents the English opinion on these issues, the real number who believe immigration has been bad for the British economy from the English (white by definition) population will be in-between 75% and 90%.

It is still an excellent sign that the anti-immigrant sentiment is increasing along all available indicators (even despite the infuriating mainstream effort to hide, suppress and distort such popular opinions), although anti-immigrant sentiments should and could be made to increase at an even higher level than this via honest reporting and political education by people in their local communities who know what is going on rather than the subject being heavily covered up as it has been, as the census figures show England and Wales witnessed a 3.7 million population rise between 2001 and 2011, 2.1 million of them migrants arriving alone, the rest of the growth all came from immigrants having children in the UK which was a 1.9 million+ increase, making up for the estimated 300,000+ decrease in the white population in raw numbers. This dire reality if known by our population at large, would literally seal the end of the mainstream media and the entire Westminster politicial establishment.

The comparative demographic genocide of our population occurs via 4 methods, increasing the mass-immigration numbers of non-whites, increasing the internal non-European birth rate, decreasing our birth rate, whilst increasing white emigration out of the UK.

It is vital readers wake up to this reality and seek to awaken all of their friends, family and neighbours on this dire situation that our ancient nation is now facing once again.

The mainstream media openly talked about white flight and immigrant growth numbers as if it is a good thing, for that crime, we must annihilate the mainstream media.

Urge everyone you know to boycott the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, the Guardian, the express and just about every 'mainstream' news website, and also to boycott, oppose and expose every single person who does not openly speak out against immigration, or who has ever tried to down-play such.

 Through real, yet simple and easily applied actions such as boycotts, we can enact real change, and force the mainstream media into irreverisble decline, for the ongoing crimes it is committing against our people and their interests cannot go un-punished.

Destroying and replacing the radical, Jewish Marxist so called 'mainstream' media is the first step in re-taking our nation, voting for UKIP or an independent nationalist candidate is not enough.

Thankfully boycotting mainstream media outlets can be done without any cost or effort, simply do not visit mainstream media websites and urge all your friends to do the same.