Article author: Asatro News Published: 6th day of Sol-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 6th day of Sol-month 2014

Our manipulative enemies

Manipulative Jews are trying to make us think they are not racial supremacists. Manipulative Muslims (and all non-white immigrants) are trying to make us think they and their religion are not a massive, subversive threat. Manipulative Christians are trying to make us think Christianity, multiculturalism and egalitarianism are good things.   

Our Northern European nations and territories have weathered well the ravages of the Abrahamic religions in comparison to areas such as Southern Europe, or the middle-East such as Syria, both historically and in modern times but we have still been massively downgraded due to its subversion, onslaughts against our people and subsequent ethnic invasions sponsored and enabled by Jews, Christians (the first Christians were Jews simultaneously) and the Islamic immigrants themselves .

Christianity weaken us, Jews subvert us(using Christianity primarily as a proxy, historically and the use of wars and monetary subversion), then Jews encourage non-white (mainly and most dominantly Islamic) immigrants to invade, this seems to have been the continual fate of large swathes of Southern Europe all the way up until Austria and Southern France.

The same demographic and geo-political war being waged against us right now in the 21st century is on a similar model to the war the Sephardic Jews of Spain instigated, weakening the rule of King Roderick of Spain and then directly helping and advocating for the Islamic Armies of Tariq ibn-Ziyad to invade, post the year 711, (961.RE), all of Spain, except for the Asturius and Basque territories was subject to rule by third-world immigrants, with Jews as their money-lenders, court-advisers and slave-dealers.

This occupation was defeated in the NorthWest of Spain after 28 long years, but in mainland and Southern Spain it existed for over 780 years, resulting in a permanent loss in the culture and racial stock of the region, most of whom were thankfully although gradually forced out over into Libya and Morocco post 1492, with the collapse of the Emirate of Granada in 1492.

There is a strong precedent therefore of Europeans, expelling third-world immigrants, including the Jews who assist them to invade our nations, as exampled by the wonderful victory over the Muslim invaders of spain, despite the costs and the hopelessness of many years occupation, by Jews and Islamic immigrants, the Europeans triumphed. It is in these periods although, after our victory, when the seed of future losses were sown, for as soon as Islam had been vanquished from Spain, and from the gates of Vienna in 1683 by Ethnic Mainland-Northern Europeans (Francs, Germans), and Poles Christianity stood waiting to hijack the victory.

The victory was at its base level a victory of Europeans over non-Europeans, it was a racial victory, anyone who observed the contrasting ethnicities of the armies in the battle of September 10-12th 1683 would have understood this reality.

The church took the victory, hijacked it, and deprived Europeans of our victory's vital racial meaning, what should have been an eternal message of the sheer importance of race and the dire necessity to defend our homelands became about the hegemony of the papacy across all of Southern Europe.  

At this point in time Lithuania was still a majority Pagan country, showing, how mainland Northern Europeans had weathered the storm superbly, despite the forced Christianization of all the other Northern and mainland European political cultures.

But beneath the religious veneer it is merely a racial conflict between foreign races and us, as a result of the root racial conflict which is Jews attempting to wage war on Europeans, and also against their rival Semitic and Arabic opponents such as the Palestinians, Saudi Arabians (politically occupied by Israel) and the Persians (Iranians).

Jewish supremacists have often used Islam against us, that is why there have been so many conflicts between Europe and Islamic immigrants and Islamic states, increasingly since the establishment of the Jewish state, where instigations of conflict emanate out from.

Moderate teachings of Islam, or the original versions also soften Arabs in their resolve against Jews, Jewish-Supremacists, literally in their attempted pursuit of supremacy, which has not yet succeeded in over 6000 years (compare that to the British supremacy that went from non-existent to the worlds biggest empire in less than 200 years) use religion to cloud what would otherwise be a simple racial geo-political conflict that the Jews would lose severely. As happened throughout all of their  history and will continue to happen for as long as they exist without restriction.

Jews use Christianity and Islam to fight each other, weakening Europeans, Arabs, Afghanes and Persians at the same time. Muslims promote their religion, unwittingly furthering the reach of Jewish-Supremacists and the same is obvious with Christians, note their natural support of Israel, the apartheid epitome of Jewish racial hatred for gentiles, as shown by numerous comments from hubris filled Jews worldwide, now that their state is existent, albeit not for long.

These Abrahamic religions are like anchor points, or Velco pads onto which Jews latch on, often to the top of the power structures in each society, whilst also destroying the people of that nation, as is occurring now due to mass non-white immigration.

Look how quickly Jews took over America, in less than 100 years, why?

America was the most overtly Christian nation (although the opposite in its spirit and achievements) on Earth.

Look how Jews have a strangle-hold over Saudi Arabia, why?

Saudi Arabia is the most Muslim nation on Earth, which is home to Mecca, Medina and countless Islamic holy-sites.

With Jerusalem as the only other main Islamic religious site, conveniently occupied by Jews, who literally positioned themselves at the religious centre of their own artificial world.

It is so blatantly obvious, you have to de-mistfy the conflict, it is not a divine war, or holy war or 'Jihad' between Islam, Christianity and Judaism, but rather a sluggish, confounded racial and geo-political war between ethnic Jews and their ethnic rivals in their preferred home (the middle east) and globally, for which they have latched onto the most advanced race in the world, Europeans, with an aim of using, abusing and then disposing of us, as a means to their end of domination, that is destined to fail, as it has a hundred times over or more already.

They seek to use Christians up until the point is reached where they are able to dispose of them, the same with Islamic states and Islam itself.

If one needs proof of what Jews actually think of Christians and Muslims, look at their treatment within Israel, it is synonymous with their opinion of all non-Jews. Jews hate Northern Europeans beyond any of their other self-designated enemies, for we have triumphed over their attempts dozens of times in history, the fact that they had to drag us down shows us that they hate us for we are beyond their capabilities. Proving this beyond doubt, safeguarding our folk once and for all and finally destroying Jewish power is where we come in.

This is what is happening again now in this era now that Christianity has run its course. This is where we come in to counter Jewish-Supremacist efforts.

The same war is emerging, we have the non-white immigrant hordes festering in our cities and large towns, Jews occupying and influencing massive portions of the trade economy and politics and Christians preaching and welcoming Christianity minority status, with which they mean they hope to drag Europeans into being minorities, an identical opinion as the one espoused by Jews directly.


Thankfully trends are suggesting it is Christianity and not Europeans as a whole which will be the sole minority group soon, with the inevitable (do or die) expulsion of all other non-European religious and racial minorities within the next 10-20 years.

And a Poll in France stated that 40% of the French people believe "Jews have too much power in the business world" and that by 47% the French people think "Jews are more loyal to Israel", this is obvious, and in Poland, 62% of Poles think Israel is a genocidal state, with a growing body of opinion (42% in the UK, 33% in Germany, etc) indicating a growing hostility towards Israel but more importantly and positively, towards Jewish-Supremacists in general.

Despite the best efforts of Jews such as the so called Anti-Zionist-Jews (a contradiction in terms), to try to lie to us that they are not represented by the genocidal actions of Israel, such as the vile Neturei Karta group, which recently met with a senior offical from Chancellor Angela Merkel's office, in an attempt to manipulate the German people further in relation to the Jews (again).

The same type of manipulation is also issued by countless self-proclaimed "official" Muslims who denounced terrorism and characterizations of Islam as a religion of terror, as being "ignorant", whilst at the same time quietly talking about working towards making their religion into a majority religion, through sheer demographic warfare, this is done through: immigration, immigrant multiplication, whilst attempting to slowly kill us through high-crime rates, coupled with the Jewish (feminism, contraception, abortion, anti-family propaganda) and Christianity caused low-birth rates (chastity, restraint from sex, endorsement of contraception, etc) forced upon we Europeans.

An example of this seditious semitic manipulation, by calling those who tell the truth "ignorant":

"I was appalled at the ignorance (shown by Gerard Batten MEP) when speaking about the faith that I and hundreds of thousands of British Muslims practice.”

Labour shadow London minister Sadiq Khan 

UKIP MEP Gerard Batten recently proposed that all Muslims should sign a declaration denouncing large portions of the Qu' ran due to this fact, and its inherently expansionist and militant ambitions over its host nations, in a similar way that Jews are expansionist and militant in their ambitions to subvert, co-opt and occupy (in the case of Palestine) their unwilling or unwitting host (victim) nations.

The following statistic conveys a strong hope, for Europe as a whole and also for the UK, where Poles form the single biggest (and growing) immigrant group: 63% of Poles in 2013 believed in a Jewish "conspiracy", according to a poll conducted by the Warsaw university.

We are led to believe our opinions are of the minority, when in-fact in many European nations in 2014, as with Poland as early as 2009, and most likely decades before that, they are almost certainly majority views, just "silent majority or politically unrepresented and oppressed views, because our opinions expose the real cause of our problem.

It is those of us who appeal to no religion other than our indigenous Northern European folk beliefs and direct racial interests who are best positioned thus to wage war against Jewish-Supremacism on behalf of our folk and to mobilize the imminent 'silent majority' opinions on issues pertaining to natural reactions against Jewish attempts to destroy us, such as on immigration, the banks, religious subversion, environmental defilement, cultural manipulation, cultural degeneracy, education propaganda and generic and Jewish caused political corruption.

It is those of us who stand without fear, and without compromise in our love for our racial folk and inheritance who will annihilate the current Judaized moral, political and financial situation through causing the re-awakening of the English spirit of 1290.