Article author: Asatro NewsPublished: 3rd Æfterra Jéola 2014 / 3rd day After Yule 2264.RE

The Destructive, Degenerating, Defiling, Disease that is Christianity: Exposing the cause and consequences of the Jewish weapon of Christianity

When merely lightly examining Christianity and its roots, it is best to first examine one of its foremost creations: the welfare state.

For an in-depth expose of Christianity see this linked article that exposes quotes from Christians and their subversive dysgenic, multi-racialist Jewish manifesto: the "Holy" bible.

In reality the welfare state weakens an entire civilization by making the vulnerable more numerous by providing them with resources and money they could never have earned themselves (stolen via taxation from stronger, more intelligent and harder working people), meaning the highest birthrates subsequently come from demographics that are weaker, less intelligent and less hard working, and subsequently middle class and upper class families find their child benefits cut (as has already happened) and their economic situation harder, so they are forced to have less children (out of economic concern for their very future) on average. 

With non-whites this is exacerbated further and on a massive genetically detrimental level as their numbers are multiplied by several dozen times what their natural birth rate would be if they had to fairly compete in our modern economy like the rest of us.

Non-Europeans coming from the third world also have different standards of what level of economic security is necessary before they have children, so even living on benefits in the UK is several times better than their natural default reproductive economic status thus the welfare state acts as a catalyst in the growth of non-white immigrant numbers and also in the growth numbers of South-Eastern sub-slavic immigrants such as the Roma. 

This anti-natural process also subsequently provides the left with an un-naturally large support base of handicapped and economically incapable persons, who then through their own selfishness, oppose those who wish for natural justice in economics (and thus all modern life) to exist. 

In effect this turns large portions of the lower working classes into perpetual constituents of the left. This methodology finds its roots in the Jewish Talmud, where it states that the best of gentiles must be killed.

Demographically a welfare state in effect achieves this Talmudic "killing the best of gentiles" by proportionally reducing the number of the best within our population and artificially inflating the number of un-intelligent persons.

The Jewish racial onslaught via proxy against Europeans itself is the fundamental core of the Jewish Supremacist, Talmud derived pursuit of pathetically and impossibly seeking to destroy a superior population, and the top 10% of life on planet Earth.

This is what Jewish Supremacists have used Christianity to help them to attempt, it has weakened all the peoples of the Earth its defiling, degenerative creed has come in contact with on every level, from the spiritual and then the racial level, especially us Europeans.

The Christian bible, also, unsurprisingly encourages this morality at its core, where Christianity implores its followers to "help the weak" and needy, which is in direct contravention of nature. Christianity implores its followers to go against nature. Judaism states that this very same methodology be applied to gentile civilizations. Wake up to the reality that Christianity is a weapon designed to degenerate, defile and ultimately destroy the people who are forced to conform to it.


Three religions were designed by Jewish supremacists to help the Jewish race attempt to usurp and replace European mankind as the true chosen race in addition to attempting to attain the Jewish ambition of unjustly ruling over all life on earth in a tyrannical, fascist soviet union+ grade genocidal system. It is up to us to prevent Jewish Supremacists from achieving their genocidal and racist ambitions over all mankind, that liberals should, if they were actually genuine liberals, join us in fighting.

Fundamentalist Christians who in addition to committing the egalitarian crime against nature, disregard evolutionary theory and are the epitome of the anti-scientific ignorance Christianity was designed to instill into its most devoted followers, that in the long term would destroy all who follow it, so that other rival groups that do not follow Christianity (such as the Jews in relation to Europeans or Muslims), could attempt to catch up and theoretically attempt to overtake these groups afflicted with Christianity in evolutionary terms. 

Helping the weak is a crime against nature, as it prevents natural selection and therefore prevents a race from ever evolving, Christianity (as just another offensive ideological weapon authored by Jewish racists, namely Saul of Tsarsus) would in its effect, if our ancestors had applied it for any evolutionarily significant period of time, have prevented our race from ever arising in the first place, and if it is allowed to, it will prevent our future evolutionary forms from ever existing. 

Jews will do everything they can to keep Christianity prominent in the West, because through Christianity, there is a connection and worshiping of the Jews, as the pope stated, "The Jews are still the holy seed that produced Jesus."

*(see the picture at the bottom of the page for the horrific quote in full) 

Christianity is the only thing imprisoning our culture into compatibility with tolerance of Jews themselves and their anti-natural ideologies, remove Christianity and you remove all Jewish influence from our society; liberalism, multicracialism, multiculturalism, socialism and communism. These ideologies would have met with impossible opposition, had our people not been softened first through the violent and criminal application of Christianity to our nations through the military force of Rome. Rome itself then declined under Christian decadence, after Constantine's adoption of Christianity. 

Further demonstrating the degenerative effect Christianity has on the nations and peoples Jewish manipulators inflict it upon, with the aid of niave gentiles as servile, willing pro-Jewish assistants: "doing the work of [the Jewish] God and Christ". 

The Western Roman empire had existed with its hybrid Greek Hellenic Pagan pantheon for over 350 years, through its hardest battles, biggest triumphs and its main technological advanves, since -27.CE/BC or 277.RE (Nordic Rune Era).

The entire Western Roman empire collapsed only 139 years (in comparison to its more accomplished 350 year plus history and centuries as a regional pagan power prior to that) after the end of Constantine's rule, after having adopted Christianity in 306.CE/AD or 553.RE the history of Rome was of perpetual decline.

Roman historians attribute this to decadence from the center of Rome, as a direct consequence of the adoption of Christianity proving that Christianity is a tried and tested method of allowing Jewish supremacy to overtake a gentile civilization through subversion and spiteful philosophical anti-natural mis-direction. 

For those who did not realize such, this is why it is so important to our racial evolutionary progress to diagnose and cast aside the degenerating influence that is the philosophical disease of Christianity (like all diseases it parasitically lives off its host and results in the pre-mature death of its victims).

 Asatru in eternal contrast to the vile creed of Christianity is a philosophy of pure nature, it is the epitome of what is in the best interests of our race in our current and future racial existence and evolution. 

To illustrate this: the BNP as an exmaple of a collapsed, Christian dominated pseudo-nationalist group, wanted gentiles to quote: "follow the Apostle to the Jews" = a direct quote from the BNP's Reverend 'West', rather than return to the religion of our ancestors.

Jewish supremacists will do everything they can in order to prevent us from returning to the racial way of life (Asatru) of our ancestors.

 Jewish supremacists will even promote Christian White Nationalists via the media (e.g: the Daily stormer) and create direct infiltration efforts with Christian infighting wannabe-leaders and members, particularly using Catholics in order to do everything they can to  prevent us purer Europeans from returning to our ideal, ancestral Ásatrú state of pure, unleashed racial and absolute spiritual perfection that is immune to their manipulations.

Nationalists and folkish persons, or even the average person who is concerned about immigration and the direction of our "Christian" society who consider themselves Christians should wake up to the reality that you have been misguided, much like how most people are misguided about immigration and race, as a result of propaganda, the status quo and enforced religious and cultural Political correctness.

Nationalist, folkish and the average awakened person who considers themselves a Christian should not take offense at such a diagnosis and disection of Christianity; instead you should return to the way of your ancestors, much like a liberal ideally should not take offense at hearing the truth about issues from welfare to race, but should instead realize that they have been lied to and manipulated in their philosophy and change subsequently to take account of the truth.

To honestly help awaken European Christians to their true ancestral heritage of Ásatrú and the Jewish destructive, defiling, degenerating weapon that is Christianity: 

Link this article to all the Christians you know.