Article author: Asatro News Published: 26th day of Sol-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 26th day of Sol-month 2014

The necessity of engaging in overt, strategic electoral engagement to prevent a Jewish-Marxist (Labour) majority government in 2015

The necessity of engaging in strategic electoral engagement to prevent a Jewish-Marxist Labour majority government in 2015 headed by the alleged Jewish-psychopath Ed Miliband. 

We must mobilize, this election could dictate the immediate future of our nation, whether we get a center-right government that takes us out of the EU and slows the rate of comparative demographic genocide, or a far-left Jewish government that takes us further into the EU, buses immigrants out into the shires and the North East, destroying any ideas of white enclaves or racial solidarity in rural areas as well as increasing public spending, and creating more debt, to hide the economic down falls created by an accelerated non-white invasion, sustained by a welfare state for non-whites only.

Ed Miliband would bring in at least 5 million non-white and Roma immigrants in under 5 years in office, make no mistakes, he is a staunch genocidal anti-English racist in the consequences and intentions allegedly of his ideology's enactment.

This would mean he will have enough demographic (non-white voting block) support to stay in power until 2025 with ease, despite the unpopular (with us English) nature of the Labour party and its genocidal policies.

The Jewish-centric, and Ethnically Jewish Ed Miliband is too extreme even for a Lib Dem coalition... by his own words, allegedly some have attested that Ed Miliband is a genocidal Jewish psychopath.Ed Miliband has rejected the possibility of forming a coalition with the Lib Dems, due to the fact that they would only hold back or even worse: to 'scrutinize' his agenda, and cross-party co-operation would only increase the likelihood of creating public revelations detailing the sheer amount of anti-white racism found in the Labour party at all ranks of its membership.

After 2025, if Labour brought in 5 million new non-white immigrants, there would then be no hope for a UKIP or independent nationalist coalition majority government occurring, ever... and then the only option would be civil war, which would then become, theoretically, several million combatants more difficult (the number of non-whites the Labour government imports), with several million more non-whites in the country and a far-left control potentially of the entire police, segments of the army (majority non-white units) and the entire state infrastructure up until the point of the emergence of the civil war. 2015, is quite possibly the most important election in our entire history, more so even that 1979... which saw Margaret Thatcher .v.s. an openly Marxist far-left and union dominated Labour party. Again in 2015 we face a union dominated (Jewish dominated) Labour party, preparing to impose Bolshevism, and this time round there is no Thatcher to stop them... 

Only us Nationalist folk, yes there are the likes of Farage beyond our ranks also as public figureheads, but we as a force of independent activists, many of whom are veteran activists, must do everything to prevent Labour from gaining a majority in 2015 in our own actions, we must ditch the political electioneering textbook and enter into a mass-campaign of political guerrilla warfare, strategically sabotaging the Labour party vote in key constituencies, so as to allow UKIP or a favourable individual Conservative candidate in each area (the best of the worst*) to punch through the Red lines that threaten, as detailed, the entire future of our nation.

*Those such as the BNP promote the false view that the Conservatives and Labour are the same in their effects, this is not true, you need only look at the immigration numbers under Labour and Conservative government and you can see a massive difference. 

Effectively the difference between the two parties is this: the Labour party wants to destroy the UK quickly, and plunge the nation into absolute debt, whilst giving several billion per year to non-white countries, draining the life out of our nation and importing millions of non-whites to attempt to commit genocide against us.

The Conservative party on the other-hand: wants to slowly degrade the UK, whilst keeping the economy relatively stable so no one objects to their rule, whilst giving billions every year to non-white nations, and enacting a slow-motion demographic genocide, whilst keeping law and order vaguely enforced to prevent us from waking up to the non-white crime epidemic.

Inside the Labour party there are overt anti-white racists, at a higher frequency than there are in the Conservative party.

The Labour party at its core is Marxist, it supports Political Correctness, the EU and multiculturalism, as a tool to commit genocide.

The Conservative party has factions, some support the EU, most do not, some are Marxist, the majority are not, some of them are anti-white racists, the vast majority, simply are cowards who cannot stand up against anti-white racism, for fear, ironically of being called a racist themselves by the Marxist and pro-Labour media, especially the BBC.

 The Labour party can afford to be openly Marxist.

The Conservative party cannot, this restricts what they can do in office, as far as the next election is occurred.

The Labour party only needs to do one thing to win re-election, increase immigration, thus they can get away with murder, making political correctness the law, and potentially changing the law to imprison nationalists for 'hate speech'.

The infamous equality committee, terrorism acts, hate speech legislation and all the key pieces of legislation that have harmed Nationalist in the past directly, have all been produced by Labour governments, note the 1965 and 1976 Race relations acts passed under Wislon's Labour governments, which should have been named the anti-White racial discrimination and political oppression acts.

We have a personal vested interests in stopping Labour from gaining office in 2015, our very safety could be at stake in the short term, as well as in the long-term if a Labour government is elected in 2015.

2015 could be the most important election in our lives, if Labour gains election in 2015, hundreds of nationalists will be heading into jail cells over the next few years, and the audacity and criminality of anti-white hate groups and non-white criminals will likely increase to epidemic levels.

This is it, all those nationalists who dreamed of 'boots on the ground', this is it, time to hit the pavements, leather to tarmac, paper to letter-boxes, information to the general public, awakening to the un-awakened.

This is the watershed election, this will decide, what method of re-taking our nation is even possible, even with advanced electoral methodologies in place.

Will it be Civil war, a nationalist military coup or a series of general strikes or democratic resurgence?

-2015 will almost certainly decide this question about our future path to resurgence.

Lets show the anti-English Jewish-attempted-Supremacists they have aggravated a grassroots force so powerful, that we can and will dwarf their political manpower output this election cycle, not through money, but through sheer manpower (the most valuable asset during an election), the one asset we have that they do not, the one asset we excel in as a movement, volunteer and near-volunteer activist battalions, ready for deployment, to distribute anti-Labour materials, such as refined, specialized Labour 25 style leaflets or generic anti-establishment leaflets designed by UKIP, such as the ones attacking the Lib-Lab-Con for their complicity in mass-immigration.

But we can also mobilize in March for the European Union election campaign, as a warm up exercise for the 2015 general election, to test our organisational strength, building on from the strong start made on the 22nd of February, we can build up a recurrent force of Nationalist & Asatru inclined folk to help strategically campaign against the anti-white Marxists and Jewish-Marxists, in addition to competing against their media companies and exerting a degree of influence, as to make it impossible for them to remain unseen by the majority of our folk.

All we have to do is awaken our folk, and for our folk to constitute a majority of the population to be able to legislatively wipe 100% of Jewish-Supremacists and anti-white Marxists out of power and completely off the European continent.

Through our resurgence all Northern European nations would follow suit, and thus a global revolution would have reached colossal proportions: against Jewish subversive and fascistic influence on a global level, it is only through the defeat of international Jewish influence on an international level, that our folk's safety for the rest of time can be guaranteed, we should never look to retreat to enclaves but to go on the political offensive, globally, we already have international contacts to do this, our networks are international...

Which would see the resurgence and safeguarding of all ethnically European Nations as ethnically European nations, once the anti-white ideological epicenter of Jewish-subversive influence is removed entirely or out-performed by ourselves to a point where it is negated and then destroyed as a broad political entity.

Many false nationalist groups and individuals, have sought to prevent us from partaking in electoral politics in this way, through the de-motivational argument, that is does not change anything, but they are all liars or pessimists, the influence we can have is colossal, this is why leftwing infiltrators have pushed an anti-political mentality into segments of the Nationalist ethos or ideology, out of fear of the force we will become once we are organised.

An organised, solely Nationalist & Asatru (in order to ensure coherence of message, group cohesion and purity of ideology) strategic campaigning force in addition to the already evolving international Asatro efforts to re-take the media, from Red Ice downwards, establishing our own infrastructure and waging our own cultural, political and spiritual wars, will be an unbeatable combination, that uses every available mechanism to simultaneously awaken our folk, make real physical, financial, and logistical gains whilst also denying the Marxist and Jewish-Marxist left from having majority control of the overall national balance of power and national political discourse.

Preventing Labour from gaining a Westminster parliamentary majority in 2015 will fulfill the necessary criteria of preventing the Marxist and Jewish Marxist ideologues from obtaining national power again, like they did for 13 horrific, genocidal years from 1997 to 2010 which saw the catastrophic results we have all experienced, especially those who have been jailed or threatened by the police, assaulted or threatened by non-whites or whose home towns and cities have been subject to a comparative demographic genocide.

If you actually study elections and electoral politics, it is evident that the influence even 1 sole activist can have in the right key electoral constituencies is massive, let alone a campaign group of hundreds of activists with the support of a media company, website and dedicated filming operation, interview broadcasts, informational campaigns and even our own infrastructure establishments. Border constituencies are often won and lost on a matter of tens or mere hundreds of votes.

To put the potential we have in perspective.We Asatru folk could swing an entire election if we organise effectively, changing the outcome of a singular parliamentary border constituency in an election is a relatively small task.

This requires no abstract or complex organisation for the average Asatro informed person who wants to contribute to this most vital campaign, simply that activists attend action days, that will number no more than 10, followed by or preceded by a generical Nationalist Asatru meeting to outline the objectives of each day, over a series of months and then a concentration of the week prior to the election.

Tens of thousands of leaflets can be delivered in under 4 hours, if a coherent force of activists, no more than 20-30 people are deployed into a single target constituency in an area that hangs in the balance between UKIP and Labour or the Conservatives and Labour. 

The effect of this political guerrilla warfare is feared by the established Labour party, and the far-left, for nothing can be done against it, and we can move undetected from area to area, free from any far-left disruption through the application of strict security procedures as to who is informed on the location and time of each strategic campaigning unit.

For maximum effect this campaign method should also include selective postal vote sign-ups for those who on the doorstep express UKIP sentiments or who hate the Labour party and are willing to vote, simply to vote against Labour, with whom UKIP would be naturally popular.

Anti-Labour election material and pro-UKIP materials can both be utilized simultaneously to reduce the Labour vote, whilst increasing the likelihood of a UKIP victory in that given area, on a tactical basis it can also be assessed as to whether it would be more efficient to give out purely anti-Labour material or a mix of both anti-Labour and pro-UKIP election materials.

In areas of ethnic minority concentration a variant of this method can be deployed to split the non-white vote and deny the Labour party a percentage of what would otherwise be staunch non-white Labour voters.