Article author:Asatro News and Volunteer writer Published: 1st day of Hrēþ-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 1st day of Hrēþ-mōnaþ 2014

The pure & innocent Children of Europe

Generational Marxist, Christian and ultimately Jewish subversion and manipulation told our parents' generation, who then told us that formal education would guarantee a comfortable and prestigious life, and that comfort and social prestige would make us happy and satisfied human beings.

Our parents told us that reading mainstream press and knowing three languages would make us politically aware and socially attractive, and that this very political awareness and social attractiveness will make us prone to all hidden dangers of today’s world. 

The Government and corrupted culture that reigns over our nations put us in schools, where we were taught mathematical differentials, Mendeleev’s table and detailed structure of mitochondria but were never shown the simple and sublime truths of nature; our parents put us in schools where we were taught historical dates either put in a manipulated context or devoid of context entirely, and where we were taught that the Ancient ways of our people are something detached or inferior in relation to the modern-world combination of cultural Marxism and Judeo-Christianity.

Our parents generation, was manipulated and distorted into taking away our freedom and turned the vast majority of us from innocent, curious, hopeful and idealistic children into dandified empty shells of human beings, who boast degrees and qualifications but often end up childless and purposeless in the age where we should already have had three children, a house, a goat, a vegetable garden and hunting equipment (at a minimum).

Obviously, in our current state, a vast majority of us would not be able to make much use of such goods, because we do not know how to milk a goat, we do not know how to plant vegetables, and we do not know how to hunt.

In an Ancient society, it would label us as practically retarded. Devoid of basic survival skills, we would not be allowed to take part in the life of our tribe and we most likely would not be allowed to procreate. Our bloodline would perish. 

The manipulation, primarily inflicted upon our parents generation made us broken or lesser human beings than our generations prior. We have to break this chain of manipulation by striving to fix what has been broken in the bodies and souls of the vast majority of people. Only then will we be able to make sure our progeny does not end up in such a miserable state as the past, corrupted, manipulated generation did. In a way, it is harder for us than for our parents or grandparents to take good care of our children.

Today’s economy and popular culture push women into employment, which results in millions of children becoming practically orphaned.

The false certitude that we ought to engage in formal education and make a career in order to be able to afford having children, have resulted in a grotesque situation where only the artificially wealthy, the welfarist underclass, the cunning and the manipulative have the economy's permission to procreate.

Meanwhile, the younger we are, the greater is the chance that there is still a trace of innocence in us, and that we are still an integral part of nature. If you are here however, reading this page-disregarding your age- it is the best example that the modern world’s atrocities did not get a hold of you, or that you managed to break through and you are on your way back to the glorious state of unity and the pursuit of perfection within nature.

The greater our inner innocence, the greater our bond with nature, and the greater our hunger for simple truths of life, the better parent-material we are in turn, because we can still see the world from an uncorrupted perspective, hence we can understand what our progeny truly needs on the intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical levels. First of all, we need to reject the false conviction that children are a burden which somehow limits our freedom. Secondly, we need to reject another false conviction that children need us to be wealthy to even raise them.

Children do not need us to be wealthy or prestigious – they need us to be strong, loving, wise, caring and intelligent.

Only then can we give them the mindset and the moral spine they need in their adult life- the very moral spine our children subconsciously admire in their heroes, and the very one our generation lacks in adulthood due to engineered, deliberate manipulation by Jewish-Supremacists through every avenue of culture and corruption available. In order to understand our sons and daughters and give them what they need, we must know their idealistic conceptions of what it is to be a hero, and to enact that in accordance with raising them and we must know them well- we need to know what our children watch, what they read and what they are being told at school (before you take them out of school and into private home-school education that is).

We cannot remain part-time evening/weekend parents who leave the upbringing of their progeny to strangers in nurseries and schools, or to the overwhelmingly Jewish-owned and organised mass-media.  

Today’s television is full of shows overloaded with loud high-pitched sounds and bright colours and shapes jumping in front of our children’s eyes in unnaturally fast pace and yet devoid of meaning. These cartoons annoy us, but for some reason we assume that they are good for our children, because we have been taught that children are somehow inferior to us, or less demanding than us.

This is a lie. Children are in many ways superior to adults; they learn faster, and they are more perceptive, and this is exactly the reason they are more demanding than us in terms of emotional and intellectual stimulation. We need to understand that children’s nervous systems are much more fragile and their minds more receptive than ours, hence the audio-visual images which give us adults headaches, can have an irreversible negative impact on our progeny. 

Stop paying your TV licence, remove that worthless TV input cable from your house and place a book shelf in its place...

The same parents who leave their kids unsupervised in front of random TV shows, are later surprised that their 5-year-old develops what they call ADHD and what in most cases is merely an effect of poor emotional stimulation; hence the children are given medicine, because their parents find it easier to drug them, than to provide them with appropriate forms of entertainment. If we did not spend so much time learning unpractical theories, making money and cherishing our social life, we would be able to give our children a wonderful childhood. In the UK, one in five people aged between 18 and 40 spends more than £175 every time they go out, and an average person spends about £50 in a pub. Research has found that Britons will spend up to £27,000 on nights out by the time they are 40.

A daily family Animal Zoo ticket costs as little as £40. A camping trip costs nothing, just our time which we can spend teaching our children how to fish and hunt, which we can spend swimming in the lakes, making camp fires, picking mushrooms and berries, fighting with toy wooden swords in late summer fields, breathing fresh air atop mountains and hills and following the ways of our ancestors. Does it sound better than booking a baby sitter to look after our abandoned little ones when we spend hours dancing to poisonous music or getting drunk? Does it sound better than sipping cocktails surrounded by strangers at a modern art exhibition, where we are taught by Jewish degenerate artists not to notice the obvious difference between a degenerate propaganda, promoting degeneracy and an art installation, but we nevertheless feel smarter?

It certainly sounds better to our children. Obviously, we cannot ostracize the kids by banning television completely, use the TV solely for DVDs or plug your computer into it instead, but we can never assume that ‘’children are children’’ hence they will be fine with whatever colourful TV show or whatever book we leave them with.

Imagine that inside your TV is a psychotic Jewish-Supremacist (metaphorically, this is a true fact) -take the appropriate action to negate its influence. Philip Pullman said that a good children’s book is one that can be enjoyed also by adults, and he was right- this rule is very fitting when it comes to television as well; but we will never know which books or TV shows are worth attention if we do not watch them first in order to reject the poison and know the rare diamonds. Do not let the directors of TV stations, or book publishers, make these choices for you. Make them yourself.

As a responsible parent and a noble European, you are obligated to do so. Remember, that covers may often be misleading. 

 A book titled It’s Perfectly Normal and marked as appropriate for 10 years old turns out to contain pornographic images of interracial homosexual intercourse, and of masturbating children. The images are so explicitly inappropriate that American prisoners from Washington DC have asked for the book to be removed from their prison library. The authors, Robie H. Harris and Michael Emberley do not teach tolerance, but are nothing more than semitic-subversives promoting homosexual relations as equal-in the eyes of false-society, which creates a false image of the true objectives of sexual intercourse and promotes physical pleasure over procreation, turning our children into another generation of dissolute hedonists and more likely to be victims of further Jewish-Supremacist manipulations.

Moreover, Harris and Emberley unfold a completely fictional vision of the world by erasing the concept of social and biological norms, and they present this false vision as real to vulnerable young readers. This has nothing to do with matters of tolerance. The purpose of Harris and Emberley is obviously not gentle introduction into adolescence and family planning, but distortion of children’s vulnerable minds in order for their hidden political/cultural/sociological agenda to better sink in.

This hidden plan becomes perfectly clear if we consider Harris’ link with Planned Parenthood- the largest abortion chain in America which promotes the book as ‘’an awesome gift for the world’s families’’. Sometimes, a negative message can be milder than that of It’s Perfectly Normal, and not necessarily planned by the authors but rather resulting from their own corrupted sense of normality, in the case of non-jews, which obviously does not mean that such a message is less harmful altogether.

A book of Folk Tales and Legends published by a London publisher Cathay Books is an alleged example of such a mistake. The contents page boasts famous German, English and Norse titles, and the decently drawn illustrations are full of European landscapes and creatures such as trolls and dragons.

The versions of legends presented by Cathay Books are however embarrassingly simplified and devoid of any moral value whatsoever.

The book presents tales of our European heritage as something detached and unrelated, as something inferior and trivial, and makes them sound- at best- as simplistic morality stories of the Victorian era. At the same time, it contains hidden messages which, as opposed to the titles and illustrations, have nothing to do with our heritage. Let the extract speak for itself: ‘’During the reign of Emperor Rudolph, a rabbi named Jehuda Low ben Becacel was assigned to the Old Synagogue in Prague. He was a wise and learned man and a powerful magician.

As a leader of the Prague Jews, rabbi Low did his best to apply all he knew to ease the burden of the members of his race, who were often persecuted […] Rabbi Low could not stop all the sufferings of his people, though he spent a lot of time trying to find a solution.

Then, one night, an angel appeared before him to make a giant figure of Golem out of clay, to help him against his enemies’’. Is Jehuda Low ben Becacel, who plots against the original citizens of Prague, a European hero? Is he a good role model for our children?

The alleged sufferings of Jehuda’s people in the story are rather unclear, but nevertheless presented as an 'undeniable fact', which can leave a permanent mark in the consciousness of our children.

Just as Jehuda, the author of this story is a ‘’powerful magician’’, with only the aid of words, it potentially sends children who read it on a life-long guilt or sympathy-for-the-jews trip. As far as the folk tales are concerned, we do not need such magicians to pass them on to the new generations. Children are smarter than we often think they are, and topics which might seem ‘’heavy’’ for us, such as death or war, are usually very naturally perceived by younger readers. Fear of death, just like the fear of darkness, is no more than a concept which can be taught to our children but is not natural for them.

Hence we should not be afraid of reading the original stories from the Norse Sagas or medieval epic poems such as Beowulf to our young ones. More importantly, we can tell the stories ourselves, creating unforgetable moments for our families. Telling a story by a campfire, or during a walk through dense grass of a sunny meadow, will stay in our children’s minds forever, and so will the stories which they will pass on to their sons and daughters.

If we however decide to choose a book instead of storytelling, and if we are about to choose fiction rather than the original, we have to choose wisely. Among a bunch of manipulative nonsense, there are still books on the market which promote the universal values of our European heritage, although they are often demonized by those who lack the ability to think and feel for themselves. Tacitus's Agricola and Germania or Tolkien’s Hobbit are certainly examples of such books, and so is Lord of the Rings.

Narrow-minded parents tend to think that Tolkien’s language or Tacitus's history is too difficult for children, but the truth is that what is difficult for us- bred on rather ‘’easy’’ literature which was supposed to prepare us for an ‘’easy’’ life- is not necessarily so for our children. Another mistake parents constantly make is trivialising fantasy stories. According to a literary critic Nicholas Tucker, Hobbit – and Beowulf likewise- is merely a bachelor adventure story, devoid of any ‘’lingering emotions’’ for those whom heroes such as Bilbo Baggins leave behind, and devoid of romance which according to Tucker makes those stories naïve and unrealistic. Tucker is quite obviously blind to literary messages-both those implicit and those very much explicit, and we cannot trust such blind-men to choose or even advise books for our children.

The Hobbit’s Bilbo Baggins comes from an extremely conservative society, hence he is only a ‘’bachelor’’ because he does not engage in fugitive relationships as most modern people do. During his adventures however he constantly recalls the green hills of his homeland (the Shires), the comfort of his family home and the company of his countrymen. When Bilbo returns, he is already damaged by the force of the ring, hence he cannot get married because- as so many adults these days – he lacks innocence. The Dwarves in turn- just as today’s Europeans- fight for their natural right to their homeland. All these sublime and tragic truths are presented in an elegant form of a pleasant adventure story which is not only enjoyable but also teaches our children the true meaning of honour, strength, perseverance, beauty, friendship, love and pride.

Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights is yet another fantasy novel unnecessarily feared by adults and quite understandably enjoyed by children. It is a book astonishing under so many criteria that it is difficult to list them all in a short article.

The reason some adults reject Pullman is the fact that under the coat of fantasy, he quite successfully smuggles the truths about today’s world which are generally considered as ‘’dangerous’’ or politically incorrect. For example, Pullman presents racial physical, intellectual and cultural differences as deeply based in nature, and he presents these differences as unchangeable. ‘’You cannot change what you are, only what you do’’- says the witch Serafina Pekkala in the Northern Lights. Most importantly, Pullman’s armoured bears- an atavistic fantasy version of the real world’s Europeans- and their kingdom in Svalbard turned into a laughing-stock by foreign influence, is perhaps the most sublime and touching allegory in today’s children’s literature:

‘’My first order to you all will be to turn down this palace, that perfumed house of mockery and tinsel, and hurl the gold and marble into the sea. Iron is bear-metal! Gold is not! Iofur Raknison has polluted Svalbard. I have come to cleanse it!’’

These are the words of a pure-hearted patriotic bear-prince, Iorek Byrnison. Iorek challenges an imposer Iofur Raknison, and fights for his right to the throne of Svalbard. He wishes to once again rule over the bears who thoughtlessly followed Iofur in abandonment of their native culture, in favour of the culture of humans and in favour of human religion which, not surprisingly, is Christianity. Eventually Byrnison wins, and the bears led astray by Iofur, who himself has his heart eaten by the rightful king, become ‘’Iorek’s bears now, and true bears, not uncertain semi- humans, conscious only of a torturing inferiority.’’ Do Pullman’s words and ideas sound familiar?

To most adults they do, however they do not understand why, which frustrates them and makes them fear the book which, with its positive message and vibrant action, is loved by children all over Europe. Children who, as according to the philosopher Rousseau, are in many ways superior to us because they are still innocent and uninfluenced by artificial dogmas of today’s society, children love the Northern Lights and sub-consciously understand the message of the book.

Perhaps, if we wish to become worthy role-models for them, we should too understand and embrace these ideas. Children are pure, and hence the ideas they naturally love in their books must also be pure- it is logic, and nothing more. Although it might seem unlikely, cartoons which our children can benefit from do exist, although we would be lucky to find them on today’s television, so the Internet and DVDs are probably our only solution.

1986 Danish cartoon ‘’Valhalla’’ is a very light, heart-warming, funny and truly enjoyable – but in no way trivialised- story of Thor and Loki visiting Midgard and taking refuge in a wonderful traditional house of a wonderful traditional family.

The plot of a simple adventure story intermingles with Thor’s retrospection, where he recounts his famous deeds, such as fishing for the Midgard’s Serpent, Jörmungandr.

The language, the music and the animation itself are rich and gentle, and definitely have a good impact even on small children’s emotional structure- not to mention that the content can certainly be considered as educational.  

Valhalla, in the most simple and natural way, teaches the importance of honour, sacrifice, courage, innocence, faithfulness, pride and responsibility for one’s people and for one’s land. It shows the importance of constant emotional, physical and spiritual development, and it presents such development as our duty, and as the source of our eternal satisfaction and pleasure.           

It shows the importance of family and love, and of commitment- on all the possible levels - for the sake of family and love. It shows caring women and strong men, who are not afraid to die for the safety of their children and their people; men who become wiser with every victory and stronger with every defeat.

At the same time, it constantly ridicules the characters who do not understand that they constitute a part of the universe, who do not feel the eternal energy of the Gods themselves in their hearts and their fists, who are unable to look at human beings and the world’s events in a broader perspective than this of their position, their physical safety and the content of their wallets.

We can be certain that such cartoons such as Valhalla will not turn our sons and daughters into mindless TV-addicts or into ‘’troubled youth’’ who cannot stay still for five minutes without harmful medication.

We can be certain that providing our children with such entertainment immediately, as a replacement for the harmful media broadcast by Jewish owned or influenced companies, will turn them into comparatively wise and sensitive adults, who appreciate our European values and enjoy spending time with their large families in which males and females follow their natural roles with pride and dignity.

We must not make our parents’ generations manipulated and corrupted mistakes.

We must not kill our children’s natural instincts and innocence by throwing them into the same social, cultural and political abyss we ourselves have been pushed into. We do not want our children to laboriously climb the cliffs of truth, as we still have to do. Our children should be raised knowing the truths of which we speak, almost instinctively, through the absence of any corruption.

What is vital in choosing children’s television shows and literature is paying attention to what kind of message they contain.

We have to choose books and shows which promote universal values such as beauty, justice and honour, and reject the ones with obscure meanings or hidden political or cultural agendas.

If we aid our progeny in understanding the universal values and laws of nature, we can be certain that they will themselves naturally reject atrocities such as It’s Perfectly Normal, or even those fairly neutral ‘’art for art’s sake’’ pieces such as Alice in Wonderland which do not do much harm but also do not do much good; if we only give our kids appropriate emotional and intellectual structure they will find such aesthetical nonsense as Alice in Wonderland boring and devoid of substance.

What is more important, they will feel satisfied with whatever truly valuable literature or TV show we choose for them, and they will ask us themselves to leave the company of the TV screen in favour of entertainment promoted in such cartoons as Dragon Ball or such books as Hobbit- they will wish to be as strong and wise as their heroes, and they will crave real adventure.

From curious, innocent, hopeful and idealistic beings, our children will transform into great men and women, who will change the future of Europe and- just as Tolkien’s Dwarves- will know where their home is, and will protect it without hesitation and without fear or how one hobbit or 'child', from the Shires will defeat the archetype and incarnation of evil by his own courage and shall overcome even the manipulation of Golem and the ring itself, many have interpreted Golem to represent Jewsish-Supremacists and the Ring represents the corrupting influence of power, that the boy (hobbit) from the shires has to overcome and destroy in the very same fires which forged it. The use of power to destroy power, of fire to destroy fire is fundamentally in accordance with the Battle Principle of Heimdallr.