Article author: Asatro News Published: 28th Æfterra Jéola 2264.RE / 28th day After Yule 2014

My cause on behalf of my noble Race and Asatru racial-spirituality

(UPDATED: 09/05/2014)

Life is wonderful and fulfilling, when you are fighting for a cause, fighting for our Gods and Goddesses, fighting for the beauty, brilliance, ethereality, intelligence, nobleness and worthiness of Nordic and Germanic womankind, fighting for our brothers and friends, fighting to awaken all our racial-folk to the threats of reality, so that they can attain the future they deserve, that without their awakening and action, they will not attain.

Fighting for a cause gives oneself purpose, in this world of purposelessness, the drag of ordinary work and life be it with exams and university like myself or shifts and office work that many thousands of you reading this experience and will experience again every day this week and nearly every week for the rest of the year.

Fighting for a cause allows us to truly live, to truly appreciate life, to throw off the chains of mediocrity, to shatter the chains of moral weakness and conformity, to fight for our eternal ideals and ancestors, to fight for truth, our race, nature and the future we wish for our children, loved ones, partners and every worthy individual within our racial folk.

Fighting for such a deep and natural cause allows us to perfect ourselves into the noble form we idealize, and to fight so that all of our folk may awaken to fight to retain their birth right of being members of a noble, unique, brilliant and beautiful race, held high with a spirit 'true to the Æsir'.

Fighting for our race, who our Gods and Goddesses are a part of as our oldest ancestors, is a pure act, an act of pure nature, untethered from the constraints of everyday life, fighting for our race is to run free like the wind in the forests of life like the stag through the woods or the dolphin through the seas.

Fighting for our racial integrity and pursuit of perfection is wonderful, to fight for something so elemental, not merely some abstract social right, but openly declaring to oneself, and often-times to the world, especially your personal world, that you are:

"fighting not just for freedom of abstract speech, or generic 'freedom' but for the purest expressions of the best of our race, the defiant and noble race"

It is a wonderful, rebellious and pride-filled experience, it sets you free, it makes you a truly noble being.

-It makes you into an individual of super-human moral courage, an individual of intellectual integrity with deep ethical conviction, love and caring for your racial kin. It makes you into a devout individual with a deep sense of ethical responsibility towards that cause and through that cause all your life and the life of all Europeans.

It makes you so unique, it makes you a part of the most conscious, and alive 10% or even 1% or 0.01% of our population who fight for on behalf of all our folk and who realize the true nature of our situation and that we can become so much more as a noble, intelligent, ethereal, elegant, extraordinary northern European people.

It means you, -you- have withstood all that life has thrown at you, not only have you survived (to be able to read this), your mind remains free and noble in its freedom and understanding of nature and truth, and means you are getting closer to truly becoming the best you can be, as the highest expression of the perfection of nature as a Northern European and in your Asatru-inclined Northern European soul.

Fighting for the return of our folk to the pure spirituality of our ancestors is to fight for the return of our race to our ideal spiritual and psychological outlook on life, that when attained will safeguard our folk from corruption for the rest of time. And will in the meantime inspire us unto ruthless, unflinching dedication to our folk.

I hope Asatru instills in you a roaring sense of pride and purpose, courage and strength, nobleness and significance: you as one of the sacred sons and daughters of Odin and Frigga, the all-father and all-mother of the generation of Aesir that are the most important to our identity, we are the descendants of all the Æsir.

Hail our Gods and Goddesses, hail the best of our folk!

Fighting for our race and our racial spirituality of Asatru is a hard, often-times lonely fight, not only do we have to fight to convince the majority of our folk of the realities that threaten their existences and inspire in them the resolve and courage to stand and fight like us, we also have to convince the almost partially-awakened minority of our racially aware but spiritually-dead allies to the importance and benefits of understanding the religion and outlook of our ancestors.

But if the fight was not hard, it would not be worthy of fighting, I fight because it is a noble fight, for a noble cause and for my dedication to my noble folk, our Northern European folk. Our struggle is a multi-stage journey, it requires absolute might in those who embark down the lonely, moon-lit forest roads of our war-paths in this era through the fog, rain, hail and storms of our struggle, but we march with thunder in our hearts and Asatru-inspired life in our eyes and veins.

Our fight not only requires might, it also requires charisma, communication, will-power, tactical responsibility, knowledge, endurance, navigational skill and a pure heart of love for ones folk, that can withstand all corruption, poison and isolation that our solitary forest war-paths can throw at us.

Our fight demands of us the ability to improvise, so that we can overcome the unexpected obstacles and fallen trees upon our respective paths, it also requires us to provide for our own needs and self-sustenance, whilst also continually remaining vigilant to threats to our very safety and freedom whilst also marching forth in an effort to awaken our folk.

Our struggle is hard and I cannot promise that it will get easier, where we are few in number and often-times isolated upon our individual paths through the jungle of impossibility, we each are forced to trail-blaze our own paths, to reconnoiter our own objectives and secure our own supply lines, even just to enable us to continue to be able to move forward.

Our fight is the elemental reflection of a war, there are casualties, weapons of choice in achieving our objectives, risks, opportunities, advantages to be gained and disadvantages to be overcome, ways to delay our enemies and ways to engage in counter-attacks and there will be only one victor... 

War in turn is a reflection of the purest manifestation of nature's laws, of natural selection, to embark upon a war-path on behalf of our folk is to live a life of purity in the only valid sense, purity in accordance with nature, and the pursuit on behalf of the best interests of our folk.

Our fight is pure and natural, it is our fight for our noble folk, who are not merely unique in that our folk are ours, but because our folk are uniquely beautiful, intelligent and nearing-perfection. Our fight implores us and requires us to deploy the most effective methodology of safeguarding and furthering our beloved folk, in the face of an enemy that acts more like a bacteria than a human military opponent.

Our fight is not straightforward or simple, it requires a multi-stage approach to reach each and every victory, communication networks, supply lines and support systems must be established, thousands of people must be awakened, those people must be then given a way to fight for that cause if they cannot designate one for themselves.

Asatru is our sword of inspiration that cuts through the diseases instilled upon our folk, Asatru is the solution to nihilism and simultaneously our shield against future corruption and attacks upon our folk.

Our fight is to awaken our folk, to truly awaken our folk at the deepest level, requires the deepest of spiritual outlooks.

It requires that we are true to the spirit of the Æsir, that is the meaning of Asatru.     (Asa= Æsir, Tru = true)

Our fight need not be delayed even another minute more, tomorrow, go forth in your life, in your left hand wield the wisdom of your ancestors and your right hand the conviction in the destined rightness of our contemporary struggle.

Awaken someone tomorrow, awaken your friends and family.

Hail to the first among the actively awakened of our folk in this struggle.

Hail to our fellow sons and daughters of the Æsir, our folk

~ Hail the Gods ~ Hail the Goddesses ~