Article author: Asatro News / Published: October 17th 2013 (1st edition article) / 17th Winter-fylleþ 2263.RE

London has been branded as the worst place to live in the UK in a new book entitled "Crap towns returns", a review of the worst places to live released on the 10th of October

London once again has been correctly diagnosed as:


The causation and correlation between the status of English people and all Europeans being minorities in London self-evidently describes why London once again has been diagnosed as the worst place in the UK to live. 

It will continue to be such, and it will spread, with surrounding areas becoming more and more hostile and unbearable until our government is removed and pro-indigenous policies are installed and the whole process is reversed, there is no other survivable alternative. 

London’s non-white minority populations were responsible for the majority of all recorded violent crime in the capital last year and every year since 1990, with clear and concise statistical evidence available from those dates onwards. 

The shocking information below was disclosed by the Metropolitan Police Service, following a Freedom of Information request. 

The data shows that racial foreigners committed the most rapes, sexual offences, gun crimes, knife crimes, personal robberies, ‘snatches’ and attempted personal robberies in 2011, this trend has continued up until the present day without relenting, in-fact increasing beyond a normal expected increase, the crime rate by ethnic minorities has not only increased proportional to their increasing numbers, but pre-existing ethnic minorities have become more likely to engage in violence. 

This is despite the fact that the available demographic data (including only those who actually responded to the census)states that blacks make up 15% percent of London’s population. 

It is evident that in some areas of crime blacks are over-represented by well over 300%. 

To protect your people from rape, murder and robbery, it’s common sense, to expose this reality is also a moral imperative. 

2011 (note the below statistics are from 2011 and the non-white crime rates have only increased by all available indicators, a new article will be posted when a fresh FOI request has attained the required information as of December 2013/2014)

(keep in mind when viewing these statistics that Europeans (including more overly-proportionate criminal europeans such as Romanian gypsies) still make up a majority level in Lodon, with white English people being only 40-45% (a minority), and yet the non-european/non-white crime rate is massively over-proportionate and in areas of highly concentrated non-white populations, crime sky-rockets, but is brought down to an average over the city of London as a whole (including the edges of London/mid-essex). 

Rape and attempted rape Non-white total – 51.9% 

Other sexual Non-white total – 50.1% 

Gun crime Non-white total – 67% 

Knife crime Non-white total – 65% 

Personal robbery Non-white total – 71% 

Snatch Non-white total – 74% 

Attempted personal robbery Non-white total – 65%

For a government or a people to tolerate such a crime rate (it is now higher than this by far) is to tolerate societal destruction and genocide.

Wake people up to this reality, spread the word, make your objection, combined our objections will mount to a tsunami of public opinion and eventual radical political action.