Article author: Asatro News / Published: 14th Before Yule 2013 / 14th Ærra Jéola 2263.RE

The Nordic & Germanic Genetic Leap Forward

The threat in the 21st century of masses of third-world, statistically criminally inclined, oppressive non-white racial groups right on our doorsteps will be the most vital and important evolutionary experience for us over not just this millennium but for thousands of years to come. 

With the threat of annihilation comes an utter and ruthless realization for the necessity of doing whatever it takes to prevent such a near-annihilation situation from ever occurring again and the deployment of means necessary to defeat that threat as it stands immediately before our noble folk.

We were in this situation in the time of Herman, but the lesson was not learnt as a system of mass-communication to teach the lesson of the importance of race and the threat of foreign ideologies and agenda's was not available. 

Now it is... The internet is simultaneously our sword and shield, invented by ours: Tim Berners-Lee an ethnically English computer scientist

And we are championing it as I write this (this writing is in-fact contributing to spreading such a racially beneficial message in the eyes of a few thousand of our Nordic and Germanic people). It will not bee too long until our folk rise to awareness and a cascade of truth shall peacefully purge our nations of all short and long term threats to our Nordic & Germanic existences.

Evolution is so important to us Northern Europeans. 

Germany, England, Sweden, Norway and Denmark prior to their formations as formal nations were in a perpetual state of internal warfare between stronger and weaker groups, one destroying another regularly, the same is also true of Britain as an entity, where the Germanic Vikings (Angles from Norway) Saxon Danes and Germans from the Schleswig-Holstein and Prussia areas of what would become Northern Germany effectively wiped out the Celtic (Welsh and Irish) populations that were weak, creating an English (Anglo-Saxon) population. 

The Welsh and Scottish populations were also forged only from their strongest ancestors, for the weak were destroyed and the Celtic populations of Wales, and Scotland were heavily upgraded with Nordic and Germanic genetics and remain Germanic and Nordic today, If such had not happened we would never have been a great nation, our strength, the strength of Great Britannia came from the regular and intense disposal of the weaker elements from within us. 

Threats, wars, and rival racial groups is what has made us the : "sons of the holy races" (as we Nordic 's and Germanic's are called in the Codex Regius in the first section of Vǫluspá, the Prophecy of the Seeress.

Threats, wars and rival racial groups are what made the Northern European peoples especially strong, we are thus on the brink of a new evolutionary era of purity that will carve us into alignment with the archetypes of our Goddesses and Gods, ethereal, supremely powerful and incomprehensibly intelligent, wise, sophisticated and beyond the reach of the vices of other hostile races for the rest of time. 

If only we win this battle for our survival in this era, this future will be unleashed for us, Great Britannia and her sons and daughters will live within and uphold this future for the rest of our time that shall reign forth from this point in time.

And hence we will have: an everlasting Nordic & Germanic Genetic leap forward.