Article author: Asatro News Published: 22nd Ærra Jéola 2013 / 3rd day of Yule 2263.RE

The Jewish racist War against Europeans, The Jewish & non-white racist war against Justine Sacco as a European.

Justine Sacco, a very successful public relations executive for IAC has been sacked after enormous, near-instant Jewish Internet and media pressure on a casual and scientifically accurate tweet she made. 

The case of Justine Sacco demonstrates that the Jewish anti-free speech agenda is clearly intrinsic to  the Jewish war on the very existence of European and Germanic people.

Her sense of humour is perfect, as she challenges the status quo of one sided, hypocritical racial-political-correctness (and thus implicitly goes against the Jewish war on whites) & she is absolutely correct: Europeans are very unlikely to catch aids.  --- This fact is undeniable. ---

The only likely three ways she could catch aids are: through contaminated medical equipment that has been used on a person with aids, through a mosquito that had recently drank blood from a person with aids or by having sex or blood interaction in some way with a person with aids. 

By saying she is not going to catch aids, is saying she is not going to be near medical equipment used on Negros, she is not going to have sex with any Negros and she is not going to allow mosquitoes anywhere near herself (via using bug sprays, mosquito nets etc). 

Her statement could also therefore be positively interpreted as being against the Jews favorite weapon: inter-racialism.

As that is the most common way for a white person, male or female to catch aids. No wonder the Jewish racists raged. All their 'media outrage' is absolutely and undeniably hypocritical and done out of anti-European racist intentions pure and simple, there is no other explanation for such biased hypocrisy.

Saying, "just kidding. I'm white!" could thus be considered a positive statement against casual sex with demographics likely to be infected with the aids virus. 

The biggest factor for an increase in aids in Western nations is due primarily to the immigration of non-whites with aids (them in themselves creating a statistical increase in aids infected persons in our nations) and secondarily from Jewish owned, non-white prostitutes transferring aids to their clients and other prostitutes.

The lesson drawn from her comments should be that any form of inter-racialism is likely to be a death sentence and as a white person you should not engage in such, by her example. The second lesson drawn from her comments should be that the Jewish internet based and television based media is so enormously biased it is literally unbelievable. 

This fantastic, gorgeous, intelligent Blonde: Justine Sacco, makes what could be considered a positive statement against miscegenation and an additional positive statement raising awareness of the danger of aids as a disease. Thus the Jewish internet and media swarms errupt in anti-gentile hatred motivated organization efforts, resulting in her career being ruined, by pressuring her employer in accordance with the Jewish pro-multi-racial ideological dominant culture of the media.

The various media outlets proclaimed that "thousands took to twitter to condemn Justine Sacco". This is quite clearly a manipulative lie. Lets analyze those thousands shall we?

The majority of the twitter users who attacked her comments and publicised them were Jewish owned media outlets, Jewish media personalities and Liberal personalities. Secondarily the mass twitter comments were made from a massive number of racially self-interested Negros and irrelevant, everyday Jews (the so called 'outraged people'). There were only a small number of naive white twitter users who even commented about the subject. 
The so called 'public outrage' is a phrase Jews, marxists and political cowards use, to claim there is public outrage at something their ideological opposites say, when in-fact there is no "public outrage" and it is in-fact ultimately nothing more than the exclusive outrage of jews, non-whites and nihilists who want to live the lie the Jewish-racists present to society (in this case the seditious, genoicdal lie that race does not matter).

Did the media sack anyone who participated in the #Fuck White people trend on November 7th 2012, when (exclusively) millions of Jews and Negros (Negro males, Negro females and their 'youths') took to twitter to proclaim (incorrectly) the destruction of white America?

 Obviously not, the Jewish owned media were busy celebrating themselves! -Sickening Jewish hypocrits.

All of the low-level media editors in every major news company should have been sacked for not covering such a story if the media were held to universal and fair standards of consistency in their reporting. 

But they are not, and when 10 million+ non-whites engage in mass anti-white racist slurs on and off twitter and other social networks: the media is silent, but when one, intelligent, beautiful, successful and well-educated Germanic woman makes a positive statement, slightly humorously against aids and arguably and positively against inter-racialism the Jewish media mobilize all of their assets. 
And by the time her plane landed, her career was over... That is what should be shocking and abhorrent to the general public. 

That for saying 11 words and 1 abbreviation against the Jewish anti-white agenda your career, no matter how powerful and well paid, can be crushed in an instant. 

It is time CEOs, executives, managers and all Europeans in important positions consider their job fragility and make an effort to contribute to the fight against the Jewish political correctness tyranny (-a rule whereby you cannot say anything that goes against any of the multiple aspects of the Jewish war on white people). 

If you do not stand up and fight now, they will come for you eventually, things will change over time if the Jewish anti-white racists are not stopped, and eventually you will be in trouble for saying Europeans should have sex with Europeans. 

Note the case of Jemina Slade: (on the degenerate program of Big Brother) where viewers were outraged (thankfully) when she was given an unjustified official warning for saying "black men are not my type"

Ofcom received 305 complaints in June 2013 that Slade, 41, had been 'unfairly accused of racism'", showing that the general public are very racially-conscious and can detect the agenda that is multi-racialism and rightfully complain about it, but only when it is openly shoved in viewers faces it seems. It also shows that the definition of racism is being used like a sliding scale or more like a guilotine, to restrict what a European can say, think or do in their own life.

-The Jewish anti-white or anti-Germanic war has already reached the stage therefore of asserting there is no right to a homogenous relationship. We must intensify our efforts against the Jewish genocidal racists in return for this on-going-attrocity.

Germanic or European persons in high powered positions should also fight against the current Marxist, anti-white war, out of a concern for the existence of our race (ideally) or simply because if you do not fight against it, sooner or later you will simply lose your job as a result of an ethnic minority employment quota. 

If dozens of high-profile Europeans in various positions start fighting against the Jewish media control, the Jewish media control will fall to pieces, as (we) the public will surge in our support of such persons and numerous websites will come to the support of such figures. If a dozen previously mainstrem, turned pro-white figues stand up, they can do nothing to stop such a revolt against their criminality from chaning the opinions of millions.

As many have said, the Jewish media power is a 'paper tiger' and will be crushed within months of even a few dozen high profile persons waging war against it, all it takes is an organization effort of a few dozen people, supported by grassroots media efforts such as this website for the Jewish media to be uprooted, for the public are firmly on our side, and with a few media websites to tell the base-line of truth, the Jewish media will not be able to get away with covering it up, and thus they could, very easily be wiped aside.

The Blonde, Germanic Justine Sacco: her position as public relations executive with IAC was undoubtedly a position some Jewish media personality wanted to be staffed by a Jew instead, so Justine Sacco as a Germanic, racially conscious female, was an ideal target, who's comments were taken advantage of by the Jewish supremacist media mobs, and the likes of the ADL (a group that likes to promote hatred) and SPLC, through which they can encourage and increase an epidemic of non-white crime and hatred against whites (which the Jewish media then subsequently covers up) instead of that hatred being directed towards the Jewish rule and criminality that harms all people.

Justine Sacco has just lost what was probably the most well paid job she will ever hold in her life. IAC will likely fill her position with a Jewish supremacist or a token ethnic minority. Justine Sacco was a victim to the Jewish media pressure: judge, jury and executioner. 

Even her non-white 'friends' and 'colleages' showed their true racial bigotry, when they left Justine Sacco to defend herself on her own.

Justine Sacco is no-where near finished though....

 If she and she alone, so chooses. 

What should Justine Sacco do now that a casual flexing of the networks of organized Jewish racists in the media and mouthy non-white media personalities have just thus annihilated her career? 

She could retract the immediate PR apology and go on the offensive against the very people who have ruined her career...

If you had hundreds of thousands at your disposal, an attractive Germanic image and years of Public Relations experience like Justine Sacco has and had just had your career ruined, as a racially semi-conscious Germanic/White PR expert what would you do with your life potential? Would you do the best thing for your people and become a leader of a Germanic revolutionary movement and go down in history as one of the greatest leaders of European mankind? or would you just let your talent waste, out of a fear for what, losing theoretical future employment opportunity of that level again?

Fight back against the tyranny of organized Jewish media power, by fighting against anti-European 'Racial-Political Correctness' and 'the tyranny of trial by the 83% Jewish media'. 

She has just lost her career and no mainstream organization will risk the PR backlash from hiring her, she has all the money she needs, enough to start up her own farm, stock investments and media operation if she so chooses, the essential foundations (logistics, outreach, finance) of any revolutionary movement, especially one capable of inspiring our folk to be proud of who we are racially as Germanic or European folk.

Now she and thosuands like her will in time face this very same choice: she can sink quietly into suffocating irrelevance and mediocrity, Or she can launch herself as an international figure, fighting against Jewish promoted Political correctness and the anti-Germanic media racism that emanates from such Jewish media companies, the very same ones that pressured her employer to sack her. She could do this by fighting with expert PR skill against 'political correctness''media trials' and 'the hypocritical hype about anything considered 'racist' when and only when such words come from a Northern European' and in this way she could move towards inspiring our folk to be proud of who we are again, racially, the most fundamental biological level of our very existences.

The same goes for each and every European figure that has ever been attacked by the media and those thousands who will be attacked in the future, guaranteed, do not cower nor apologize, ever, for they will only continue to attack the free-speech of European people under the guise of white privilege or some other Marxist code word, the best defense is offense, and genuine (White/European) public opinion will always be on your side, when public opinion changes to be more racialist, as it is changing as I write, the future public figures and forever remembered cultural and political heroes of this coming new era will be those who make their stand for their folk and principles NOW.