Article author: Volunteer writer / PublishedOctober 17th 2013 (1st edition article) / 17th Winter-fylleþ 2263.RE

Devonshire: Our noble folk

Walk around one of the towns in Devon and Cornwall and look at the beautiful people, compared to towns in other counties the population is noticeably white, augmented with illustrious blonde hair and lightning blue eyes.

Stop and talk to some of them and you will find that many are strangely from Northern Towns and many will freely admit that the one reason they have moved to Devonshire is to get away from their own towns because, as they will quietly and cautiously state: they have become overrun by non-whites, the crime rates have subsequently soared, entire streets have become likely near-death-zones for their sons and abduction and sexual harassment ('grooming') hot-spots for their daughters. 

For them it is no far right fantasy, it is no divisive rhetoric, it is the plain reality on the ground day in and day out. 

Having to re-route the path you take to go shopping, or walk the children to school every time a group of ethnic minority 'youths' appear, is an experience most of the indigenous people of this country can relate to. 

This experience should make this people stand up for their rights, the ex filtration counties of Cornwall and Devonshire should be a stronghold for groups that want to see Britain retain its national identity as a white European country, yet this is not openly the case, due to the overbearing but simultaneously weightless burden of the media instilled disease of Political Correctness (Media instilled moral blackmail). 

These peoples lives have been altered, they have had to leave their home county and yet they are not allowed to talk about any solutions to this problem in any public discourse at any level above the level of even conversations in the supermarket or at the post office. 

Even the people who admit to moving here to get away from towns dominated by other cultures do not see themselves as against other races, they just prefer not to live with them. Wanting to live in your own country and not wanting non-whites to live in your country is not racism, it is natural instinct, un-corrupted and pure. 

Rival populations throughout history always expand and conflict with other groups, even just one family of ethnic minorities in a village can signal the slow death of the entire area, during which increased rates of crime, including 100%+ to 300% increases in rates of crime from rape to shoplifting, decreased living standards and burdens on local infrastructure become what one should "tolerate". 

Tolerance equals genocide for any given indigenous people.To tolerate a situation where 96% of all inter-racial crime is committed by BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) residents & immigrants against the majority white population is to do nothing less than to ask a people to tolerate their own destruction. 

I know that all of the people I have met and spoken to will never tolerate such, and they have already quietly woken up. The awakening is happening on multiple levels. The revival of our ancestral religions is also quietly happening here, most towns have a group that meets and who call themselves Pagan, many of whom are defiantly folkish or quietly celebrate their genetic ancestors as an integral part of their religious practice none the less. 

There are many very old, ancestral religious sites in these two counties and it was in the outer areas of the British Isles that the old religions held out for longest against the Roman takeover of the natural religious and racial spirit of Britain. Perhaps the revival will come from one of these remote areas of the British Isles, but it will need to be nurtured carefully for the people are not at present ready to be forceful in presenting their views. 

They are strong , for it takes strength to move your family away from the town you call home, but can this strength and conviction be channeled to try to reclaim their old home towns? Yes, but first we must ensure they are freed from the old chains of the mainstream media and inspired with courage and the willpower to stand up for their folk, that is the primary reason the Asatro News website exists, to provide the information and inspiration necessary for this awakening.

To free our people, so that they can find the courage to stand up for their very existences.