Article author: Asatro News / Published: October 17th 2013 (1st edition article) / 17th Winter-fylleþ 2263.RE

The immorality of those who support the jewish illegitimate quasi-state (Israel): 

'Australian' Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the facade of mainstream headlines

The morality of those who support Israel at a psychological and behavioral level is proved constant, like ALL of the U.K Westminster MPs caught during the inevitable series of expenses scandals, who support Jewish supremacism.

Tony Abbott, Prime minister of Australia has engaged in multiple scores of utilizing public funds for his own personal pursuits, under the vague facade of demonstrating public spirit.
All the while as 14 Caribbean countries seek to take advantage of our leadership paralysis and lodge legal financial reparation cases against our very nations for 'slavery' which they themselves engaged in far more so than any European peoples ever have.

The media headlines in Australia are reporting his financial expenses as the headline and focus of the scandal. 

But is that the true center of the scandal?

Is the Scandal not that this behaviour is almost universal across all of the political spectrum in almost every European majority nation.

Thereby indicating a massive degree of moral failure on behalf of the leaders of the mainstream political parties, or of deliberate subversion and defilement of our racially Northern European nations, all of our leaders support Israel, support minority rights, support progressive ideologies, whether they admit it or not, it is true that in their effects they support the slow destruction of their nation and our racial integrity as individual nations and yet fully support Israel.

Is the scandal not that these series of attributes are consistent across a large majority of the political spectrum and culture at all levels of governance in our nations?

As with elections, as with affirmative action, in this era the unworthy, the selfish, the traitors and the egotistical are pushed into government en-masse due to the controllable nature of such personalities and their unjust desire to rule for the sake of ruling itself. Is the Scandal not that the leaders of our nations are almost all moral hypocrites, who whilst their populations begin to slide into ever increasing levels of poverty, as mothers cry in frustration at the rising price of food and petrol and the basic necessities of life, that these pro-jewish-supremacist politicians betray the very confidence of the people that 'elected' them, over and over again.

Is the Scandal not that we permit such un-worthy leaders to exist in power over our glorious nations and ultimately our personal existences.

It is infuriating, but do not get mad, at the scandals, do not get upset at our situation, all those things are pointless and futile, instead pledge to yourself, and enact those pledges to change the situation, talk to people, tell them the truth, go outside and distribute if only a few pieces of politically enlightened leaflets, or spread the news of those news sources which tell the truth, so that you do not have to do anything other than email an article or a URL to a friend or at work.

Or is the Scandal that we permit such and reward it with inaction.

This would not be happening without the jewish defilement of our political cultures, but it is happening, Jewish-supremacists and their non-white hordes are waging war on every single majority European nation, especially against Northern European nations and our rightful imperial territories like Australia, which are almost entirely of Northern European racial stock, those of you who are awake have a duty to actively engage in fighting and ultimately righting this morally, economically, politically, spiritually and racially wrong situation.

If everyone reading this told someone else about this website, and everyone who was told about it told someone else, soon enough, millions of people would know about the scandal of illegitimate leadership, its Jewish-racist cause and all the subsequent problems that plague all our nations.

And more importantly we would be one step closer to enacting the mass-action political solutions to the problem of our illegitimate leaders and then we would have leaders who are worthy of our nations and we would have enacted national and then international rebirth of our civilizations.

Keep positive, Keep practical, Keep persevering; and we will retake our nations.