Article author: Asatro News Published: 24th Æfterra Jéola 2264 / 24th day After Yule 2014.RE

The illegitimate United Nations 'negotiations' against the Syrian government

(on behalf of Jewish geo-political interests)

The disgusting, hypocritical, Jewish supremacist backed illegitimate so called 'Syrian National Coalition' (based in Turkey) leader Ahmad Al-Jarba demanded that Syrian Bashar Al-Assad leave the Syrian government and demanded that power for the SNC is the only option.

Ahmad Al-Jarba wants personal power and is being used by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel as a convenient figure-head to lead the anti-Syrian SNC in its ludicrous demands that the entire Syrian government moves into a 'transitional government' phase.

The use of 'transitional governments' has been the Jewish-internationalists favourite method of taking over a nation emerging from a civil war, as exampled most vividly in the Libyan conflict, resulting in the execution of long time Israeli-enemy Muammar Gaddafi.

The negotiation breaking demands of Ahmad Al-Jarba and the Jewish-backed SNC are the most recent occurrence in what has been a series of ludicrous mock negotiations, starting with the failed Geneva I talks and now the Geneva II talks, which started on the 22nd of January.

The Syrian foreign Minister Walid Al-Muallem stated defiantly in the first session of the Geneva II talks that:

"no one in the world has the right to confer or withdraw the legitimacy of a president, a constitution or a law, except for the Syrians themselves" .

Syrian foreign Minister Walid Al-Muallem (pictured in headline alongside T-72 clad with ERA)

From footage of the proceedings at the Geneva II talks it is evident that the Syrian foreign minister was not even being taken seriously by the so called General secretary of the world (UN), Ban Ki-Moon, who at one point was smirking and laughing at the Syrian Foreign minister during proceedings.

The entire UN process is illegitimate, the UN itself as illegitimate as the so called 'SNC' that has claimed to be the representative of the entire FSA ('Free Syrian Army), which in turn is not even an army but a conglomeration of illegitimate, foreign-backed and increasingly divided group of waring factions.

Russia has formally rejected the assertion that Bashar Al-Assad must step down, and that the Geneva II conference should not be ignorantly aiming for 'regime change'.

"The principle of change of regime is not envisioned by the Russian-US initiative... It's a false interpretation of the agreements reached in Genevea in June 2012 [for the conditions of the Geneva II talks]"

Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister .

The demands of the 'opposition' SNC at the Geneva II talks have been shown to be more ludicrous as of the 24th, with the news emerging that an 'FSA' 'opposition' attack on Cherubim, a monastery city North of the Syrian capital of Damascus was completely crushed for the 3rd time in a row, with no government casualties.

During this military engagement between the forces of Bashar Al-Assad and the FSA, over 140 militants were slaughtered in a pathetic, amateurish attempt to assault the city, which the professional Syrian Army of Bashar Al-Assad defeated without casualties.

"We killed those who got within 300 meters. We killed nearly 140 militants.. we have 54 of their bodies [the rest were recovered by the rebels]... Their defeat was a lesson for them... We will never stop defending the homeland!"

Syrian government soldier to PressTV reporter

The Syrian government is clearly winning the civil-war, a sign of this was the re-opening of the international airport at Aleppo on the 22nd of January, the same day as the beginning of the Geneva II talks. The Syrian government also has hundreds of BMP-1s, BMP-2s, T72s/ T80s (even clad with Explosive Reactive armour (ERA), as pictured at the top and in the video below) and even a small number of Mi-24 grade attack helicopters, Jewish media attempts have tried to protray the Syrian Government forces as weaker than they are.

"A first airplane landed at Aleppo International Airport after the Syrian army secured the outskirts... repairs were made at the airport which had been attacked by terrorists"

-Syrian SANA news .

Several defectors from the so called FSA have joined the government forces in Damascus, giving the Syrian army vital information pertaining to the weapon smuggling routes and the fact that the weapons were procured through payments from Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

It is alleged that the Israeli government has covertly funded the Syrian terrorists via pressuring Qatar and Saudi Arabia to handle the direct payment and delivery of weapons to the FSA terrorist opposition.

Israel has also directly sent F16s to bomb Syrian weapon sites and there is also video footage of IDF special forces inside Syria, returning from some kind of covert operation in support of the FSA terrorists.

The so called SNC also refused to meet with the Syrian Foreign minister face to face, instead going through the proxy of United Nations mediator Kakhdar Brahimi, showing cowardous and a lack of real concern on behalf of the SNC.

The claims of the SNC have also been made even more ludicrous after polling conducted by the Iranian government, that found that Bashar Al-Assad will be re-elected if he enters the Presidential re-election campaign in Syria this year.

"If Pressident Assad intends to take part in the election campaign, he wil win the elections... Of course he won't get 90%, but for sure he will gain 50-60%. We conducted a survey on the matter...Assad has been efficient in the struggle against terrorists"

Amir Abdollahian, Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran.

The foreign nature of the recruits of the conflict in Syria has also been proven, giving extra credibility to Assad and the Syrian Foreign Minister in the Geneva talks, as two Muslim women in Northwest London (Amal Elwahabi and Nawal Msaad) on January the 16th were arrested on "suspicion of being involved in... acts of terrorism" and have been allegedly linked to efforts to gather funds to pay for terrorist efforts pertaining to the Syrian conflict.

The Syrian ambassador to the UN has also said it is impossible to negotiate whilst terrorism inside Syria continues:

"we need all to put an end to the terrorism and the violence because the political settlement cannot go hand-in-hand with the terrorism"

The Syrian Ambassador, Bashar Al-Ja'afari stated that the entire UN talks were biased, exampled by the prevention of Iran from taking part in the peace talks but also because:

"we had today 40 countries seemingly pre-selected in a way that most of them would be anti-Syrian [in their] delegations, meaning that they are coming from governments, who do have hostile policies towards the Syrian government"

Syrian Ambassador, Bashar Al-Ja'afari 

This was epitomized by the Jewish terrorist, John Kerry, calling for regime change in direct alignment with the terrorist FSA and Israeli interests.

It is obvious that the entire peace talk process is nothing more than an attempt to legitimize the illegitimate SNC opposition in order to attempt to remove the anti-Israeli and pro-Russian Syrian government and Bashar Al-Assad himself from power and in doing so violating the democratic rights and constitution of Syria and the Syrian people on behalf of Jewish interests.