Article author: Asatro News / Published: 14th Before Yule 2013 / 14th Ærra Jéola 2263.RE

The disgusting artificial Semitic imposition of idealizing deformity as normal: mental, physical, sexual and spiritual deformity and the inevitability that we will defeat such efforts that literally promote deformity.

Make no mistake the Jewish-Marxists (Ed Miliband for example), Jewish-Neo-marxists (Liberals) and Jewish Libertarian promotion of deformity: such as in the disgusting campaign of Pro Infirmis is not done out of an ethical concern or even a singular moral ideology as such.

The same stands for the Jewish promotion of non-whites (including themselves in this definition) through groups such as PaideiaH.I.A.S, NAACP, ADL*, SPLC, the Labour party, Liberal Democrats and the Conservative party. 

*p.s If you go to the ADL website via this link, they have actually copyrighted "Imagine a world without Hate", which is insane, which means "imagine a world without Europeans", genocidal Jewish-supremacists are so obvious even on their own websites, I will link this so you can see for yourself, it is funny to laugh at their own pathetic propaganda efforts...

The same also stands for the Jewish promotion of sodomite groups such as Stonewall, Marxist groups such as the SWP, HNH, Labour party, Conservative party, Liberal Democrats, SNP, NUS, NUJ and NUT.

The same also stands for the Jewish promotion of Christianity, which is now, as it is in its latter phases moving into openly (instead of covertly, through the fundamentally un-natural Christian teachings such as "welcome the foreigner" & "help the needy") into leading the social, religious, sexual and racial-war against our people much like it openly did during its first formative stages after the Jews were expelled from Israel and needed a proxy-ideology to infiltrate successfully into the European gentile world. 

Not only does the Judeo-Christian church use Christianity to defile us, they now have Christians openly following socialism and communism, which is what Christianity (according to the Jewish historians) was designed to do. This is self-evident as 99% of Christians do not openly care for our race, if not more than 99%.

This promotion of the aforementioned groups is not done out of an ethical or ideological concern, an ideological vision or for the concern of minorities on any ethical grounds, it is done purely out of racial hatred against Europeans, especially Germanic Europeans, who form the majority of Europeans in Northern Europe, Australia, Canada, New-Zealand, South Africa, the United States and every off-continent European population.

This hatred for Europeans, especially Northern Europeans is motivated additionally from a Jewish hatred of nature herself as a system of perfection that is above their laws and manipulations (and will destroy their laws and manipulations eventually and they know it, for we are a natural creation of nature of the finest gradation. 

The Jewish hared for us is also a hatred for what is natural in itself, for what is natural and naturally beneficial for us is always perfectly 'good'(for us) by definition, even bad-seeming things that are natural are in-fact good for us such as the death of the weaker people from among our population, which makes us stronger, which is why Jewish-Marxists and their non-Jewish followers defend the welfare state so staunchly as it keeps our weaker elements alive as a higher proportion of our population, weakening our average performance as a nation and as a race, such as on IQ, longevity, will-power (a deficit of these traits means weakness).

Having weak elements prominent in a society also gives Jewish-supremacists an access point into our society, through the manipulation of our weaker elements, for they are easily exploitable against the average and strong majority, as the weaker elements can often be motivated out of fear for their own fortunes (or survival) and thus become useful tools in the hands of Jewish-supremacists. 

This is why the concept of class was so important to early Jewish socialists and for Marx himself, through his calling of the proletariat to revolt worldwide (well actually only Europe wide, the anti-European agenda is self-evidently obvious here), by manipulating people who did not have that money into thinking they were 'working class' (I would argue there is no such thing as working class) this gave Jewish-supremacists a great opportunity to create a conflict in our nations which allows the Jewish-supremacist a route to power.

Ask yourself how is it that in 2015 we might have a Jewish-Marxist Prime Minister (Ed Miliband)?

This is what a Jewish marxist looks like. For those who do not know, this is what a typical Jewish face looks like, note the wide based nose, the dull brown, inset eyes, black hair, contorted jaw line and ears

Such was only possible through the Labour party, a party which owes its very existence to the Jewish creation of the very concept of class conflict. 

Class conflict is a proxy war for Jewish interests.

Marxists, Jewish and their non-Jewish 'followers' detest the laws of nature. All followers of Marxism (and its lighter versions) are by definition the apostles of Jewish-interests.

They are not following an ethical world-view at all, not even a twisted egalitarian(Christian) worldview (although that is what some diagnose it as) they are simply promoting that which is directly the opposite to what is beneficial for us.

They look at what is beneficial to us, and what has sustained our civilization for a long period of time, such as the wisdom of our folklore, which is no longer taught in schools, our Northern European traditions, such as monogamy (1 man & 1 woman relationships), handfasting(marriage), large families, traditional regional and national identities and our industriousness, intellect, strong wills, courageous characters and so on, and then they promote that which is opposite to those things which are beneficial to us.

The most beneficial aspect of natural law in relation to any given population is natural selection, ruthless and augmenting natural selection, this has been the main natural law Jewish-supremacists have attempted to remove from our lives and thus our people as a whole. 

The most disgusting example of this is the use of the 'Welfare state' as a tool to prevent natural selection from occurring and thus preventing our evolution.

We have not evolved biologically as a race now for just under 1500 years, and since 1945 our racial evolution has been permanently set into reverse by the welfare state, not to mention the non-white degradation that occurs. That can be reversed simply by expelling all of the non-Europeans from Europe, the former problem is far more insidious, as it means facing the choice of what to do with the massive welfare-hordes and inbred city 'under-class' populations, thankfully they are the ones who miscegenate the most so the problem almost cancels itself out, but not quite. Those of you who think that the welfare state is good, or that looking after the disabled, unintelligent, weak-minded, lazy and incompetent people (making them a larger proportion of our population by definition) is good..., are victims of Jewish racial hatred based propaganda.

Nature demands that the weak perish and the strong flourish, it happens by definition naturally, otherwise your species does not evolve and then it is only a matter of time before a virus or a rival group can threated your existence, universal healthcare, especially in the early 1800s and 1900s in the form of universal vaccines and the like have held back our evolution, by keeping those alive who would have naturally died off.

Thankfully, the threat of another sub-species (such as the Jews, non-white immigrants etc) is easily enough in almost all cases to result in a massive spur of evolutionary pressures within a population, and in relation to the population as a whole. 

Beauty is naturally desirable to us, so they seek to controvert that by promoting ugly-ness and rubbing our faces in it.

Healthiness is naturally desirable to us so they seek to controvert that by promoting unhealthiness, through food, through culture, through medicine and through drugs (crude medicine).

Well-formed genetics and Northern European genetics are naturally desirable to us as the aforementioned so they seek to controvert that by promoting the horrifically deformed as normal, in-fact they promote the deformed as superior to the rest of us as they do with all of the other undesirable, i.e genetically disastrous forms in order to drag us down and defile us and to rip our racial being out of us, thus killing us, much like how they ripped our ethnic religion out of the majority of our ancestors.

The Jewish supremacists do not need us to surrender as such, only to become so weak that an effective state of surrender (inaction and the inability to act against them) becomes normal. 

They corrupt young lads and girls with homosexual propaganda, they corrupt them with unhealthy lifestyles, chemical intakes and then go on to promote the disabled (often as a result of such chemicals and behaviour) as the norm, they seek to tear out everything and not just present merely a defiled alternative to it, but to present the diametrically opposite to it, when confronted with our magnificent beauty they wield horrific deformity and ugliness and promote that to blight our culture. Who can honestly be proud of a culture that promotes weakness, ugliness, genetic inferiority, anti-natural philosophies, and a corrupted human nature in every reversed form it can be presented in. 

Thus they create a culture none of us can be a part of, luckily this is backfiring as this is leading to people leaving mainstream culture and becoming more disillusioned with it. 

The vile, immoral Jewish-supremacists work towards countering such, simply by promoting more degeneracy! Further destorying the mainstream culture, meaning people will soon have to start looking outside the mainstream in order to find a culture which they can tolerate and exist within.

They attempt to corrupt women into being like men ('Femen' are the epitome of this in a weird, disgusting parody), they corrupt architecture, science, art, music, every aspect of culture, so that culture itself then becomes a tool, that is thenceforth the opposite of our real culture, just like what they did with the imposition of Christianity, they taught weakening principles that were and still are the opposite to what is good for us. Principles which the majority of Christians hold staunchly and think of as normal principles, as aforementioned.

Thus when anyone tries to combat their defilement in looking to their culture be it in art, or in Christianity, they in-fact do nothing more than apply to themselves a slightly softer form of the very same defilement, a false choice is presented, which is in reality this: a christian, social democratic slow death or a atheist, Marxist quick death, despite what one thinks, Christianity is almost as dangerous as Marxism, Marxism has not gripped our people and subverted our culture, Christianity did, for hundreds of years, nearly 1500 years, like communism, Christianity thankfully has not been allowed to dominate our culture unopposed, even through the dark millennium past, where stake burnings, beheadings and cultural or actual exile were common for the truly European, Europeans.

The enforcement of anti-European ideologies is nothing new, history has simply been written in a way as to hide the atrocities. And despite the past 1500 years we have survived, that is testament to the inevitability of our victory.

Every so often, almost upon each generation there was a sustainer, a cultural and less often a political hero, Herman, Boudicca, Shakespeare, Tolkien, Nietzsche, Wagner, Hitler, to name a small percentage of them, those that have managed to keep the light, the culture, the fairness of our people alive and sustained until the next generation, even if they did so at great personal costs to themselves, as with Boudicca and Hitler (they both gave their lives in a state of war and prevented the expansions of corrupted or openly anti-European empires, the Roman Empire in Boudicca's example through her inspirational Blitzkrieg of London and the subsequent field battles and the halting of the further Westwards expansion of the Soviet Union in Hitler's sacrificial kampf).

If you the reader will stand, we can stand in this generation to re-kindle the cultural purity of your and my Nordic and Germanic folk, first and foremost through providing the media framework, organisation and funding for a resurgence of our English folk, will you stand alongside my efforts?

Or will you condemn your bloodline to a multi-pronged, unrelenting, unforgiving, unreasoning, unfeeling, eternal, extermination through your nihilistic inaction and complacency? 

We Nordic and Germanic Europeans will be victorious in this era, you should know and understand this truth.