Article author: Asatro News & Volunteer writer / Published: November 23rd 2013 (1st edition article) / 23rd Blót-mónaþ 2263.RE

The reality of Genetics: The horrific long-term damage inflicted on the future generations of all racial groups as a result of miscegenation

The current dominant ideology within science on the level of public debate, in this era of ludicrous political retardation, denies the genetic basis of our current achievments, civilization and attempts to deny genetics its vital role in the understanding of social science and health.

The above is a description of the current view on the importance of genetics, why this is so is evidently part of the self-evident attempt to literally wipe out the European races through any means possible.

This becomes disgustingly clear when one occaisionally encounters a liberal scientist talking ( lying ) about genetics. 

All geneticists of a Jewish inspired 'liberal' persuasion will always argue for heterozygote advantage as a pseudo-scientific argument, in order to attempt to justify miscegenation. 

The fact they they seek to justify it, tells us something very positive about the fact that despite all the propaganda it is seen as a deeply negative if not criminal aspect of the current dominant ideology that rules over society. 

These 'liberal', predominantly Jewish geneticists (or publishers of scientific magazines more often) argue that possessing different sets of alleles from other parts of the particular population through miscegenation, allowing for the carrying only of the disease-trait and not the full blown expression of it from another ethnic group is beneficial. This is not true. It is self-evidently not true for many diseases (Malaria, HIV etc), this liberal science falls flat upon its own genocidal hubris (emphasis on the 'geno' of genocidal especially in this discussion). 


'Gene flow' and 'admixture', a.k.a racial degradation of a gene pool, can also increase the correlations between race-linked disorders in the 'children' produced.

In terms of genetics, possessing 'Multi-racial' genes may actually be of harm than of so-called 'hybrid vigour'. Those allelic traits can eventually become homogenous after say the 'F2' or 3rd generation, fully expressing the disease trait. 

These are noted very well in single-gene disorders like sickle-cell in Africans and Tay-Sachs in Ashkenazi Jews. 

Multiple sclerosis, for example, is typically associated with people of European descent, but due to admixture African Americans have elevated levels of the disorder relative to Africans, and often develop it more often than Europeans after such 'admixture'. 

There is also an elevated and massive level of Tay-sachs in Black Jews, due to the massive and sustained inter-racial breeding between Jewish slave owners and their black slaves. *According to countless Jewish cultural historians: Jewish individual in the era of slavery at its height was 2000x more likely to own a slave than a European was. 

A large majority of mixed race African Americans are as a result of Jewish miscegenation and are thus highly laced with traits and alleles such as Tay-sachs. Not a good sign so far for the strengths of multi-racialism... 


Ref: Cree, BA, Khan, O, Bourdette, D, Goodin, DS, Cohen, JA, Marrie, RA, Glidden, D, Weinstock-Guttman, B et al. (December 2004). "Clinical characteristics of African Americans vs Caucasian Americans with multiple sclerosis". Neurology 63 (11): 2039–45.


But for more complex diseases, like for example in immunity, if we look at multi-factor multiple-gene diseases and HIV progression, they are more high-risk in Africans than in Europeans, and vice versa is the case for Hepatitis C clearance, which when combined cause massive long term generational damage and often deformity. 


Ref: McGinnis K. A. et al. (2003). "Understanding racial disparities in HIV using data from the veterans aging cohort 3-site study and VA administrative data". Am. J. Public Health no.93: 1728–1733. 


Now if a mixed-race child of such origins (and regardless of sex-oriented parentage since neither of these diseases is sex-linked) inherited the disease-based alleles from each parent that corresponded to the high-risk catagories mentioned here, that child would lack the nescessary gene expression to promote an effective immune response to either. 

And since HIV causes AIDS which highly weakens the immune system, Hep C like many opportunistic pathogens can take advantage of this and exploit the host who lacks the immune-specific response to directly fight Hep C. 

Such a danger is self evident when evaluations are made of the impact of new genetic disorders on a population. 

Some sub-populations have been nearly wiped out simply due to these genetic disorders alone, and that is without taking into consideration the ethnic genocide that occurs, as humans they simply are unable to survive after the admixture of such certain contageous disorders. 

This can applied to many other disease markers. 

Pre-Columbian Amerindian peoples lacked the disease-genes needed to combat polio, which still ravages parts of South America. Linked? Yes, because their genomes lack disease-traits to the polio strain. Many sub-Saharan Africans were never exposed to the Black Death and it's causative pathogen Yersinia pestis. 

It is noted that Europeans who survived the Black Death were likely possessors of blood group A, the most common blood group in Europe, whilst many of blood group O perished. 

The liberal racial-nihilst statement used against genetics: "we all bleed the same" is so self-evidently false, a year 7 science student could disprove it with ease!

-If only they were taught about such. 

Being an older blood group, group O, as in a blood group that has not evolved, it possesses no blood-borne antigens and therefore cannot adapt to fight infection as fast as newer groups like A, B and AB which do possess blood-borne antigens. 

It is common genetic and evolutionary sense, that older, older meaning less evolved (still the same as they were hundreds of thousands of years ago) blood groups will be less resistant to diseases and groups with such diseases will inevitably at some point, be completely wiped out by a succession of highly evolved viruses unless they evolve, the arrival of which is inevitable as viruses evolve faster than such genetically slow evolving blood groups, and along with them their racial groups would also be wiped out by such viruses. 

Miscegenation in the generational long-term is self-evidently a GENETIC death scentence, along with also being a cultural death-scentence. This picture effectively represents the genetic prospects of miscegenation on long-term evolution.

It is likely that a lack of exposure and their more ancient (and less responsive) blood group could compromise immune response in mixed-race children bearing their genotypic disease traits. In addition to the long term threat (within a few decades at the current rate of new virus emergence) of complete destruction of such blood-groups. 

As a survival mechanism in humans, it is those of more genotypically diverse and ancient populations, like Africans, whose alleles are more dominantly expressed, this being the case, many European-derived disease markers are likely not to be inherited, leaving black-white children without white immunity, and thus completely unsuited to long term existence alongside European populations. 

This is also true for TB sufferers, again Africans (and all other blacks), have increased the prevelence of TB in Europe, but which thankfully only affects them and not Europeans. 

This is because Europeans have had many generations of immune exposure in the colder climate that the Mycobacterium 'tuberculosis bactierium' (TB) thrives in.

Blacks are also high-risk for lupus, a series of auto-immune diseases. 

Again using those principles above, mixed-race children are more likely to suffer or at least, carry the trait(s). When Africans breed with another mixed-race (of same origins) or Black person, these traits are likely to be dominant and the full expression of lupus will occur. 

The same is true for Europeans in terms of Malaria. We have never been exposed to Malaria to the degree Africans have and so have not undergone natural selection in determining more resistant populations, although the recessive nature of our genes promises a swift evolution, through which immuity to malaria will likely occur, especially if a eugenicist government takes measures to increase such immunities, in order to create European populations with uber-immunity.

Racial admixture is extremely damaging when the scientific reality is examined, which is why it is so deperately hidden by jewish-supremacists who want to destroy "in whole" our race for their own geo-political and racial dominance.

 The damage admixture does is evident also in its destruction of V(D)J recombination, this is a mechanism of genetic recombination (tranferring and/or recombining portions of the genome) in the early stages of immunoglobulin (Ig) and T cell receptors (TCR) production of the immune system. 

If the parents cannot provide correct allele pairings in terms of disease-traits, potentially many disease-resistant gene expression functions imprinted on the genome could be lost, and so, unique Igs and immunocytes gained in previous generations to particular diseases and pathogens could also be lost forever. 

This shows us the urgency of stopping and reversing any and all occurences of admixture and taking massive, if not global steps to prevent such from ever occuring again in our population. 

Much of what I have mentioned is in part developing knowledge in science, because mixed-race peoples of such diverse origins just haven't existed for long enough (a good sign and an argument in itself) to determine the aetology and epidemiology of disease-resistance. In terms of epigenetics however, many genes can 'skip' generations, so it remains to be seen just how potentially ravaging inheritance of such disease-markers can be... 

A European government and all governments that care about their populations MUST therefore take the necessary measures to prevent gene admixture. In short, the purpose of natural selection within a species is to maintain the status quo i.e. breed with others with similar traits in order not to take a gamble on the offspring's health with potentially incurring deletrious mutations. 

This should be applied at a Racial level regarding the same potential danger a mixed-race child could bring to not just the European gene pool but also the Human gene pool in its entirety. 

This conclusively demonstrates the necessity of ensuring the (demonized) internal racial genetic harmony( a.k.a: racial purity) of ones population.