Article author: Asatro News Published: 17th day of Ēostre-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 17th day of Ēostre-mōnaþ 2014



Any rise in Englishness is a racial-identity resurgence, this is true by definition.

The civic identity of 'Britishness' in contrast is naturally decreasing amongst us English folk, the native inhabitants of this land, becoming an identity that only the small number of long-term, 2nd or 3rd generation non-white immigrants and Jewish-Multiculturalist ideologies identify with, making it an even less desirable identity to associate with for us natural folk.

Although even the majority of immigrants do not identify with the British delusion, and only an even smaller minority within that oppressively (against us) and illogically identify themselves as one of the regional Northern European ethnic nationalities, such as Welsh, Scottish, Irish or English in a distorted, ambiguous and ultimately futile civic manner.

Where immigrants co-opt a European identity, it is still only secondary or tertiary to their own racial-identity, as with the majority of all non-white immigrants, especially Jews and other semites.

All groups assert their original ethnic identity over their civic title-citizenship identity, this is especially true in relation to being citizens of the EU, less than 5% of the population identify themselves as being "EU citizens", this same principle is true throughout all levels of identity down to the national and even local level, showing how it is impossible for immigrant groups and a host indigenous population to exist under a singular civic-identity, thus showing the failure of multi-racialism, multi-culrualism and attempts to use 'Britishness' as a catch all diversion phrase for a people being subject to their own genocide and also the partial genocide of each immigrant group coming under that civic anti-racial (un-realistic and counter-factual) identity. 

But even the term "British" historically refers only to a close group of Northern European peoples and the EU still refers to a continent that is majority European. Even the modern civic identities are arguably inapplicable for non-whites to associate with.

That non-whites are being presented as 'British' or part of the EU (the EU is in its origins: a Jewish created anti-European genocidal plan) is the primary reason that the ethnic identities of our folk are re-asserting themselves in the minds and lives of ordinary everyday folk who exist outside of the Marxist-deluded political talking circles of Westminster and various think-tanks allegedly such as the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR).

The political establishment cannot seem to grasp that the decrease in Britishness is due to a racial-identity re-assertion driven primarily by a rise in Englishness (a Northern Germanic racial-identity), which is in reaction to and as a result of a natural resurgence from an era of decline and a failed attempt to defile, destroy and degenerate our folk through mass-immigration and Jewish promoted multi-racialism, that has all but failed in the minds of every normal person outside of the Marxist-deluded, Jewish-Supremacist infested talking circles in the establishment politics, media and (re-)education institutions.

This awakening against Jewish-Supremacist promoted multi-racialism is unstoppable.

The decline in Britishness has been consistent since the time of Enoch Powell, and since 1979 there has been a continual rise in the re-assertion of the racial-identities of being English, Scottish and Welsh in the UK, despite all the attempts of the government to change this. 

Even the Falklands war victory did not solidify any feelings of Britishness, despite the frantic flag-waving upon the return of the victorious 'British' fleet, all of which were staffed by majority English crews. 

Our folk should be proud of being English, the Scottish should be proud of being Scottish, the Welsh should be proud of being welsh, for that is what is natural, and by reverting to our natural racial identities, unified in our respective honouring of our different Northern European ancestral-identities.

-Only then can we coherently stand united in the face of Jewish promoted multi-racialism.

Even figures from Marixst-biased British Social Attitudes survey for 2014, are showing that less than 1/3 of people in the UK (including non-whites who distort the figures and make this number higher) are "very proud to be British", which has decreased from near to 50% only 10 years ago. 

Only 47% of 'people' are "somewhat proud to be British", showing a massive decline in the defiled, detached identity of "Britishness".

Leading this trend is English Women, followed by English men, who are becoming far more likely to identify with being English and are thus disregarding any emotional attachment to the defiled identity of "Britishness", which now in the 21st century seems to confer almost no meaning.

The Scottish Yes vote potential for independence is showing a healthy resurgence of Scottish identity, that is already helping to liberate us English from the defiled, establishment promoted identity of 'Britishness'.

A survey analysis by the opinion polling company: Panelbase has suggested that Scotland is divided over independence.

This division, that is causing inwards reflection as to what it means to be a part of the UK has resulted in a massive 47% of the population of Scotland intending to vote Yes to independence, but with a strong 53% wanting to remain a part of the UK.

This division in the pursuit of independence of Scotland, stems itself from the internal division within Scotland between the Highland Scottish, who prefer independence and the Lowland Scottish, who have historically been seen by the Highland Scottish as more English than Scottish, having had close relations with the Northern English populations, than with the isolated Highland Scottish population, who are staunchly and rightfully in favour of independence.

In 1979 56% of Scottish folk identified themselves first and foremost as Scottish, as of 2006 78% of Scottish folk described themselves first and foremost as Scottish, in anticipation of and as a result of the talk of independence post 2014, this figure will only have risen.

The Yes vote is increasing steadily over time and will likely reach over 50% by the date of the proposed referendum on September the 8th 2014. The foremost group now re-asserting its racial-identity post 2010, implicitly and overtly, are us noble, accomplished English folk.

The rise in Englishness has the Jewish-Marxists in fear, with desperate calls from leftwing research entities like the IPPR, calling for the left to co-opt 'Englishness" into being something non-racial out of a logical fear of what this colossal and natural rise in Englishness will do to their genocidal plans against us.

The rise of Englishness will be the end of this era of decline and the end of Jewish-Supremacy in politics, culture, religion and global politics, for with the re-assertion of our racial-identity comes the end of any attempts to defile our folk, for when our folk hold high their identity there is no force upon this earth which can defeat us, our history proves this, as a nation we have stood undefeated in war since 1066, and have when we were organised, conquered every ocean upon this planet and laid down the largest empire in world history, founding the majority Northern European and English nations of Australia, Canada, America and 95% of off-continent European populations in the process.

We English are rising in spirit and re-connecting with the identity of being English first and foremost, much like the Scottish and Welsh have done.

Secondly and not surprisingly it is the Cornish who are the 2nd most re-assertive racial group in recent years. Cornwall is formally English, with a majority of partially Celtic descended folk, Cornwall is of a distinct Celtic and West Germanic persuasion.

Naturally Cornwall wants independence, showing us that even the difference between a sub-group of the Germanic population results in massive cultural and political differences, reinforcing the fact that race is the primary foundation of all political, social and spiritual identities, that race can have such a profound impact even between 2 closely overlapping Northern Germanic populations.

Cornwall, unique among the Celtic populations, does not favour Catholicism, and Paganism is already a part of the official Cornish Secondary school Religious Education curriculum, showing a resurgence of an ancient and more noble Pagan Cornish identity, that will likely inspire a similar resurgence among the Germanic folk of England, especially in the already Pagan-dominated SW areas of England such as Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire. 

 Proof of this resurgence in our ancient racial and spiritual identity is evident from the terminal decline in the semitic and artificial Christian identity, and more so in the terminal decline in congregation levels, showing a surge in religious subsidiarity, depriving the Jewish-Marxist infested state Church of influence over the spirits of our folk.

The rise in an English racial, spiritual and political identity will undeniably be Paganistic, with all our ancient heritage sites and Germanic cultural traditions, even the most staunch Christians are forced to admit this eventuality. 

Thus we find ourselves opposed by the same Church which calls itself the Church of England, whose head is himself not English but Jewish.

The rise in Englishness has already withstood attempts to corrupt and defile it, from groups like the IPPR and English Democrats, who failed in their attempts to defile our identity.

They were foolish to even try to defile an identity so sacred and pure as that of the English folk in the first place.

For we English are blessed to possess an identity that even Hitler (as an Austrian) enviously described as "pure Germanic".
  • 60% of English people believe Westminster 'does not work in the best interest of England. 
  • 36% of English people state that only English MPs should be allowed to vote on English laws. 
  • 20% of our folk wanting our own independent English parliament. 

The above statistics show the potential for massive political anti-establishment changes as Englishness continues to rise and re-assert itself, aided by the anti-political correctness liberation operation being performed by UKIP, Englishness is being primed for an absolute, unstoppable and colossal resurgence, that is already well under way.

Asatru inclined individuals will lead the defence of our folk from within and from infront, to safeguard our folk as we rise and to simultaneously be the spear-point of that resurgence.