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UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttal MEP: Ed Miliband's father "was a Marxist", the MEPs correct but not absolutely correct analysis

UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP wrote the following article for the midweek Sport, it makes some poignant points and relates to an important discussion pertaining to the media and the Marxist identity of Ed Miliband: 

"As a historian, I am familiar with the works of Ed Miliband’s father, Ralph. Yes, he was a Marxist, and yes, he had some very odd (anti-gentile is what is meant) left wing views.However, I don’t think the fact that Ralph Miliband was a Communist is any reason to attack his son. 

After all, we can’t choose our parents. But I’m also bored by this mock outrage from the left wing press. They claim it’s out of order to criticise the dead, but let’s not forget that these SAME people rejoiced at the death of Margaret Thatcher. I feel uncomfortable with the attacks on Ralph Miliband, just as I did those on Margaret Thatcher when she passed away. 

However, the real story to come out of this sorry saga is that the BBC has again shown its true colours – and it’s RED to the core. Last week, the BBC became the mouthpiece of Ed Miliband and the Labour Party. Labour figures such as Ed Miliband, Ken Livingstone, Tony Benn and Lord Glassman were pimped around BBC studios and given easy interviews on the subject. Over thirty articles related to the story appeared on the BBC website and it was given 49 minutes' coverage on the BBC's flagship current affairs programme on Radio 4, The Today Programme. For the BBC, it was as if the world had stopped because Ed Miliband’s father had been attacked in a newspaper! Peter Sissons, the former BBC newsreader, summed up why when he said “the overwhelming view of BBC news executives is broadly sympathetic to the Labour Party” – so it’s no surprise really. Tory MPs are concerned and have written to the corporation to ask what’s going on, but they shouldn’t bother because the BBC has a long history of left wing bias. 

Former UKIP leader Lord Pearson complained that the BBC’s coverage on the EU was biased as far back as 2002. We now know BBC executives passed him off as being “quite mad” at the time. In 2005, the Wilson Report into BBC coverage concluded that it was “culturally biased” in favour of left wing causes. As a result, organisation promised to change. Sadly, it did not. In July this year, the former Head of BBC News admitted that the organisation did not represent the public’s views on immigration fairly because of a “deep liberal bias”. 

In August this year, a study by the Centre for Policy Studies found that the BBC was more likely to promote left wing stories and be hostile to those from the right. On the issue of alleged “man-made global warming”, the BBC has been the cheerleader-in-chief. It very rarely gives a platform to climate change sceptics and allows scaremongerers to go unchallenged. 

It’s even worse when spoon-feeding global warming stories to our youngsters through shows like Blue Peter. I don’t mind the fact that newspapers and private media outlets have political bias. 

If you don’t like the political leanings of a newspaper or a TV channel, don’t pay for them. But it’s different when the state broadcaster is politically biased, because we all have to pay the licence fee no matter what. 

I’m coming to the conclusion that the licence fee should be scrapped and then we can choose whether we want to pay to have the BBC’s left wing propaganda shoved down our throats or not." 

Paul Nuttall MEP makes a rather good (for a mainstrem politician) expose of the left-wing media bias none the less he misses one fundamental point pertaining to whether we can allow ourselves to judge Ed Miliband in the same frame as his anti-English, anti-European father. 

What he missed is that Ed Miliband has continually stated how his father was an inspiration, in the same manner President Obama did with his father, both of their fathers were Communists, both of them have vowed to continue their fathers works or have inherited "dreams from my father" that have become the deep core of their political purposes. 

Ed Miliband's father was especially vile, and we must look to his record in order to understand the deeply Jewish-supremacist identity of Ed Miliband, as one should look to President Obama's father to understand his modus operandi and eventual objectives.

The Nationalist Ásatrú News will be producing a complete video expose of Ed Miliband's Marxist father, especially from his book Parliamentary Socialism and will be demonstrating the conrete pledges of allegiance Ed Miliband made to his father's vile anti-English and thus anti-white racist views in light of the recent discussions.

We will also be producing URL links on advertisement cards to deliver to the doors of every constituent in his consituency, multiple times over...  

The Anti-white Jew -Ed Milliband- will not be tolerated.