Article author: Asatro News / Published: 16th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 16th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2014

The animalistic anti-European ethnic hatred enacted by Jewish Supremacist immigration policies and non-European, racist immigrants

In Enfield, North London, the media has tried to cover up a case of graffiti espousing and displaying animalistic anti-European ethnic hatred through the crude phrase:“Whites not welcome,” in an attempt to hide the animalistic anti-European hatred that is evidently at the core of millions of non-European immigrants’ opinions.  

"Whites not welcome"

-Graffitti espousing anti-European ethnic hatred, written by a 'immigrant' or 'ethnic minority'.

This latest incident was the aforementioned spray painted slogan on a sidewalk outside a primary school, where non-European ethnic groups are almost certainly the majority, "Islamabad" was also sprayed nearby, as if the non-Europeans responsible were trying to claim the area on a vile, animalistic, ethnic-territorial motivation.  

The vile anti­-European racist hypocrisy of non­-white lobby groups, immigration and race relations lobby groups allegedly like the Jewish BOD are proven to be intrinsically and utterly engaged in anti­-European racial hypocrisy when the actions of countless, average, non­-Europeans, without media cover-ups or image and public relations shielding: reveal their crude and animalistic anti­-European racist hatred and bigotry, which the public relations shielded non­-European media faces and lobbying groups hurry to cover up, under-­report or mis­-report entirely.  

The subversive efforts of the media have outlasted their effectiveness for ordinary Germanic and wider European folk are waking up, for they see this every single day without the public relations spin or reductionist media ‘context’ or simultaneous discussion of poverty or some other diversionary political weapon.

Parents and local figures in English and other European communities are being woken up to the reality of the animalistic ethnic hatred millions of non-Europeans hold towards us Europeans, and subsequently the dire need to assert our ethnic interests and immediate homogeneous requirements within all of our nations. 

All this awakening requires is a path into government, for the awakening itself has already occured and is ongoing.

Incidents like these, where non-European display their animalistic anti-European ethnic hatred on a local, daily basis is a driving force behind anti non-European immigrant sentiments and for good reason, for that statement, “Whites,” or ‘Europeans “not welcome” is indicative of a wider genocidal ambition held by allegedly the majority of ethnic non-­Europeans, who want to see Europeans destroyed, along with the Jewish Supremacists who overtly promote such and are on record to this day as promoting anti-­European racial warfare, criminality and comparatively genocidal immigration policies into European and only ethnically European nations.

This case exemplifies why it is absolutely necessary to work your way to become the centre of your local community, to reinforce our folk's racial identity resurgence and espouse love for our folk, simultaneously through exposing the causes behind the non-European racist malice that exists all over our occupied cities.