Article author: Asatro News / Published: November 28th 2013 (1st edition article) / 28th Blót-mónaþ 2263.RE

The reality of international relations: How 15 non-European territories, assisted by Jewish-racist historical lies are attempting to legally steal over £200,000,000,000 from the people of Great Britain, France and the Netherlands

The reality of International relations: How 15 non-white territories are being encouraged by jewish lies to attempt to legally steal the hard-earned wealth of the people of Great Britain, France and the Netherlands. 15 third world territories are actively (right now, as I write and continually) seeking to steal, via a lawsuit, the money from your taxes, a.k.a: a proportion of the time you spend working will be effectively working for their financial gain, to the tune of anywhere up to at least £4,000 per household equivalent. 

You via your taxes contribute to the giving out of billions every year by our anti-English government to these non-white (de-facto synonymous with 'third world') nations and they will just seek legal measures for more. 

You via your taxation contribute to teaching non-whites ( including the ones residing parasitically within our country) how to read, write and speak in English and they will only ever use such skills against not just the government but the economies and the very lives of our people as is exampled by the ongoing attempt to sue Britain, France and the Netherlands, for having a successful imperial past. They are suing us for the accomplishments in our history and the distorted history jewish-revisionists have conferred upon our actual history through the education system, Hollywood and their control of the media and cultural broadcasting programs. 

The law suit would potentially cost the UK alone: £200 Billion. This is on top of the £200 billion 'our' government gave out to the predominantly Jewish slave owners as compensation for lost profits and property (the slaves, white and non-white slaves) in 1834. 

Our traitorous government has given and will continue to give these third world crime-haven nations, billions every year and now the very same non-white nations will use those billions to hire expensive lawyers (the lawyers that won the anti-UK case on behalf of the anti-white Mau Mau terrorists) so that they can instead take billions from us forcefully, note they are not taking from the government or even the crown in itself, but directly from us, from our schools, our hospitals, our wages, our de-facto life savings (just like they do by flooding here but in raw economic terms). 

People will die as a result of the drain on taxpayer funds (as people are as a result of our current foreign aid budget treason, that has increased year on year), that would otherwise have gone towards ambulances, employing and educating decent British doctors, funding the military, police and council infrastructure budgets. 

This is what collectively non-white nations will always be like towards us, for as long as they exist they will be just as selfish and opportunistic, when we have a weak government they will swoop in (on European planes, wearing European clothes) like vultures for every last peny of your money they can. 

That is why we MUST take back our government, otherwise, come the conclusion of this lawsuit, which could take mere years or maybe 2 decades to be completed, much like the Mau Mau lawsuit, our government composed of (by then) the judeo-bolshevik (the Ralph Miliband, anti-enlgish type) Ed Miliband, with a Labour & Lib Dem minority government with a few opposition Conservatives and UKIP MPs will end up simply (enthusiastically in the case of Ed Miliband) handing over £200 billion or possibly even more, a sum that would negate all of the cuts and all of the New Labour acquired debt, which in 2010 stood at £157 billion to put the sheer size of the lawsuit into perspective. 

That is the kind of thing far-left lunes like Ed Miliband and David Cameron want to happen to our country, when they say they want "less global wealth disparity", for our wealth and our money to literally be stolen and 'given' to non-whites, that is one of the only things the Labour, Conservative & Liberal Democrat parties now stand for and what the media and the entirety of the political centre and left stands for on this subject: the taking of money from whites and giving it to non-whites, through whatever means or argument they manipulate into being in order to keep people quiet and passive about such racially-motivated anti-white economic theft, such as the climate-change emissions regulations, where India and China are building thousand of new coal fired power stations, and yet we are supposed to build nothing, because we are European and we know better? -The anti-European racial intent behind this argument is clear, the facade is ineffective and millions of Europeans are waking up to this reality.

That is what it is at its most basic level. And thankfully our people are starting to wake up en-masse, not just to the climate argument against European industry but all arguments against European existence are being exposed on a daily basis to more and more people. The rise and legitimization of UKIP will bolster this awakening, despite UKIPs otherwise moderate policies, they will be a cayalyst for our awakening.

The subject of slavery, like other Jewish-inspired historical subject manipulations, is by 100%, built upon lies and hypocrisy that is more true of Jews, Arabs, Negros, Asians, Amerindians and Southern Amerindians than it ever has been of Europeans by at least a factor of x10 (by a factor of 2000% in the case of Jews, closely followed by Arabs). 

They might as well attempt to legislate that non-whites are allowed to steal from whites without any punishment, for that is effectively what would be happening if and when this CARICOM* lawsuit concludes with a victory for themselves. 

*CARICOM: the supra-governmental body that represents the governments of these 15 territories (they call themselves nations) listed: Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Montserrat, Saint Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago.

 Can you imagine the sickeningly sychophantic BBC positively covering (and thus promoting) the lawsuit at every single stage... 

All the while, all majority European nations are forced by the habit of our political class and the ideology of Jewish-internationalism that informs our political class in everything it does (especially exampled by the EU), to send billions every year to non-white nations and the Jewish illegitimate ethnic quasi-state under the criminal guise of 'foreign aid'*, in addition to fighting nation-demoralizing occupationary 'wars' for Israeli (Jewish) racial, financial and geo-political interests. 

*Foreign aid means by definition, aiding everyone except our own (non-foreign) people. Foreign aid is a moral & state treason gradation crime therefore as far as any government or individual within a national state should be concerned. 

It is evident that the ongoing reality is that due to the weakness of 'our' jewish interest beholden governments, the immorality, greed and hubris of the third world parasites, theives, plagiarists* and rapists (massive rape rates), entire nations of them, pumped up on jewish hate propaganda are intent on committing further financial and moral atrocities (such as propagating the lie of 'European' slavery) against our nations, until we take control of our governments in order to prevent their efforts from succeeding. 

*Plagiarists: the non-european world steals European technology, European medicine, European governmental systems, European taxpayer funds, European science, European infrastructure and just about everything, including their very clothes, formal customs and business language they did not invent, they simply stole them after also genocidally forcing the majority of white colonists to leave the nations those very colonists built. 

If we do not re-take our government we could potentially be burdened with hundreds of billions in additional debt just like Germany is burdened in relation to the moral, historical, racial and scientific fraud of its 'reparations' to the genocidal state of Israel, the same goes for the people of France and the Netherlands along with us if this lawsuit is enacted. The clock is ticking.

The hubris of criminality plagued, low IQ'd nations knows no bounds when inspired by the lies of Jewish-racists on an international level. 

They should have their sights firmly fixed on Israel, for that is the Jewish nation who's people are collectively guilty and wholly responsible for the majority of slavery for over 2500+ years and continue to be so today, at ever increasing rates, with the average slave-prostitute in Israel starting at age 14, just a quick search on the interent with Israel and slavery will produce all the evidence you need to understand this reality. 

Keep positive, Keep practical, Keep speaking the truth.