Article authors: Volunteer Writer & Asatro News Published: 30th Ærra Jéola 2013 / 11th day of Yule 2263.RE

The day after tomorrow: January the1st, the beginning of a new, intense era in our political war

Roland Emmerich's catastrophically boring piece of “Climate Change” propaganda, The Day After Tomorrow, hit cinemas just under a decade ago, in which New York is struck by an enormous tsunami and then freezes, becoming a barren landscape of snow and wind. 

How we chuckled at the bad science, lacklustre acting, not-so-special effects and predictably lame Hollywood script of this uninspired disaster flick. Well, we're not laughing any more. The day after tomorrow, the flood really is coming. A human flood. 

An EU sponsored flood that can barely be considered European in ethnicity: Roma Gypsies, as they are granted unrestricted access to our sacred Northern Germanic island nation. 

The UK, already the most densely populated nation in Europe, is about to take on hundreds of thousands, possibly even as many as two million, “Romanians” and “Bulgarians” following the lifting of work visa restrictions on January 1, that will result in an instant payout of millions to Roma gang families and the very lowest economic classes of Bulgaria and Romania as a whole. 

The EU is committing genocide against the strongest European races, using the South-Eastern European races and non-white invaders as demographic death sentences for our nations as a whole. 

That is if we let them. The traitorous politicians in Westminster are shaking with fear. Tensions between Roma and Pakistani communities are already at breaking point in several parts of England; this new influx could well be the spark that lights the racial gunpowder, that has ignited routinely throughout all of human history. 

Life in our nation's cities is about to get a lot more dangerous. 

Roma are notorious thieves and vandals with, allegedly, no binding-morals preventing them from committing various crimes. Just meeting their stare can result in a knife in the back, or a stolen credit card. 

  • 92% of credit crime thefts and fraud are committed by Roma.
  • 30-40% of Big Issue Sellers are Roma, as a route to exploit the benefit system. 

This crime epidemic or crime wave"as Nigel Farage calls it, is not although directed towards Pakistani's and other non-whites, such as Negros from the Carribean, or Africa, due to their lower economic status, but primarily such theft is directed against wealthier Northern Europeans in general, against us English folk especially. 

The government only cares when it is the non-white immigrants complaining about Eastern European immigrants (almost on racial grounds, if you have ever heard a non-white describe the Roma you will know what I mean). 

The hatred the Pakistani community holds towards the English community is substantial, despite the fact that our tax-funds, pay unemployment benefits for over 75% of Pakistani women and nearly 50% of Pakistani men, sheerly out of their own racist inclinations, they detest and defame us, in addition to degrading our cities, towns and now villages with their high crime rates and overbearing presence, that in combination with the Negro and wider Asian immigrant populations: causes a mass exodus of all the sensible and economically confident, English persons: leaving such areas and heading for 95% white rural areas such as Devon or the North East. 

The non-white population's racial hatred against us, is in-excusably racist, and we should not stand such, but it is dwarfed by their racial hatred for the Roma and other Eastern European peoples, primarily because racism towards the Slavic peoples is something non-whites think they can get away with, which teaches them that they can get away with racism against all whites. 
Next time you hear a non-white, such as a Black, a Pakistani or a Jew insult a Polish person, repot them to the police, there and then without compromise, even for the slightest remark. They would do the same to you if you spoke badly of ANY non-white our of sheer anti-white racial allegiance. 

We English folk have a high tolerance for such things, but in this legal dominated era, where a non-white (especially Jews) will report something you say for racism, which their non-white friends might say all the time such as "Nigger" or "Paki", we should show them no quarter and no tolerance when they commit crimes against us orally or physically or spiritually or economically, 93% of all inter-racial crime is by non-whites (inlcuding Jews) against us English and other European peoples and has been like such for our entire existence. 

Note also the mass-slave trade of slavic peoples organised by Jewish merchants, Christians and Muslims, note that their hatred against us Europeans in general, if they got their way, would just again be a predule to their inslavement of large portions of our population, as happened in southern Europe under Semitic domintated 'Christian' Roman rule or Semitic influenced Islamic rule (note also how the Sephardic Jews helped the Muslims into Spain during the invasion). 

  • White slavery, through the use of 'guest workers', prosititution and organ harvesting is more common in the Jewish-supremacist 'quasi-state' of Israel than in any other area  on earth.

The day after tomorrow: the history of this nation will slide onto a path, whereby there will be only 2 available options to take for any rational self-concerned government: the deportation of massive numbers of Roma and other primarily non-whites or to allow the country to fall into racial war, resulting in the emergence of a very, very furious and awakened, military coup led nationalist Britain as the Westminster government is forced out of existence.

But our Jewish community beholden government think there is a 3rd option, which history and the UNs own statistics say is impossible (UN: 80% of all wars in world history were caused by ethnic tensions), they believe that they can keep this nation stable enough, for long enough so that we English folk are made into a minority, and subsequently legislated out of existence, and after that the Jewish-racist designers of multi-culturalism and the EU do not care what happens, for destroying us, is their primary goal, and the goal Westminster is directing this nation towards on their behalf. 

Of course, the politicians do not care for the safety of the people they pretend to represent, this is already well established. 

'Our' government (as representatives of Jewish interests, evidently) are absolutely terrified that Folkish Nationalism will be aroused in our kin. Looking at the statistical growth in anti-immigrant sentiments being close to 80-90% I would say that the Jewish agenda of multi-culturalism has failed already, and they have unleashed a force they cannot control that will see the conclusive end to Jewish power worldwide, gradually.

Not even the comfortable, wealthy, sub-urban families, sheltered as they are from the reality of “diversity”, will be able to turn a blind eye to the horrors that are to come. In fact it is noticeable that wealthy English families are getting involved in actively taking back this nation, through the broad appeal of UKIP, which promises lower taxes and an end to multi-culturalism, that is beneficial for all English folk. 

The BBC and the "jewspapers" can outright lie all they like, trying to deflect blame for social ills onto “Eastern Europeans” or, as is de rigueur, blame the English for not being tolerant enough, but the cracks in their fallacious arguments have already and will continue to grow too wide, too fast and people will continue to wake up to the reality, that there is a clear and genocidal agenda behind the current course of our entire political, media and financial establishment and that there is a common denominator in control of all of the guilty parties, the presence of overtly supremacist Jewish-racists, who have openly declared their anti-white ambitions.

English and wider Northern European (and even Eastern European) folkish Nationalists are quick to lament the lack of political and racial awareness of their country-folk, sometimes even going so far as to say that they deserve the hell that is on the horizon. 

Well, after the 1st of January, the subsequent influx of hundreds of thousands of criminals multiplied against the pre-existing non-white parasitic economic immigrant populations, is going to force the general public to observe reality on a scale never before seen. 

Our schools are already bursting with foreigners and their interpreters, making it increasingly difficult for regular families to find places for their children, where they can be safe and get a good education, there are many schools in Birmingham, London and other major cities and towns such as Luton where there are countless "non-whites ONLY" schools, and across Birmingham white children even in sub-urban areas are finding they are often outnumbered by 75%; the NHS is already crumbling under the weight of foreign patients and the incompetence of foreign doctors; the honourable and hard-working police have been gutted by cuts and remain tied up in paperwork that only allows them to devote one day in every week to solving crime, and now they have a new criminal wave to contend with, which could additionally result in a higher death rate among police officers; and let's not forget the main reason Britain is regarded as the land of milk and honey for the world's rejects – our generous welfare system founded upon socialist Jewish ideological principles, by a political party (Labour) that was founded and funded by Jewish supremacists to usurp our nation.

The welfare state will be flouted, putting ever more pressure on the taxpayer to cough up the dosh to feed, clothe and shelter the very non-whites and (barely European) Roma that wouldn't think twice before stealing their wallets or enslaving our daughters in mass prostitution rings, as has been seen in countless cases in the midlands and around London. 

This is not the plot of some disaster movie. This is real life. It's time to put down the popcorn and participate in the greatest fight of our lives – the political fight for our very existence as coherent nation and even as a race within our own homeland of wider Europe.

What follows January the 1st is as nightmarish as any horror film, but it could be a blessing in disguise. 

Even if this doesn't prove to be the fabled “tipping point” immediately come the 2014 and 2015 election results, it will unquestionably result in an explosion of un-PC thoughts, gatherings, protests, riots, electoral surges and cultural upheavals. 


It is time to rouse in yourself that English spirit of battle and march forth through political and cultural war. 

Rise Britannia!