Article author: Asatro NewsPublished: 6th Æfterra Jéola 2014 / 6th day After Yule 2264.RE

The beginning for ordinary people who care about their race & nation:

The end of the dominance of the compromised BNP

  • The BNP, a party which has made no progress since 1999, and has simply existed to hold nationalism back, is about to slide into irrelevance. 
  • Nick Griffin: the great traitor to England and Britain, is sliding towards a descent into irrelevance.
  • Nick Griffin's days of defiling are coming to an end.
  • The BNP support collapsed in the polls around late 2010, after infighting and the failed leadership challenge from Andrew Brons MEP.
  • The story of the deliberate, designed collapse of the BNP, started back in 1999, arguably before then, as Nick Griffin, using low cunning, trickery and manipulation, allegedly, forced his way into the party leadership, using his (Jewish media) promoted years as a National Front activist, to catapult him into a national position in the newly formed BNP.

Before continuing with detailing the history of the BNP and Nick Griffin's anti-English, morally criminal racist defilement of the BNP: I urge all members of the BNP to resign immediately, for ordinary members to quit their memberships now, make your request in writing or via email to the main BNP website or Nick Griffin personally to show the BNP and Nick Griffin directly that you are leaving, and do not renew you membership.

 The Birmingham Nationalist author is an ex-BNP branch leader, expelled for displaying the Celtic cross.

John Tyndall exposes Nick Griffin

John Tyndall was the founder and leader of the BNP in its most successful days prior to 1999 (when Nick Griffin took over).

It is alleged and widely believed in nationalist circles that Nick Griffin destroyed the National Front, deliberately, maliciously, with a vile zeal of anti-English, in fact anti-gentile hatred at the core of his motivation.

Nick Griffin is alleged to have utilized a combination of divide and rule (a common Jewish-supremacist political weapon) and personal rivalries, blackmails and outright lies in order to shuffle his way up the ranks until he was in a position to challenge John Tyndall for the leadership of the BNP in 1999.

With sufficient control of the central party Nick Griffin was able to oust John Tyndall, and subsequently project all of his crimes onto John Tyndall, such as calling John Tyndall a "subversive".

From the history of Nick Griffin it is evident that his aim, sole or otherwise, allegedly has been to literally hold back the BNP, not to run it, not to gain money from it (as his bankruptcy shows), but simply to prevent the BNP from going anywhere.

Nick Griffin has done more damage to nationalism in Britain, and especially England than any other figure in British political history.

Nick Griffin is the subversive leader, the co-opted leader, the pro-Jewish, allegedly anti-English racist at the core of a party which is supposed to represent the ethnic English primarily in addition to the Welsh, Scottish and Ulster folk.

Nick Griffin has been plagued by money problems for decades, this fact demonstrates that he is not the leader of the BNP out of a pursuit for wealth, as many had falsely assumed.

It was a widely held belief that Nick Griffin allegedly stole party funds to cover his debts, this allegation is very hard to prove or disprove. 

The documentary (bottom centre) was a BBC attempt to cover the issue. Ironically the BBC was on the side of true nationalists in the effect this documentary had, in waking up genuine well-meaning folkish nationalists to the allegedly financially criminal and self-evidently morally criminal Nick Griffin, as it is self-evident from the countless statements from other nationalist figures (except the openly compromised ones).

The nationalist scene in Britain has seen over 50 political parties rise and fall from irrelevance to irrelevance, since the 1930s, from the PR failures of the British Union of Fascists (a name destined to fail), to the perpetual failure of the BNP, NF and other groups. There have been near to 100 marching groups, activist groups and even pseudo-paramilitary groups, all of which have done nothing but damage the reputation of nationalism, there have also been a good number of honest, genuine groups who failed due to the dominance of Nick Griffin's BNP since 1999.

These political parties and marching groups, turned nationalism from something every ordinary person would identify with, into something foreign.

In summary, groups like the BUF all the way until today, with the BNP, NF and the EDL have made nationalism look like a game for thugs, hooligans, unemployed welfare recipients, and pro-Jewish christian creeps and weirdos, much like NA have attempted.

Hypocritically, Nick Griffin's 'modernization' was used as the justification for the BNP turning from a racial nationalist party under John Tyndall into a multi-racialist, pro-Jewish, civic nationalist party under Nick Griffin, whilst in-fact doing nothing more than demoralising English and British folk and losing electoral support.

Every few years Nick Griffin at conference pushed a softer version of BNP policy.

Nick Griffin never once stood back and tried to make the party more right wing.

It is alleged at every meeting, Nick Griffin led the subversives, the Jewish racists, the Christian Philo-Semites and the leftwing infiltrators in making the BNP into a non nationalist party. 

Nick Griffin famously stated via twitter his new-found anti-English position: "The BNP has and welcomes, Jewish members, Nazi cranks not wanted" 'Nazi cranks' meaning: all genuine nationalists who demand that as English, Northern European folk, we too have the right to exist, Nick Griffin branded such people as 'cranks'.

This in itself shows you all you need to know about Nick Griffin's agenda, that when he took over he was allegedly privately a pro-Hitler, anti-Holocaust, National Socialist, and within less than 10 years, had reached a stage whereby he could openly declare he wanted Jewish members more than any other member, and not just any Jew, pro-Israel Jews who would share a common hatred of Islam: Jewish supremacists, who have led the revolution against Europeans and our right to exist worldwide for over 2000 years and Nick Griffin wanted to purge the BNP (in a Stalinistic fashion) of all genuine nationalists in order to make the BNP palatable to Jewish supremacists, the very same Jewish supremacists, who through their control of the media were and have since prevented the BNP from making any electoral inroads. Nick Griffin led the BNP for over 10 years, into a position where it has less elected councilors than it had under John Tyndall. 

The only difference being that the BNP post 2009, had one MEP, who just happened to be Nick Griffin, standing in an area, which he did not even live in, at the expense of more local candidates. Since 2010 the BNP membership collapsed from near 12,000 to less than 4,000 today in 2014, allegedly it is as low as only 2,000 members.

All the so called victories of the BNP could have been done by any other political party, and a whole lot more effectively.

Note the "Grooming" scandal, it was in-fact the BNP comments on the subject which prevented mainstream political parties and the police from doing anything about the problem, which thus meant allegedly that hundreds of young English girls were abused without widespread investigations, due to the career suicide for any police constables investigating a topic the BNP had soiled with its image.
The BNPs involvement in the subject of "Grooming" prevented even the press from writing stories on the subject, in order to avoid accusations of 'sounding like the BNP', resulting in the epidemic of racially motivated sexual exploitment and murder continuing unabated, in part due to the BNPs media involvement.
Grooming was in itself a term deliberately employed by Nick Griffin, allegedly, to deliberately downplay the scale and sincerity of what should have been called "Racially motivated Sexual enslavement, exploitation and murder".

Why would a nationalist leader effectively downplay the suffering of his own people, ever?

Nick Griffin is not philosophically English, plain and simple, he is far from it, some allege Nick Griffin is actually Jewish.

Others alledge his wife and thus children are Jewish as an assesment of Nick Griffin's motivation as to why he defiles Nationalism here.

To understand what Nick Griffin is, you need only look at his long term effect: he prevented the British and English people from having a genuine voice during the worst and most intense periods of Jewish supremacist advocated and enforced non-white invasions and subsequent ethnic cleansing.

Nick Griffin's planned failure against Margaret Hodge and his deliberate failure on national television on Question Time and dozens of interviews, could not simply be explained away as incompetence.

From this, and the fact that he has evidently not profited from the BNP financially, he can be only 2 things; a pro-Jewish, leftist and anti-English racist who, as detailed worked his way into the once foremost nationalist political party, to then prevent it from actually being a threat to the pro-Jewish hegemony that existed and still exists in electoral politics.

Nick Griffin through his effect has been more racist against the English people than Tony Blair, for Nick Griffin stifled all nationalist and genuinely widespread public resistance to multiculturalism to levels of irrelevance.

Nick Griffin welcomed non-white token members into the BNP, allegedly to deliberately destroy any last vestiges of racial unity in the party as a whole, in addition to allowing in multiple Jewish supremacists.

Allegedly: one of these is Lynne Mozar: a lowly member who came from nowhere and subsequently became the daily mouthpiece of the entire BNP media operation, feeding the BNP members who listened to her daily show with Kosher news, espousing a pro-Israeli message, whilst simultaneously endorsing the Jewish religion of Christianity and viciously attacking members of the party, various far-right political figures and giving the BNP an even worse PR image, simply by the nature of her daily presentations. 

Lynne Mozar, infamously took part in a documentary 'wives of the BNP' where she further ruined the image of what a nationalist woman is like, allegedly alienating millions of women from even considering supporting the BNP, the documentary is featured below, but I advise not watching more than 5 seconds as it is unbearably undignified.

The public declaration by the media that it has now been confirmed by Nick Griffin himself that he is bankrupt, will result in far more than a decimation of Nick Griffin's personal reputation as a leader and even as an individual person, who evidently has displayed complete economic incompetence.

How can a bankrupt be trusted to run a political party, or publically represent the economic interests of constituents?

Who could honestly vote for a political party whose allegedly illegitimate leader, after 15 years had accomplished nothing more than his own election, and the moral, financial and political bankruptcy of his own person, numerous other persons and the entire image of a political party.

The BNP was destined to fail under Nick Griffin, he refused multiple suggestions to turn the political party into a Golden Dawn style community organisation and infrastructure group, and has thus ultimately occupied Nationalism in the UK for 15 years and achieved nothing, but allegedly ruined reputations and allegedly ruined hundreds of peoples entire lives.

All those people who left the BNP money in their wills, all the old folk fooled by the BNP, all those millions of enthusiastic voters, who voted for the BNP, all the tens of thousands of ex-BNP members, and activists, who had their motivation crushed by the deliberate, engineered perpetual stagnation of the BNP, they were all betrayed, all their efforts accomplished near to nothing.

But their sacrifices can be avenged, we can organise and work together to form a new, grassroots folkish nationalist effort here in the UK, the first step is being worked upon right now, that is the establishment of our own media networks, so that us ordinary nationalist folk can tell the wider general public the truth and lead a boycott of the mainstream media.

When Nick Griffin's era of defilement has been brought to an end  by our efforts and thus his own failed war against our ideals, a tear of joy and contentment shall come to the eye of every nationalist in the UK, but more than that, for an opportunity shall present itself, for a genuine and grassroots nationalism to arise, with no political party to corrupt it.

This era is ours to conquer, and no defilers akin to Nick Griffin shall stand in the way of those folk who care for Northern Europe and if they do we shall expose them before they are able to establish a fraudulent foothold over the efforts of our folk.

Folkish Nationalism Europe wide is on the increase, this increase is foremost in England, through indicators pertaining to public opinion on subjects such as immigration, affirmative action, political correctness and multi-racialism (all hated things, that destroy our folk), political parties have only held us back, but soon we shall be unleashed to re-take our nation through realistic measures, that transcend mere electoral politics.


Nick Griffin said "the BNP has become the Labour party of the 1920s", which was led by Jews by the way back in the 1920s... If anyone noticed that obvious red-flag rising from within the BNP.

The BNP organisers conference on the 22nd of February is scheduled to be a voting members conference, so with the absense of hard-line members who will be at the independent York meeting, Nick Griffin will finally be able to pass a motion within the BNP softening the BNPs ideology beyond repair. This will be the final 'moral' death of the BNP.

Update: on the 22nd of February an open meeting was successfully held in York, Yorkshire, at which further discussions were made as to the future course of Asatru and Nationalism in the UK, as noted in the first section of this article, the 2nd Nationalist Asatru meeting occured on the 19th of April 2014

The past will be wiped aside to make way for Englands future

It will not involve the formation of political parties but the pursuit, of what I call an infrastructure campaign, the style many intelligent nationalist folk have suggested for over 40 years, but which has never been enacted, the construction of our own media, social networking sites, banks, online stores, farms, shop outlets, legal teams and public meetings, lecture series, public information campaigns, all whilst sponsoring independent candidates to stand for election in their own areas, without the baggage of a wider political party, so that we can gradually take back our nation from within it, but first and foremost by rapidly changing the national media balance of power to our benefit and thus the entire political discourse of our nation.

This effort starts with establishing our own media force and it starts here.

Driven by the love for our folk, in this coming year, we shall truly arrise.

Arise Britannia, pure and un-chained!