Article author: Asatro News / Published: November 13th 2013 (1st edition article) / 13th Blót-mónaþ 2263.RE

Stacked audiences and biased poll reports: re-defining 'public opinion' to support positions the genuine 'public's opinions' are strongly against

The Leftwing, talmudic (the current 'mainstream') media manipulation of statistics, manipulating and defining what the 'public opinion' is through assertive measures like audience stacking enables a status-quo issue, such as immigration, to enjoy an image of popular support, when in fact it has almost none.

Immigration or mass immigration in polling always has considerably less than 19% national support as an issue in all polls, in questions such as "is mass-immigration a good thing?" [yes] / [no] for example.

Lets break down this less than 1/5th (19%) of the population that in biased polls supposedly supports mass-immigration or 'immigration', into the demographic groups that hold such opinions: 

15% of the country are immigrants of some form, mainly from Africa and Asia, especially Pakistan, Nigeria, India, etc.

  • Immigrants on mass, when polled, support immigration, because that is how they got here and they know it, they also know that to remain here they can only do that with more support from additional immigrants, preferably their families or people from their own tribe, religion or racial background, (there is a fierce degree of racism between the various immigrant blocks) so that they can become a size-able block in themselves, for their own political security as they see it.
  • This is whilst also playing a part in the Jewish-racist method of breaking up our nations into politically competing demographic blocks, in order to further destroy our nations and race itself, which also in the intervening decades makes it harder for nationalist to take our nations back, i.e for those opposed to the control of international finance from gaining power to be able to do anything to remove those immigrants and the Jewish-racists that manipulated the political culture that then went out and imported them here directly.

A significant block of our immigrant population also comes from South Eastern Europe, and Poland especially (Romania and Bulgaria very soon).

  • Many European immigrants in the UK know immigration is bad, thus not all immigrants support mass-immigration, only the non-white immigrants support mass immigration to the tune of 90-99% support for continued immigration.
  • This realist opinion among European immigrants is especially common in Polish immigrants who are often very (rightfully) hostile to 3rd world parasitic immigrants from Pakistan or Nigeria for example.

That means only roughly 4% (6% minus 2%) of the 'actual population' in the UK supports mass-immigration. 

The minus 2% of that 6% is the Jewish population, I have removed them from the generic block of genetic immigrants (although that is what they are) to illustrate this point. 

The entire Jewish population are heavily in favour of massive non-white immigration (into the UK (and all other white countries))

Except when it is in the rare form of Muslims moving directly into their own ghettos (sometimes called: the ironic prelude to karma), the Jewish comminyt also support further measures to increase immigration into specific areas (obviously, for their own political and racial advantage), the majority of political power support for immigration comes through this 2%.

Immigration: It is not a 1% issue it is the Jewish 2% issue... This is not a class issue, it is a racial issue.

Note: when polled a majority of Jews "feel safer" i.e more powerful in a "multicultural situation", to demonstrate again the above points undeniable reality.

That leaves only 4% of the actual Northern or mainland European population (the indigenous population) who support immigration. 

That 4% is composed of nieve liberals, who form the majority of university staff, school teachers, high ranking government employees and the majority of the political class, both the openly Marxist and the pseudo-Marxists such as the majority of the elected conservative party.

So why in a recent question time appearance of Nigel Farage in Boston is there an audience who by a strong majority supported mass-immigration? 

Audience stacking. 

Trevor Kavanagh of The Sun has made this suggestion along with the UKIP website, to the extent of sincerity that the Question time audience has been called 'rigged'.

"The audience was stacked with questioners who appeared suspiciously well-rehearsed, self-confident and bullishly determined to be heard"                 ...Trevor Kavanagh, The Sun, November 2013.

(Relevant QuestionTime episode link)


It is horrific, but Farage handles very well, putting the anti-whites down, alongside a massive admission by the obviously over-joyous, affirmative action glorified, black-carribean panelist that:

 "The hospital maternity ward in Boston would have shut down if it were not for immigrants", Benjamin Zephaniah (anti-white poet/propagandist), Question Time, 7th November 2013.

Farage simultaneously puts the memory of the failed Nick Griffin to comparitive shame (again).

The absolute impossibility of having a genuinely representative audience is obvious when one contrasts this between the fantastic UKIP electoral performance in Boston where UKIP won 9 out of 11 seats on the council in Boston and yet somehow, we are to believe that from that same area comes a majority pro-immigration audience... 

Another way to describe such an audience is: a hired mob, armed with cans of tinned laughter (instead of organic British produced beans) and Marxist slogans(instead of real thoughts). 

Statistics, such as '51% support gay marriage' is an example of the manipulative usage of statistics.

As a student of Politics at a leading Russel group institution (I say this to scare all my leftwing staff), I can tell you that the use of statistics as a manipulative tool is openly discussed and admitted in political analysis and statistics, it is said that in political science and politics itself that: 

"There are 3 types of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics" - The Jew Benjamin Disraeli

Statistics are used, not for the sake of news, why would the so called 'opinions' of a certain alleged % of people be broadcast out from the mainstream media on such a regular basis as it is?

The answer is that the constant use of polls and opinion polls, and more importantly the selective*1 reporting and broadcasting of only certain polls is used as a method of telling our people what they think, quite literally to use this to say: "this is what most/the average person thinks" on this subject. 

As you might have already noticed: 

This is a method of pressuring people into holding similar opinions and most importantly it is thus used to dissuade, dis-encourage and suppress the confidence of folkish nationalists and anyone right of centre to be frank about it, from realising that they have a strong majority support for their ideas, opinions and policies.

In reality (and it is a frightening reality for the left and the mainstream) the so called 'far-right'', as in people who hold natural political opinions and who are not afraid of showing them (which is the only main difference between us and the majority of our folk) enjoys a natural and strong majority opinion support on almost all issues from the general public (meaning the majority of the public, minus non-Northern Europeans), especially on issues of immigration, race relations, the weakness of our government, the way the monetary system is worked and on the balance of power internationally.

  •  *1When is the last time you heard that 5-10% of adults in the UK support full-repatriation of all immigrants for example?
  • Why you have not been told such is obvious, there are statistical good news pieces like this in countless subject areas in regards to our peoples opinions, but we are never told about them.
  • That is why the Jewish-political-supremacists have to attempt to ban anyone who holds 'far right' i.e natural opinions, and attempt to pass laws against such, as the only difference between us and the majority of our population is we have the courage to say the truth, and the moment our people gain that courage, the Jewish-political-supremacists, lose all of their political supremacy and their paper tiger is shredded (and eaten, just to be sure...) thus they are seeking to establish real legal measures as such an awakening is becoming almost certainly inevitable, unless they succeed in putting futher dictatorial measures in place in regards to free speech (the fundamental platform upon which all genuinely folkish political movements rely)

That is why they are seeking to promote legal measures against telling the truth, such as the recent piece of 'proposed' legislation from Moshe Kantor, the European Jewish Parliament (EJP): that would set up offenders institutions and re-education courses for 'intolerance' (i;.e those intolerant of Jewish power and mass-immigration, the source of their late 20th & 21st century political power) because as it stands at the moment, the only thing standing in the way of our people waking up, is their own moral courage. 

The Nationalist Asatru News exists to help give our people that moral courage first and foremost, in addition to (at our later stages) providing: legal, media, community, infrastructure, man-power based and thus political support for the coming confrontations.

Just look at the rate by which we are surging all over Europe, and this is on the biased, Jewish media/money corrupted, immigrant voting block ruinated, PR obscured electoral scene* (see the biased RT video below, where they report such with disgusting political bias attached, when the Nationalist Asatru News has enough writers and funds to do so, we will produce our own media reports like such so we do not need to use RT for such).

The conditions of our current struggle are (in reality, not in what the media presents, except when they are forced to) far more favourable than we realize, there is no reason to be pessimistic, there is every reason to get motivated to action and contribution.