Article author: Asatro News Published: 25th Æfterra Jéola 2264 / 25th day After Yule 2014.RE

The advances within and of UKIPs policy and popularity


The advances within and ideological improvements of UKIPs policy and popularity in the last year and a half has surged.

But UKIP's popularity is likely to increase further following a series of well-placed adjustments, policy changes, public appearances and the shedding of and thus a denunciation of the insane, kosher Christian members who have plagued UKIP for the last year.

“I think proper gun licensing is something we've done in this country responsibly and well for a long time, and I think the kneejerk legislation that Blair brought in that meant that the British Olympic pistol team have to go to France to even practice was just crackers, If you criminalize handguns then only the criminals carry the guns. It's really interesting that since Blair brought that piece of law in, gun crime doubled in the next five years in this country." 

Nigel Farage UKIP leader

Nigel Farage famous for his agreeable past comments and legendary personality has taken the pro-liberty and pro-individual move to advocate the relaxation of gun laws, which will massively over-proportionably advantage naturally well-off white families in their well-earned security, who unlike non-white families (50%+ of black youths have criminal records and cannot own a gun by default, for example) will still be unable to obtain pistols legally.

Such a move will provide a much needed safeguard against non-white home invasions and burglaries on behalf of the proportionally more law-abiding English population. It is expected that under a UKIP government the right to self-defence within the home would also be increased and that immigrants themselves will not be allowed to own guns for sure.

A map of the top 10 places (exlcuding London which is number 1 by far) for house burglaries in the UK (all in England), this map parallels directly with areas of highest non-white populations (all in England), but not wealth, destroying the liberal excuse for non-whites that their crime rate is purely to do with a lack of 'opportunity' (meaning taxes stolen from the white majority to pay for the often criminal lifestyles of countless non-whites).  

Nigel Farage recently, infamously denounced the 2010 UKIP manifesto as "drivel" in an interview on LBC 97.3.

But this manifesto was drafted by the more liberal prior leaders of UKIP, and so this may be a very good sign, that will result in many more right wing policies such as the cessation of universal hand-gun restrictions being proposed, especially after the UKIP spring conference in Torquay this February.

Nigel Farage has made the positive arguments, in accordance with the wishes of hard-line or 'old-UKIP' members (pre-2010 members) within UKIP: of arguing for relaxed gun controls on the ownership of hanguns in the UK, repealing the universal ban instituted by the anti-individual socialist Labour party government dictatorship of 1997-2010, which in addition to disarming our population (often a pre-cursor to genocide) imported in-between 6 and 10 million non-whites (an act instrumental to enacting genocide).

This shows that UKIP, although not perfect, is becoming far more in-line with the strategic and long term interests of the indigenous population of the UK.

In addition to this, the expulsion (and simultaneous demonstration that was made) of the fundamentalist Christian ex-Conservative councillor in Oxfordshire, shows UKIP is not allowing itself to be over-run by the mainly pro-Israel Christian conservative types who have plagued nationalism and mainstream politics for decades.

UKIP in doing such has become more in-line with the mainstream, rational beliefs of ordinary folk, who are increasingly seeing UKIP as the party of government, despite the fact that UKIP is yet to even take one seat in Westminster.

UKIPs popularity is also likely to soar and the popularity of Labour and the Conservatives are likely to fall to a low, after it was signaled on the 25th of January that David Cameron's bill formalising his 2nd promise for an EU referendum in 2017 (after the "cast Iron [lie]"of the 2010 election campaign for an EU referendum) is facing defeat in the House of Lords.

If the bill faces defeat at the hands of Labour Peers in the lords, it will return to the House of Commons for moderation and will likely be deadlocked in 'parliamentary ping-pong' between the two houses of Parliament as the legislation is continually rejected by Labour peers in the lords, until the allocated time for the bill in session has ended and the legislation fails.

 A rise in UKIP into the political mainstream will be advantageous as it will create a new mainstream that is more right wing and on the side of our national interests, and deeper racial and spiritual compatibility within UKIP to our ideals will grow with time, once the status-quo in politics and the media has been shattered by UKIPs rise and then our own rise after or during the later phases of UKIP's ascension into being the 'new mainstream', more than it already is, according to polling (as in the article below).

The media frenzy over such a legislative defeat for David Cameron, and the fact that Labour will have proven itself to have been pro-EU at the core, will show the general public that UKIP is the only party that is in accordance with their views on the EU and immigration, as indicated by polling.

This will subsequently cause a surge in UKIPs popularity, even more than has already occurred.

UKIPs popularity as of the th of January is already at a colossal magnitude, indicating a steady stream of seismic tremors ahead of the predicted earthquake during the EU elections of 2014.

2264.REComRes Opinion poll: UKIP is (already) the public's favourite political party


As of Sunday it was revealed in the ComRes poll (of 2029 people including non-whites) in the Independent and Sunday Mirror that UKIP is the most favoured or "favourable" political party in the entire country.

This news shows there has been a seismic or in the words of Nigel Farage an "earthquake change in British politics". UKIP has legitimized concern for immigration, as the unstoppable awakening against immigration has shown, with upwards of 89% of our folk wanting immigration to be tackled if not entirely ceased, with growing numbers of opinion poll respondents stating all immigrants should be 'sent home' or repatriated.

The ComRes opinion Poll results

The question was roughly: Which party do you feel the most favourable towards. 

27% UKIP 

26% Labour

25% Conservatives

14% Liberal Democrats

0%~ BNP

Which party do you feel the LEAST favourable towards:

50% Conservatives

49% Lib Dems

45% Labour

38% UKIP

* The favourablility of the governing parties is always lower during office and before the re-election period.

ComRes Voting intentions, general election 2015:

35% Labour

30% Conservatives

19% UKIP

8% Liberal democrats

0%~ BNP

ComRes most popular political party leader:

27% David Cameron

22% Nigel Farage

Ed Miliband, less popular than the Labour party (below 19%)

YouGov 2015 general election prediction result (vote percentages):

Labour with 32% (Labour majority of 56 seats estimated)

UKIP with 26%

Cons with 23%  

*Due to FPTP even with 26% of the vote UKIP could still get less than 10 Parliamentary seats at the general election in 2015.

UKIP has also taken positive actions to remove Jew-Loving-Christian members from the party, which will increase its popularity with an increasingly spiritual* but (less Christian) electorate, as exampled by the recent case of the removal of Councillor David Silvester, a fundamentalist Christian who blamed the recent UK flooding on his own God as punishment against David Cameron, which is not only scientifically retarded, it is a religious opinion that deflects away from (by not even mentioning) the real culprits of the Gay marriage bill who are Jewish-Supremacists.

*Polling data shows that the general public (only refering to us English, Welsh, Scottish and Ulster folk) increasingly believe in some "higher purpose" or "divinity" but are not Christians or affiliated with any Church, indicating what is a massive spiritual awakening to the tune of 75%+ of the population, who are heading towards a paganistic worldview that sees divinity and worth in ordinary life, which is the final solution to end the semitic Nihilism that has plagued our societies for generations since the imposition of Christianity and atheism alike, especially in the last century.

UKIP is going to be the number one party in the EU elections in 2014, 2015 is our only immediate electoral concern...  

If Labour is to be stopped in 2015 we must work to help disrupt the Labour vote in key border constituencies, this tactic among dozens of others will be discussed at the meeting on the 22nd of February.