Article author: Asatro News Published: 15th day of Sol-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 15th day of Sol-month 2014

Police 'Stop & Search' success in detecting and deterring Non-White ('BME') criminality

Now That Jewish-Supremacists and other non-European-centric representatives have a large (majority) non-European population in London, Jewish-Supremacists and the leaders of these non-Europeans themselves are using it to go on the offensive: to assert that we English folk and wider European folk do not have a right to defend ourselves against these non-Europeans in London and elsewhere, and it starts with the police (as New Labour already criminalized most forms of Gun ownership).

The Jewish political news editors, commentators and Marxist pundits in general, in the Labour party, the Guardian and illegitimate, anti-white campaign groups such as 'Stop-Watch' (set up by people with visible loyalty-connections to the Labour party, the Guardian and who's loyalty is to non-whites (incl Jews) and non-whites only, have started making moves towards initiating a campaign or 'trend' that has the sole intent of waging war on the right of us, the White European majority to have a police force that is effective in our defence. The aforementioned Jewish-Supremacist co-ordinated anti-white Marxists are attempting to start a 'trend' in the media, non-white communities and political circles by relentlessly attacking the police, on fake, fraudulently produced statistics and false-arguments alike, asserting the police are racist, when in-fact the police are far-less than racist.

What necessarily follows, is the police are told to be soft on Non-whites in order to appease them, because otherwise, if even one case of one suspicious arrest of a Non-white occurs, or goes wrong, the media could whip non-whites up into a riot in central London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leicester and elsewhere.

The Jewish-Supremacists have their shock-troops: non-whites, to whom they are naught more than disposable racial-warfare assets.

Jewish-Supremacists, want anti-white crime and anti-white racial-sentiments to increase, they want us to be the victims of crime more often, they want to break down the authority of the police and use it to then argue, ultimately for more 'diversity' in the police, which forms an essential part of their long term strategy.

These non-white officers, are statistically more likely to let non-whites get away with crime (creating a self-perpetuating circle of increasing, encouraged violence and crime against Europeans, as seen in South Africa), or to be soft on them in law-enforcement (Blacks are for example 92% more likely to hold racist views and 700% more likely to openly state they hold racial views, and 96% of all inter-racial crime is BME against the white European majority), anyone who has studied the statistics cannot deny that non-white Police officers, will, inevitably be soft on non-white criminals or criminal suspects.

It also places armed Non-whites/BMEs* , trained in the use of weaponry on our streets, to see what that entails, you need only look at the case of Christopher Dorner who went on a rampage killing ethnically European police officers.

Anti-white hate groups such as the Labour party, 'Stop-Watch' and the Guardian often present false statistics on the tiny subject where they think they can demonstrate the police are racist (not because they care about good, fair policing, but because they have an anti-white agenda in attacking the police as stated).

An example of this is where groups such as 'Stop-Watch', provide statistics where they claim Blacks 'feel they are more likely to be stopped', or 'people from BME* backgrounds are 'x percent more likely to report having been stopped by the police', presenting fraudulent statistics.

What is fraudulent about these statistics? -They are not taken from the Police at all, but are as a result of surveys sent to BME areas, asking them how they feel about police and how often they 'feel they have been stopped', not how often they have been stopped.

10 percent of the entire population of this country are stopped in their car by police at some point each year on average, the 'Stop-Watch' data relies on people reporting to stop-watch that they have been stopped via a survey.

Because Blacks (followed closely by all the other racial groups) are 92% more likely to hold racist views, they are far more likely to make issue at being stopped in their car by a white police officer, and thus are far more likely to report it to an anti-white hate group such as 'Stop-Watch', thus all their statistics taken from opinion polling and not from Police records, are skewed heavily, by several hundred percent, thus producing the false picture that there is an epidemic of BMEs* being stopped by police for 'no reason'.

A study by the London School of Extremism (LSE) stated the following statistics:

  • Overall stop and search rate for England & Wales 10 in 1,000
  • Overall stop and search rates of the white population 7 in 1,000
  • Overall stop and search rates of the Asian population 18 in 1,000
  • Overall stop and search rates of the Black population 45 in 1,000
  • (6.3x more likely to be stopped and/or searched than whites)

What this shows is that the Police are in fact being anti-white, consider this, Blacks are often 300% over-represented in crime statistics, often committing 90% of all hand-muggings, theft and similar crimes, being several 1000% over-represented in certain forms of crime, especially gang related crime and yet the police only stop and search blacks 6.3 times (630%) more often (according to a almost-inevitably biased LSE report)...

Asians, also are on average several 100% over-represented in crime rates in comparison to their population size. Thus the police are not stopping Blacks and Asians enough in proportion to their likelihood of committing crimes.

What the LSE study and 'Stop-Watch' reports do not show is the percent of arrests and cautions resulting from these Stop and searches.

Why do they not present this figure? Because it will almost certainly show that Blacks and Asians (including Jews, who sometimes are fraudulently put into the 'white category', making the white crime rate appear artificially high) are several 100% more likely to be subsequently arrested after or during a stop and search for violation of the law than Europeans are, due to possession of illegal substances, having broken a law, or being a person wanted in connection with a crime.

The aforementioned leftwing, anti-white biased studies also do not state that on average whites have a higher IQ, by 40 points than Blacks and 20 points above Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and other so called Asians (as opposed to what is commonly thought of as Asians, such as the Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, etc).

The correlation between IQ and criminality is undeniable, as is the correlation between race and crime. Unlike the correlation between poverty and crime which is tenuous and lacks any statistical significance as a primary causal factor.

Stop searches are an effective form of crime prevention and detection, only when detected towards suspiciously behaving vehicles or persons, demographically targeted stop searches are the way forward, for they would save police time, increase criminal apprehension rates and successful contraband confiscation rates in addition to intimidating potential criminals into not committing crime such as theft or mugging, for the fear of being subsequently stopped and searched.

The police, in stopping  more Blacks and Asians than us, are doing an excellent job, but still they are performing woefully below the rate they should be stopping and searching Non-whites at, as proven by the likelihood of Non-whites (or BME persons) to commit crime.

*Analysis and explanation of the term 'BME'.

BME means 'Black and Minority Ethnic', which is just another codeword for anything non-white, but is used in an attempt to unify all the various Non-whites against whites in politics, instead of saying, Blacks, Asians, etc, etc and exposing the obvious inter-non-white divisions, it is a tool of anti-white political unification of all non-whites in politics (or rather an obvious, and doomed to failure attempt at doing so.

It is also a political group term which gives Jewish non-white-community-organisers a bigger, singular ethnic support base for various campaigns or just for political capital in cultural politics and racially subversive discussion shows or subversive political speeches or even now in the wording of government (anti-white) legislation, such as restrictions to the police, or in funding plans for non-white areas or worse.

For example saying "this piece of legislation banning armed police from central London residential areas has the support of the whole BME community" is a more convincing way of saying "has the support of 90% of Negros, Asians & Jews", it also serves to mask what is an obviously ethnic division between us and them, masking the ethnic route of whatever issue is being discussed, by using the term BME, which unlike "Negros Asians & Jews" obviously sounds less racial, but means exactly the same thing...! Once again this disgusting, manipulative, subversive, post 2010 invented term 'BME' is just the new phrase for 'diverse communities' or multicultural segments of society' because those terms have rightly been exposed and associated as negative things in the minds of the majority of our European indigenous population.

The re-naming of certain blocks of society or political issues for tactical gain, is something Jewish political activists do all the time: genocidal communist turned into 'progressive', anti-white socialists,disguised themselves under the new group-term 'liberals', they attempt to hide hideous group-ideologies behind new names, they are doing exactly the same with the term BME, which has still not yet caught on thankfully, hopefully we can smash this relatively new term and expose it for what it is, and the wider political implications as to why this term exists (as explained above), doing such will instantly hack a hole in the de-facto and prima facie credibility and political reputation of anyone who uses or has used the term BME.

BME is a code-word used for covertly, seditiously and maliciously promoting anything Non-European.