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Several additional Economic parasite immigrants have been unanimously given full acceptance in the UK:

Serge Ambomo, an Olympic boxer, who failed to secure any medals during the 2012 Olympics in London has deserted his former nation of Cameroon for the parasite life in Sheffield.

Serge Ambomo disappeared from the Olympic village after the 2012 Olmypics had ended along with up to 8 other Cameroonians, in breach of UK immigration law and violating the interests of the people of Britain with their presence. 

They were escorted by a typically Judeo-Christian African pastor, the 9 Cameroonian citizens (they were joined by a deserting footballer and a swimmer and 5 other Olympic failed boxers all of Cameroonian citizenship) sought sanctuary in the below radar world of London's ethnic ghettos, back street and ethnic minority support networks. Their asylum application was rejected after attempting to make vague claims of having been 'victims' of threats by their own Olympic delegation. They were on the route to deportation, until several Christian Church groups and additional African immigrants backed their case to stay in the UK, in clear violation of immigration law and the interests of the British folk.

Their allegations of threats by their government were stated as false and conditions in the African country of Cameroon are not on par with other countries of origin of asylum seekers such as the (Israeli instigated) civil war engulfed Syria or the Jewish Neo-con war ravaged Afghanistan. The BBC angle on the story is that it is good, on some vague, hypocritical and ultimately morally indefensible level. 

The BBC have blatantly mis-reported what it is that makes this story important, infact they have inverted it, calling Serfe Ambomo "Sheffield's indomitable lion", which is naught more than a non-factual lie for the defecting athlete has no ties to Sheffield, other than that is where he is seeking to leech taxpayer funds from. 

The worst part is that immigration officials "were expecting" such defections to occur from Olympic athletes from majority black countries ( the Congo, Eritrea, Guinea, Ivory Coast and Sudan), indeed bogus or dubious asylum seeker cases have been lodged by athletes from all of the aforementioned countries including an Eritrean runner Weynay Ghebresilasie who is now reported as prospering in Sunderland at taxpayer expense. 

It is self evident that these immigrants are here for one reason, a parasitically easy life, even if they were (which is very unlikely) victims of some kind of vague threats by their host countries, nothing can justify their presence in our country, especially in light of the report by the Norwegian Bureau of Statistics that every single non-white immigrant in Norway costs an average of 438,000GBP equivalent to the Norwegian taxpayer, times that by 8 million and you see the problem this story falls within the context of for us, the vast taxpaying majority of the UK. 

Councils like Sheffield can barely afford to keep the roads intact regularily, let alone pay out a combined figure of millions in giveaways to third world immigrants in addition to the hundred of millions stolen from the national budget by immigrants, via direct welfare, school places and hospital places, let alone the 100 to 300%+ increases in various crime rates and policing costs, including the loss of life of police officers, fathers, mothers, sisters, daughters and friends to non-white crime. (96% of all interracial crime is BME against the rest of us).