Article author: Asatro News Published: 9th day of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 9th day of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2014



The left in the UK are terminally at odds with the overwhelming majority of our peoples rightfully held negative opinions on immigration, the European union, welfare, culture, the Marxist church, education and government staff and are increasingly self-exposing themselves as the Judeo-Bolshevik extremists they really are, as their public relations facades and manipulations become transparent and their self-assured air of falsely, hypocritically justified assertions of moral or political superiority is proven to be the archetype of malicious, seditious, falsehood.

89-94%* of the English public and 70%-89%* of the wider 'British' public are strongly against immigration.

With 66% of English folk wanting 'serious reductions' in immigration and nearing 7-9% wanting re-patriation of all non-white immigrants and an increasingly large number wanting the repatriation of Roma, welfare recipients, post 1997 immigrants and criminals of foreign origin. 

*BBC One & numerous YouGov, Comres and ITV, SKY and other commerical and research polling data sets, including live polls on national television (mainstream audiences thus even oppose immigration within the range of 89-94%.)

When Judeo-Bolshevik and insidious anti-European, Jewish-Supremacist groups like the SWP, Labour, Searclight, HopeNotHate, the Lib Dems, Conservatives and BBC say they want more immigration, this is what they actually mean:

  • The left want more criminals of non-white (foreign) ethnicity.
  • The left want more non-white immigrants and non-white rapists on our streets.
  • The left want more Roma around Page Hall Sheffield and Londonistan.
  • The left want more rapes, deaths, muggings, mutilations, abductions, assaults and verbal assaults to occur at the hands of non-whites against us English folk
  • The left want Europeans to be made into an ethnic minority in our own homelands.
  • The left want more non-white voters to ensure their perpetual political power.

The generic left, from indoctrinated university students, establishment Westminster politicians, Jewish Supremacists like Barbara Roche and anti-European campaign groups like the UAF (hypocritically standing for 'Unite Against Fascism') are thus attacking UKIP in order to attempt to achieve the aforementioned goals many of them outrageously, maliciously and seditiously seek. By attacking UKIP the UAF and all leftwing individuals and groups are exposing themselves as the only remaining extremists in politics in the UK.

The left has run out of 'extreme' and unprofessional examples of 'extremist' to attack, or rallying point examples of 'fascism' to unite against, besides the failed Jewish subversive group attempts like 'National Action' which sought to provide the left with the headlines and protest pictures they desired in order to rally against and gin-up non-whites electorally and push for speech and protest restrictions against.

What this reveals although is that groups like the UAF, and the more insidious unaffiliated Jewish-Supremacists and their naive followers in various positions from school boards, university lecturing positions to Westminster parliamentary assistants and other less well known campaign groups never actually cared on principle about opposing 'fascism'.

That was merely an emotive word they used to propagandise themselves and potential recruits into thinking their cause was something principled and mainstream, as exampled by the 'mainstream' endorsements of the UAF, from David Cameron, Nick Clegg and numerous even so called Conservatives.

Ultimately far-left groups like UAF and their political diaspora exist solely as the action-wing of the Jewish onslaught against the very existence of Europeans in political parties such as the Labour party, with duplicate UAF-styled groups existing in every single European majority nation worldwide, designed to enact the same defilement and work against our peoples rights to exist. These groups, along with the Marxist diaspora, work to stifle efforts by us Europeans to organise against the left politically, socially and even in business.

In the UK: with the decline of the BNP and the beginning of nationalism for normal, respectable and professionally styled individuals becoming more and more prominent and common, the left (after numerous failed attempts at establishing fake far-right false-flag groups like National Action and other defilement, typically skinhead stlyed groups) have run out of high-visibility political parties or 'extreme' street movements to rally themselves against.

This is the existential dilemma anti-fascist groups such as Hope Not Hate and United Against Fascism (UAF) must surely be facing given the decimation of the far-right British National Party (BNP) and now the implosion of anti-Islamic extremism group the English Defence League (EDL). 

While, as has long been noted... , the significance of these groups has been massively overinflated, they did at least offer something for anti-fascist groups to take to the streets and rally against to gain a sense of purpose.

-Patrick Hayes, Leftwing online columnist.

The UAF, Searchlight and the entire Judeo-Bolshevik diaspora of leftwing individuals in the media, political, educational and financial world are now targeting UKIP.

Not because UKIP is identifiably fascist or racist, if anything UKIP is racist against us English folk for ignoring the rising English sentiment, using terms like 'British'. If UKIP is racist, it is against all Europeans arguably for not emphasising the damage caused by non-white immigrants in our homelands, beyond the mere economic and prima-facie, generic "cultural" damage caused to our nations and UKIP's recent promise to emphasise their non-white local candidates in the 2014 local elections.

The Judeo-Bolshevik left are attacking UKIP in ever greater intensities and insidious ways because UKIP is the only political force that stands to give our people the time they require (as polling indicates is already well under-way) to fully resurge, re-awaken and reclaim our nation, through a re-assertion of our spiritual and racial identity that is existentially opposed to the far-left's agenda and potent enough to absolutely annihilate and overcome the left.

UKIP is the catalyst for this, not the end product itself, and the far-left Judeo-Bolsheviks know this with each and every poll showing conclusively that the English folk and even the wider 'British public' are against mass-immigration and in-fact any immigration by the tune of 89-94% (BBC One polling & in several Yougov polls) and this opinion is only intensifying and becoming more resolute as UKIP inspires in people the confidence to openly talk about their political opinions, rather than being subject to the overshadowing spectre that is the paper tiger of Political Correctness or established passively-enforced, insidious social and political Marxism.

The far-left is attacking UKIP, because UKIP opposes mass-immigration, this is the prima-facie reasoning, because the left needs mass-immigration to not only continue but in-fact to increase if their agenda is to even be possible, in terms of the race to make us a minority and the intrinsic and countering race within the spirits of our folk that is causing our folk to wake up to the realities and agenda of the far-left.

From the Conservative party to the UAF itself the entire political mainstream or establishment extremists: all support immigration of non-whites into our nations, against and in direct opposition to the public's opinions and interests.

Secondly: The far-left are attacking UKIP because UKIP is having a positive, tangible effect in inspiring our folk.

They would not attack UKIP if it were an impotent political party, such as LibertyGB, or some other impotent, irrelevant political party not worth mentioning, increasingly and terminally such as the BNP or the myriad of its illegitimate, mentally retarded children such as the BDP, Britain First, etc, etc.

The far-left are being shown to be extremists, we all know this, but for the non-political members of the public who have rarely even heard the term UAF before, seeing some ridiculous, politically-retarded, Jewish-looking, heavily over-weight UAF members rudely shouting out during a UKIP meeting: on a communicative and image-based level, this shows members of the public in elemental and thus on a human level, who the good guys/allies of our folk are (UKIP) and who the bad guys/enemies of our folk are (the UAF and 100% of leftists from the 'Cons' to the Judeo-Bolsheviks in the BBC, financial centres and universities).

This effect is also achieved every time UKIP is attacked from a leftwing and thus instantly invalid position from the public's increasingly right-wing sentiments and reasoning.

In the last 4 weeks whilst UKIP was professionally weathering its most intense period of media attacks in the form of 'Racism' accusations from Jewish-Hypocrites and other assorted Bolsheviks in the media, UKIP's popularity surged from 29% to 38% in voting intentions ahead of the EU elections.

This itself demonstrates that our folk are becoming even more defiant in the face of hypocritical attacks from Jewish-Supremacists in the media, most, if not all of whom have their positions due to Jewish tribal or 'Racist' appointment and employment biasses.

UKIP are trailblazing through the Jewish-Marxist's media jungle of career strangulating, political debate encircling: Marxist vines and the underwhelming post-liberal undergrowth of hypocrisy so that our folk can return to a more natural, truthful and positive political culture, where the assertion of our ethnic rights will inevitably grow, once the sunlight has penetrated the corrupt and fungus covered canopy of Jewish-Promoted: anti-European, cultural and racial Marxism that infests and pollutes the politics of all European nations.

This highlights another point that is of fundamental importance:

The left are attacking UKIP, because UKIP are taking the center ground of politics in the UK and in the UK-observing EU media to a position (further to the right) that will allow our folk to begin to re-assert our rights and also to a position that is intrinsically more right-wing, crushing all the putrid dreams of millions of Judeo-Bolsheviks who thought their hegemony was absolute and their anti-European racist agenda secured even just two or three years ago.

The dominance of the Jewish-Supremacist extreme and so called 'mainstream left is decaying and falling into ever greater degrees of disrepair, rellying increasingly upon baised BBC, SKY and Guardian media influences and non-white voting blocks as their only path to national power in terms of electoral chances.

Every single day, the electorate becomes more and more morally free, led by UKIPs, albeit insufficient but never the less effective leadership-by-example in openly speaking about mass immigration, controlling our own sovereign nation and deciding our own future, effectively dynamite blasting the high path towards taking back our future from the hands of Jewish political-psychopaths and their anti-European agendas.

UKIP is far from perfect, although this imperfection is as a result of actual far-left elements, not 'old UKIP' members, in addition to the constraints of the current media and political climate.

UKIP even in its current, underwhelming form, is already causing political climate change on a level that is forcing leftists to switch to producing ballshit and methane from their mouths in a desperate attempt to stifle and subvert UKIP in accordance with the new media emissions guidelines that have put a restriction on all genuine, analytic evaluations of UKIP and the colossal political sea-level changes UKIP's climate change is causing, that will inevitably drown out the London based Judeo-Bolsheviks and their non-white supporters.*


Since late 2012 with the rise of UKIP inevitable, the sudden influx of members indicated the inevitability of what was going to occur: a minor but continual entryist attempt by far-left Jewish-Supremacists and their employees, internet-organised leftist political-psychopaths and their affiliated groups such as the UAF, Searchlight and their diaspora followers.

Since 2012, there has been a silent revolution occurring in many branches of UKIP, although this subversion goes back further, as early as the 2010 General election, after the success of the 2009 European Union election.

From the UKIP branches in Devon, Bristol and Scotland, leftwing infiltrators, as seen from their effects: infighting, deliberately damaging statements (that were all too convenient for the leftwing media), failures in elections compared to other branches without new (post 2010) UKIP members as chairmen and the subsequent creation of a state of disorganisation and inactivity in numerous branches.

This prior record of far-left criminal-grade infiltration shows that the publically visible or admitted Searchlight attacks or investigations and inevitable infiltrations into UKIP, that have undoubtedly been occurring with ever greater frequence during 'Hope Not Hate's' operation (and other leftwing group co-ordinated operations) "Purple Rain", are nothing in comparison to what the far-left diaspora has been attempting in a clandestine manner since as early as 2010.

Purple Rain was announced in 2012 as a facade, a diversion for what was inevitably an ongoing far-left extremist operation intent on infiltrating, subverting and sabotaging UKIP, supported and rallied by Jewish-Supremacist attacks against UKIP for 'Racism' and 'scaremongering' as far back as 2010, with singular long-term leftist elements existing in UKIP inevitably as far back as the year 2000.

UKIP internally has expelled many leftists, but without media pressure to do so, their is no incentive for UKIP to search out these infiltrators and eliminate them, giving them free reign to take over entire branches and substantial positions on UKIP's National Executive Committee.

The Nationalist Asatru News, which was obviously not a political party, has encountered these same forces, merely as a private limited company website: the 'infiltrators' who say they intend to turn up at a meeting just to get the details of the location via email, including two subsequent National Action group affiliated Jewish-psychopaths (who openly align themselves with that self-proclaimed "National Socialist" group), who turned up at the meeting location shouting and screaming about "racism" this time as leftwing protestors. And yet somehow a few fools claim to the rest of the public that they are a genuine group and not the obvious Leftwing sponsored defilers and disrupters that their blatantly obvious public effects would indicate?...

This was overcome at the recent Bristol meeting, which achieved a turnout of 15 young, enthusiastic and potential-filled people, by simply and intelligently moving meeting locations, and only telling those people attending, the location over the phone as they arrived at Bristol Temple Meads train station, to then head to the next train station, Backwell & Nailsea train station, for a mere 30 minute delay the meeting was able to operate smoothly and 100% of the attendees report having had no subsequent problems or photographs released, which is a superbly positive result adding to what was a superbly positive bank holiday weekend moot.

Self-evidently, if an Asatru group has to implement such checks and diversions to avoid small intentionally-disruptive protests and physical threats by psychotic infiltrators and simultaneously self-declared antifa, one can only imagine what a comparative leviathan like UKIP has had to deal with.

The recent egging of Nigel Farage, and the routine disruptions by far-left Judeo-Bolsheviks of countless UKIP meetings proves this point beyond dispute.

The ratio of overt protestors to infiltrators is about 5:1 or 10:1 for larger organisations or at national events, so for every five protesters seen visibly protesting against UKIP at a local branch event or public meeting there is 1 infiltrator within UKIP, most likely in that same local branch.

 Unfortunately it is speculated that Steve Crowther, UKIP chaiman (Chairman is the most powerful internal position in UKIP) and overseer of all internal-party matters: is himself (allegedly) a far-left infiltrator, or at least a political moderate selected and appointed at the NEC by an increasingly infiltrator filled and leftwing voting core NEC membership.

Steve Crowther was a Liberal Democrat. Steve Crowther was pushed into the most powerful position in UKIP, whilst having only just recently officially been a card-carrying Liberal Democrat before being appointed as Chairman of UKIP on the 8th of November 2010.

In less than 2 years, notable sackings conducted by Steve Crowther include: Godfrey Bloom, and more insidiously, hundreds of UKIP council, branch and national officials who made even the slightest indication of a racial-awareness, that has led to a leftwing-leaning imbalance within the formal UKIP party structure at the local level, varying between each branch and area.

By removing hard-line UKIP members, Steve Crowther has handed internal power of UKIP over to the leftwing infiltrators, who now are becoming increasingly numerous, with pro-homosexual and pro-multiculturalism elements becoming more and more common, fueled and sustained by leftwing supporting investigations into obstacles within their internal path of subversion, scouring the comments of their rivals and competitors and using the media to tactically remove them.

The public will be let down by UKIP if this trend continues. If this trend continues, by 2020/2025, the earliest theoretical date for a UKIP government: UKIP will have become just like every other party in terms of its internal composition, regardless of what it says on the surface.

It is the responsibility of every patriotic English person to join UKIP and take a front line position in fighting the leftwing insurgency within UKIP as with the responsibility to stand up for our folk rights, by fighting the left in every position, in every aspect of the economy and employment from the universities to bureaucratic government staff offices.

Joining UKIP, and voting UKIP in order to ensure they continue after a strong electoral victory on May the 22nd is a moral and thus racial imperative for all English folk: in order to prevent Judeo-Bolsheviks from insidiously taking over the direction of UKIP and to bravely not only hold the line, but to advance and annihilate the left's final last ditch attempt to subvert UKIP and thus to seal the end of leftwing politics in the UK, as public opinion increases and immigration decreases and is then reversed. To take UKIP in a more positive, pro-European-ethnic-rights direction.

Through this method we can reinforce and guarantee the death of leftwing politics in the UK, by taking it head on and defeating the last-ditch effort of the Jewish-Supremacist financed and promoted far-left groups and individuals in their vile, vain and vicious attempt to enact their last attempt of hubris filled corruption and defilement and to ensure political purity after the annihilation of this leftwing effort, as our folk arise.