Article author: Volunteer Writer Published: 23rd day of Hrēþ-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 23rd day of Hrēþ-mōnaþ 2014

Psychotic Paranoid Delusions Revealed at the Heart of the Jewish: IDF, ADL, JDL, JIDF

It is a well-known fact that victim status is a critical component of Jewish identity. Their abuse of the 'Holocaust card' (like the Race card but even more malicious and hypocritically justified), which they use to place themselves beyond criticism in the minds of the potentially guilt-racked masses, demonstrates clearly their disgusting attitude in relation to victim politics, which is a Jewish invention itself, used to pitch self-described victims (can be on an economic scale, racial, sexual or any political scale) against the best in a given society, in order to weaken that civilization.

Even if the so-called Holocaust was not a complete and utter fabrication (which it is), their exploitation of the event to further their power, wealth and military genocidal reach over the entire area of 'Eretz Israel' is nothing short of despicable, although not surprising.

But one of the most dangerous and disturbing aspects of the Jewish mind in this respect is its proclivity for paranoid delusions stemming from the persecution complex.

This is a direct consequence of their imagined victim status, and arguably from their DNA.

An example of this type of insanity was demonstrated last week by Aviv Kochavi, the Israeli Defense Force's Head of Intelligence, who claimed that 170,000 rockets and missiles are pointed at Israeli cities by enemy states – a danger he believes to be greater than that posed by Iran's nuclear programme.

However, that probably should come as a surprise, given that Israeli intelligence agencies fabricated a great number of reports in order to accuse Iran of trying to manufacture nuclear weapons (as documented in a recently published book titled: Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare).

It is only natural that he should not fear a mythical threat that he himself probably helped to invent.

To claim that 170,000 rockets and missiles are pointed at Israeli cities is absurd. 

Throughout 2008, during the height of the Gaza conflict, a grand total of EIGHT Israeli's were killed by rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza.

It is unknown how many rockets were fired, or how many even made it over the border, but most of them proved to be no more dangerous and destructive than a Chinese firecracker. The idea that Israel is threatened by a colossal arsenal of explosives is a joke. But it's not funny.

Why make such a ridiculous claim? Sure, Jews are according to their own self-generated records: notorious liars (allegedly), but would it not make more sense to at least try to sound more credible?

The truth is as pathetic as it is simple: Jewish Supremacists just can't help themselves.

They believe they are above all others, and that everyone is out to get them.

They do not for a moment stop to consider why they are hated, or why they have been forcibly ejected from over 109 countries & territories throughout their genocidal and manipulated history as a people.

It is indeed an obsurd and insane claim that Jewish-Supremacists make, one that is difficult for a rational mind to comprehend as anything more than the product of a state of psychotic, paranoid delusion. In reality Jewish-Supremacists want all other people to share in this psychotic, paranoid delusion with them, as people do everytime they fall for the malicious lie (and repeat it themselves) that the Holocaust occured or that Jewish-Supremacists are anything less than genocidal in their de-facto proven actions for over 2200 years.

But it is necessary for the Jewish Supremacists to make such claims, for the threat of persecution is the glue that bonds Jewish society and Jewish tribal thinking. If there is no threat, they must invent one.

It is often the case, however, that as their paranoid behaviour becomes ever more obnoxious, it invariably leads to fairy tale threats becoming reality.

In the end, the Jewish Supremacists will be the ones partly responsible for their own downfall, combined with our natural ability to survive and overcome them.

It is inevitable.

Coupled with the unstoppable awakening of our folk,

it is not only inevitable, but imminent.