Article author: Asatro News / Published: October 17th 2013 (1st edition article) / 17th Winter-fylleþ 2263.RE

MP Richard Burden says a new taught approach to white identity is needed to help white working class children succeed: a good sign? -or a horrific facade?

Birmingham MP for Northfield Richard Burden has accused schools of neglecting the “culture and background” of white pupils. He has also called for a “greater celebration” of the heritage of white communities in schools, to specifically help white working class children succeed in the classroom. He suggested an approach that avoids racially divisive attitudes.

Richard Burden stated that:

“Schools are important places for helping children explore their identity...More emphasis needs to be placed on how teachers can support white pupils to develop and express their culture and background...When developing such policies, the Government must be cautious to ensure a white British history and narrative is not promoted at the expense of all other cultures...“The Department of Education has previously acknowledged greater efforts need to be made to include white people in discussions on diversity and identity...But there is little evidence to demonstrate that the Government has actively pursued such policies."  

The MP made these remarks in a report and suggestions paper submitted to the Commons Education Committee, within the context of an investigation into under achievement of white working class children, who despite a higher IQ have been neglected and caught up in a school filled with disruptive ethnic minority pupils who's identities are pushed to the fore and who's dominance in the classroom is overbearing, as any teacher who has taught in an inner city school will testify. 

Mr Burden proceeded to pay lip service to the comparative demographic genocide of the white race stating mass non-white immigration had made the UK "more inclusive", of a situation where Black and Minority Ethnics commit 96% of all inter-racial crime), "tolerant", of our own genocide and "vibrant", i.e he finished his statement insulting the very white culture he seeks to promote as evidently not intrinsically "vibrant".

The hypocrisy of a Labour politician trying to secure the falling white vote for the Labour party is self-evident. Although the comments regarding the need to encourage white identity are strongly welcomed, leaving the definition of what White identity is to be taught by Marxist and ethnic minority ( including Jewish persons with records of politically and racially anti-white rhetoric and desires as) teachers is a very dangerous route, which could result in a situation of a politically designed artificial 'white' identity, incorporating what Jonathan Bowden termed as an "anti-heroic component... always apologizing", in addition to the inability of mainstream politicians to admit the natural differences between races, especially in IQ, this could result in a situation where equality is espoused without question and then to be white is just another ethnicity with moral baggage, whereby the uniqueness of their heritage is disregarded leading to a further cultural decline, instead of a cultural restoration in the individual white children who are still in the public education system.

Only a scientific, nationalistic, rationalist empiricist or eugenicist Libertarian government could ever define what it is to be white by looking at the genetic realities of our race and our unique historical accomplishments that are astounding that make our noble people naturally stand out from records of other ethnicities as an especially morally concerned people (just look at the philosophical traditions of Europe), whom upon who's shoulder 95% of all technology owes its existence (the sheer number of scientific, medical and mathematical breakthroughs of our people increases by the day).

It is inevitable that any teaching of what it means to be white, as demonstrated by the current track record obsession of the false and often hypocritical allegations of unique evil regarding slavery, imperialism and other Marxist interpretations of our history would render attempts to educate the white working class about identity counter-productive and disastrous for their self-esteem and for their overall races cohesion and strength.

Only after returning each genetically unique people to their geographic areas of recent evolutionary origin can each people enjoy and celebrate their own unique culture, racial heritage and ideals. Any attempt to do such in a multicultural situation will cause divisions, which will result in the defilements of certain groups identities for the sake of others, potentially resulting in a situation where schools themselves would become naturally segregated by parental choice.

Either way, it is up to those of us who care for our racial heritage to make the necessary political maneuverers to force or overtly change the government until such fair policies as recommended are enacted in legislation and law. 

Until that is done, the white working class will suffer and so will the identities of all the various ethnic groups in the UK, who's identities too are being diluted and artificially re-defined, albeit on a scale 1 hundredth of the size of the onslaught against our children's identity, and the identity therefore of every future adult in this county, it is that serious, that is what is at stake. 

It is down to us to change this situation for the sake of our ancient, noble, intelligent, wise and ethereally beautiful European people.