Article author: Asatro News Published: 4th day of Sol-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 4th day of Sol-month 2014

The Anti-European Unions rampant corruption 

The EU budget has not passed an audit in over 19 years, following this, it has been announced by the EU commission that over 162 Billion of the EU's budget has been lost due to corruption, meaning people taking payments out of the EU and illegally directing EU funds into, allegedly, supporting non-EU charities and organisations such as the European Jewish Congress and European Jewish Union and various Holocaust charities (allegedly that are nothing more than criminal rackets, and often front groups allegedly, exempt from tax and inspections, that reap millions annually).  

Obviously the EU has not and cannot deny this claim that these EU funds are overwhelmingly being stolen by Jewish groups, as the EU simply does not know where this yearly 162 Billion Euros has been going(enough to bankroll every election campaign in Europe more than twenty times over), and if it did, you can be sure, no EU official would be able to state where the funds are going without definitely being sacked or financially and maliciously implicated themselves for revealing such information.  

If the EU was actually about creating a sustainable and strong EU super-state then the budget would be more efficient and scrutinized heavily, it is not, as demonstrated by the rampant corruption, the left in the EU do not care, and the Kosher Conservatives are morally retarded and so restrained by their own pathetic mild-conservative ideology, that they dare not say or do anything, they are designed to lose in the so called 'left-right' paradigm, but that is another divergent discussion.  

For the Jewish designers of the EU and its contemporary Jewish and liberal advocates it is about "undermining the homogeneity of Europe", preventing "Europe from being the monolithic societies they were" in the 20th century whilst also siphoning out as much wealth, technology, knowledge and military power from Europe as they can, it is not about creating an EU super state but destroying the European races.

It is so transparent and obvious, the only reason it appears not many people understand this is not that they do not understand, but that they lack the moral courage to openly talk about it, even in confidential surveys people are reluctant to say what they actually think and feel like.  

This is where we principled folk without fear come into the order of things in the political universe, we are those who speak (or write) the truth no matter the consequences, specifically those of us who can talk (or write) skillfully and professionally about this issue in a way that makes it easier for (what US President Nixon identified as) the "Silent majority" to then talk openly about these truths on a wider level, we must perform this task, not only on websites and in video documentaries, but also in every moment of our lives, if a full mobilization or unleashing of our folk's true public political opinion is to be achieved.  

As I have stated, public opinion is instinctively and naturally on our side, even in these corrupted times.

Remove even the surface veneer of social political correctness (a form of 'political oppression' in essence which J.S.Mill said: "enslaves the soul itself") and you will be triumphantly surprised that underneath the crude, rusted shackles of social & political mediocrity and conformity, is to be found, in most of our folk: a strong eternal Nordic and Germanic spirit, angered at its own imprisonment and looking for an alternative, a sense of purpose and direction, so that its perfection may be unleashed.

Those who appear to have no racial identity due to having a fear of showing such, are often those who become the most motivated and unleashed once they have been given the courage to say, think, act and vote in accordance with what they truly believe.

This is undeniable, as our folk are already resonating with our opinions on all of the important issues, race, immigration (89-95% against any further immigrants, with 10% wishing full repatriation), welfare (majority support lower welfare), the EU (60-80% of the public want to leave the political union of the EU & 75% of all EU citizens consider corruption to be widespread in the EU), criminal punishment (the majority were, are and still will be against prisoner's votes, with a majority stating that prison sentences are too soft (obviously), especially for foreign criminals, especially Pakistani rapists) and on religious opinion and perspective trends (Christian Church attendance and affiliation is at a historic low, perpetually, especially if you exclude immigrants from the figures (many of whom are 'Christians':Nigerians, Jamaicans, Irish, etc, whilst 75%+ of people although still believe in a 'divine force', that is not the Christian (Jewish) God (Yahweh) of the bible).  

In the UK parliament, as with every other parliament in Europe, Jews are not only found as the political ideology founders of the destructive left but are also actually contemporarily over-represented within the current serving parliaments by a factor of almost several hundred percent! Jewish over-representation in parliament was even mentioned during A level politics, because it is so obvious: denying it is actually impossible.

The European Parliament as a legislative entity, elected via Proportional Representation via all member states is supposed to represent all EU citizens, including, again an over-proportionate number of Jews and a massive majority who follow Jewish ideologies or kosher conservatism, and then on top of that the Jews have their separate EJP (European Jewish Parliament), dedicated for "Jewish issues" and "Jewish interests". The EJP is an official governmental body of the EU, in addition to the additional 'informal' governmental bodies of the European Jewish Congress (which hosts talks and meetings with heads of states), the European Jewish Union (EJU) and countless other Jewish pressure-groups and specific issue-lobbies, such as the pro-(non-white)-immigration lobbies and 'political consultancy' and 'advisory' bodies. 

-Which are apparently covered in the paw prints of recurrent figures like the anti-white racist Moshe Kantor but also often by 'proxy' or ''scapegoated' European politicians. 

Jewish lobbyists have routinely 'scapegoated' European politicians when it comes to the negative backlash against Jewish-advocated open door and 'magnet Immigration' policies, just like they scapegoated 'New Labour', which is ultimately only a group of individuals in the Labour party, for what was actually a Jewish advocated, promoted and defended immigration policy, via the aforementioned lobbying tactic and the media.  

Ed Miliband when he said "knowing how and why the last Labour government went wrong [on immigration]" was because "we became too disconnected from the concerns of working people", is lying, quite simply he and the entire political establishment, even the Conservatives and every party and political pundit (including the BNP) when they criticize "Labour's immigration policy" are being manipulative liers and are in their effect, intentionally or unintentionally, covering for the racist Jewish-bigots who lobbied for the laws to be such, just like they did in America, and at the exact same time...

It is also as a result of the EUs open borders and internal 'freedom of movement', secondarily, which as already detailed, only came into existence and only continues to exist due to Jewish lobbying from professional lobby groups and the majority owned Jewish media suppressing (opposing and suppressing) public opinion on the subject, and through universities and cultural programs instilling a level of social and political coercion (Political Correctness) that acts as a buffer on the political expression (political freedom) of our people in the lower ranks of politics but also in every detail of life and daily interaction, also this is heavily assisted by the cowardous, designed-to-fail opposition of the mainstream political conservatives and the controlled-opposition (BNP, etc).

The corruption of the EU, and what it shows is self-evident, thankfully 75%+ of the entire population of the EU realises this indicative corruption is widespread.

Although for our people to be truly unleashed we must articulate, publically and routinely, through culture, religion, politics and art (documentaries, posters, books, websites) not simply the truth, but to professionally direct our pure raw truth in a way that can overcome, and even benefit from (contrasting with) the propaganda and political oppression exerted by Jewish-supremacists over our national political dialog, and also the international political dialog, which can all be done be exerting and increasing your personal political influence, through writing articles (on websites like this*: *the average person spends 20 minutes per visit on this site, the average visitor to the Dailymail or BBC websites incomparison only spend a tiny 6 minutes on the website per visit on average) or leafleting home-made racial-literature, awakening fellow students, co-workers, friends and family.

But the content of your message must be professional, it must show courage, courage inspires others to do the same and to follow your lead, all this war takes... is to instill courage and inspired action into our people... 

Facts, details, specifics all come with time and experience, or hundreds of hours reading websites... but the first and foremost step is inspiring in our Germanic and Nordic people as a whole the courage to even view such websites or start a conversation with friends on the subject of race or Jewish power and to see such brave, racially noble actions as possible and in-fact desirable and morally praise-worthy things to do.

We are idealistic people, all we have to do is encourage an ideal, show its worthiness and before our enemies can blink, we will have completely salvaged the entire political discourse, and they will find themselves increasingly vulnerable, up until the point where the spirit of 1290 is instilled in the hearts of our folk and we are victorious.  

We can also inspire in our folk courage to talk about the truth by instead ridiculing our political de-facto enemies who do not talk about the truth, present false ideas or who hold leftwing: pro-Jewish and often-times Christian, or other anti-natural and non-European cultural and political perspectives.         

We can inspire in our folk this courage with lightning speed primarily by openly talking about these issues, professionally and charismatically ourselves and secondarily via advocating our ancestral religion as a guiding philosophy and way of life that compels its adherents or even those slightly inclined towards it, to act and speak in ways that are defiant of political oppression, in accordance with the archetypes of bravery, wisdom and justice and unrestrained by any notion of controversy or potential false-ridicule, like Tyr in the face of Fenris, or Thor in the face of the world serpent.

Stay strong, Stand steadfast & Start striving