Article author: Asatro News / Published: 2nd Before Yule 2013 / 2nd Ærra Jéola 2263.RE

The purpose of government: The government as our Matriarch, England's Britannia

Our current government is purposeless, it has no direction, except for the direction of a slow managed death. 

The government, elections, democracy, it is as if it is all just a blank system purposelessly managing its own decline, waiting for something stronger to take its place. 

Our government is weak, it is not worthy of us. 

Our government is not worthy of the name. 

It is not worthy of our folk-blood. 

Our people demand , our people deserve: Great Britannia herself, for we are her sons and daughters. 

You the reader and I the writer, both as sons and daughters of Great Britannia, intend to wipe aside the mediocrity of our government and in its place construct a government worthy of the name. 

Our mission is a racial, religious and thus moral crusade, our mission is a crusade for excellence and efficiency, that our occupied government will never provide for us as a civilization, in addition to the fundamental ideological and racial incompatibility of our current governments direction.

We must rebuild our nation, from the ground up, Westminster politicians talk all the time of not conducting government from the 'top down', but they cannot even do that, they are weak at their highest ranks, and weak at their lowest ideological foundations, they are built upon hollow lies held up by weak leaders with false expectations of our permanent complacency and tolerance towards their falsities, hypocrisies and betrayals. 

It is our right, and more so by a thousand times over, our responsibility to scorch the earth upon where their lies lay, and from their embers nurture flames of pride to burn high in the minds of our people and from their mighty heat to melt down and re-forge our government, civilization, moral outlook and the very way we conduct our lives in an inspired Nordic and Germanic manner, that is to say... in a true English manner. 

A full transformation is required: away from a mentally sick government that gradually destroys its own people, by the direction of another rival people, as we currently have, to a government that guides and uplifts its people on every level and ensures that each generation is superior to the generation before it, so that ever ascending brilliance is the direction of our folk for all eternity. 

A state which governs like a matriarch (who we once called Great Britannia), who's ultimate aim is the furtherance of the best of her children and through them the continual augmentation of herself, realized upon each generation. 

It is our duty as the last generations born whilst Great Britain was still Great, to re-kindle and sustain Great Britannia forth into being once again, it can be done in less than 15 years with ease, that is to say 2000 years of comparative decline can be reversed in only 15 years from now, all we have to do is organize, our wealth combined would dwarf the Jewish-communities wealth, our political influence if directed by ourselves would dwarf the influence of Jewish-Supremacists. 

Our cultural influence if we organized would dwarf the influence of Hollywood and all of the media establishment. 

The first stage is establishing our own media.

All this first stage requires to head onto the path of operational functionality is additional article writers, a.k.a: voices of inspiration from among those of you reading this, once that phase is established, the further stages become a possibility, without this first stage of establishing a sophisticated and substantial indigenous media platform, which is done by having lots of local volunteer writers, all later stages are near to impossible to enact due to the sheer importance of having our own media operation to convey all our later stages to our people in an accurate light. 

Until we have a substantial and sustained media platform we are defenseless in terms of our image as an ideological group of likeminded folk and incapable of offensive maneuvers to oust the current political system.

It is always down to the few, the chosen among the best of our population, those who have courage, intellect, ingenuity and industriousness who will help when our race needs it most, and in the most effective and efficient methodology, in every moment of every phase of our national history, it has always been so. 

Hail Britannia!

Hail our Ancestors.

Hail our Gods & Goddesses.