Article author: Asatro News / Published: October 17th 2013 (1st edition article) / 17th Winter-fylleþ 2263.RE

The unstoppable awakening against immigration: indicated by polling data

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Sky news really did not know what they were getting into did they when they conducted their most recent poll on the subject of immigration.

All of their left wing fantasies of (white english)public support for the comparative demographic genocide of the indigenous white population were crushed to dust beneath a data sheet showing the mass-awakening of our population in relation to the crisis of mass-immigration.

The poll showed that 67% of people found the Coalition government's plan to reduce immigration down to less than 99,999 to be unsatisfactory and stated that they want the government to take "drastic action" in reducing immigration that goes further than reducing net immigration down to 99,999 per year. 

The sky news report results attempts to argue that those who are unfamiliar with immigrants want them in the country less. 

This is unusual as those who have been on the front line in areas such as London, Birmingham and Manchester are normally those who are the most hostile to immigrants. 

This result is most likely due to the way the question was asked in the poll, as all political data is collected with a thesis in mind beforehand by these inductive marxists and Jewish-racists looking to force an appearance of 'acceptance' of mass-immigration, which is in effect nothing more than comparative demographic genocide. 

The poll conducted during the first few days of October 2013 showed 67 percent of the British public considers the coalition government’s plans to cut immigration down to 100,000 as unsatisfactory and inadequate. 

This shows our people have come to understand once again how dangerous mass-immigration is, which is no surprise after the Home Office released data showing that 50% of all people in the country ae negatively impacted (directly in personal costs that is) by immigrants and descendants of non-European immigrants. 

52 percent said they will vote for a party that would “significantly” reduce immigration levels. 

This is a very good sign for UKIP

And the cultural success of those groups seeking to fight against comparitive demographic genocide. 27 percent of respondents were very well informed on the subject as they were able to see past the lies that immigration has an economic benefit by stating that it: mass-immigration has not done Britain any good over the past decade. 

The poll found that the intense anti mass-immigration sentiment is higher (71%) among rural populations and thus those who do not have ethnic minorities as a large proportion of their social contacts (i.e they do not know any immigrants well), demonstrating that when not compromised by personal contacts and freed to think on a scientific level our population quite easily knows what is best for its interests, despite the Westminster regime's assumption that we do not know what is in our best interests and thus the excuse for their rule has no grounds. Although 53% of those living with ethnic minorities as social contacts (i.e who knew migrants well) still held the view that drastic action must be taken to reduce mass-immigration. 

This was to be expected from the inevitable experience of ethnic minority crime in urban areas (96% of all inter-racial crime, crime committed by one group at the expense of another) is BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) against the white indigenous population (London Met statistics, consistently at 90-96% from the 1990s through to today).

It is an excellent sign that the anti-mass-immigration sentiment is increasing, although it should be made to increase at a higher level via honest reporting and political education by people in their local communities who know what is going on rather than the subject being heavily covered up as it has been, as the census figures show England and Wales witnessed a 3.7 million population rise between 2001 and 2011, 2.1 million of them migrants arriving alone, the rest of the growth all came from immigrants having children in the UK which was a 1.9 million+ increase, making up for the estimated 300,000+ decrease in the white population in raw numbers.

The comparative demographic genocide of our population occurs via 4 methods, increasing the mass-immigration numbers, increasing the internal non-European birth rate, decreasing our birth rate, whilst increasing white emigration out of the UK. 

It is vital readers wake up to this reality and seek to wake all of their friends, family and neighbours up on this dire situation that our ancient nation is now facing once again.