Article author: Asatro News / Published: October 17th 2013 (1st edition article) / 17th Winter-fylleþ 2263.RE

Terrorism is once again at a record high level due to mass immigration, particularily due to massive numbers of black Africans, Islamic black Africans and Arabic/Semitic immigrants, the most likely demographics to commit terrorism

On the 13th of October the London Metropolitan Police released a press statement within which it is stated that 4 men have been arrested on suspicion of scheming to conduct mass terrorist operations under the povisions of the Terrorism Act of 2000 Section 41-1B: for "commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism". 

The Metropolitan Police stated that the 4 men, whos ethnicity was not stated (we all know what that means), were arrested individually in a "pre-planned, intel-lef operation" and that subsequently they are searching six additional locations in connection with this event. 

No further details were given as to the scale of the police operation or what the charges are that are being applied to the suspected terrorists specifically. 

This most recent event comes as no surprise due to the mass-immigration of demographics, who are undeniably statistically inclined to be involved in terrorism against the rest of the population. 

The amount of arrests that result in legal convictions of a terrorist nature has reached its highest level in recent history, both in raw numbers and as a proportion of the population. 

The highest peak of legal convictions pertaining to terrorism was in the year 2005-2006 where 284 people were arrested under the suspicion of terrorism, 96% to 99.9%+ of these people were of non-european descent. 

The percentage number alone has increased 21% since 2012, this past year terror related arrests have rised to 249, with 144 convictions being made from that number, resulting in criminal offences. 

In the past year alone, despite the high threat of terrorism almost (if not entirely) exclusively from non-europeans, 39 persons who had served jail time for terrorism were released onto bail or back into the population... 

The majority of these criminals are not although recent immigrants, but are classed as "British Nationals". 

Statistics recovered from the Home Office of the Westminster regime show that 2,297 persons were arrested from 9/11/2001 until 08/2012 for terrorism suspicion.

Despite the common assertion that the majority of terrorists are Muslim, the statistics are very vague, although this is likely deliberate, as defendants state their religion. 

46% of the 2,297 were followers of Islam, 47% were of unknown religion (term used to hid the fact they were Jews0 and the remaining 7% were atheists. 

Knowing the history of terrorism by member of the Jewish community from the bombing of the King David hotel, the Lavon affair, the attack on the U.S.S Liberty and countless thousands of alleged attacks and attempted attacks, one could be safe and in a very plausible position to state that a significant number of the 47% and the 7% of unknown or no religion arrested for terrotist charges were Jewish, note for additional evidence the massive spree of arrests of Israeli nationals before, during and after the terrorist attacks in New York. 

It is a firm possibility, which the mainstream media would never report upon, due to the Jewish hegemony within every single mainstream media company, state and privately run, they are all beholden, or ultimately 'run' by Jewish-Supremacists.

The Asatro News will always report upon such self-evident possibilities, hypocrisy and bias in the reports and media coverage conducted by the mainstream media.