Article author: Asatro News Published: 23rd day of Sol-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 23rd day of Sol-month 2014

Liberalism: a malicious attempt to 'liberate' our folk from what is naturally good for us.


Asatro: the solution to, the archetype thereof what is natural and naturally good for our folk

 Liberalism rips people from their historical and ultimately racial roots.

Arguments for 'liberalism' are not arguments for liberty, in-fact they are genocidally Marxist arguments.

 Arguments for liberalism (that are found in every European Jewish community's external 'dialogue' efforts) are nothing more than Jewish-Supremacist manipulations, that attempt to fool people into pursuing 'liberation', not from the state (Liberals love state power) or the Christian Church per se (the Church is a liberal and Jewish institution by itself), but these arguments for 'liberalism' are about fooling a people into being 'liberal' (nihilistic) about their own history, race, culture, lifestyle, spirituality and economy.

Jewish liberalism (from which all forms of modern 'liberalism' stem) attempts to fool people into 'liberating' themselves from the vital aspects of our own existences.

All the liberals out there who have done immeasurable damage to themselves, at the behest of Jewish-Liberals (Marxist fanatics), and seek to 'liberate' the rest of us from what is naturally good and natural for us are a demonstration of what being 'liberal' is actually all about, it is about destruction, degeneration, defilement, degradation and de-humanizing themselves and all other people who threaten (by our very existences) Jewish delusions of grandeur and genocidal supremacy*.

*Most people have already heard or know that the Jews are Messianic (semi-religious, deluded supremacists).

Our folk just need to realize the real-world all-pervasive dangerousness of this sickeningly messianic (supremacist) psychology and culture that allegedly ALL racially Jewish or partially racial Jews have and attempt to exert over others.

The liberal ideology espouses a contradictory dogma, that the individual is a part of the state as a collective (contradicting any notions of 'liberty' (freedom) from their own perspective) and yet individuals are encouraged to live 'liberal' lives, not liberated from the state (especially when it comes to regulations, taxes (theft), mandatory state education and equality laws) by definition of their collective, but liberation only for the sake of living 'liberally' (which entails, destruction, degeneration, defilement, degradation and de-humanization).

Living liberally entails living away from the culture or racial character of the 'nation', the modern state is being manipulated and used as a purely mechanical institution to wage war against our genetic nation.

This is obvious for the 'state' is defined as 'multi-ethnic' and 'pluralistic' (meaning more than one culture or racial group rules as the state, going against all principles of democratic rule by majority, whereby our race as the majority should have complete power, if this were a true democracy, which it thus cannot be) whereby the English are systematically being marginalized from politics and political institutions (in our case this happens under the genocidal anti-English facade of affirmative action and the Jewish media's anti-English racial propaganda).

This is obvious, as was revealed by the 'West Lothian question', we English, and now all Europeans have been systematically denied our own parliament that represents our interests (whilst Jews have several Parliaments just for them, including a several hundred percent over-representation in 'our' (their additional) Westminster and EU parliaments in addition to this), coupled with the proportional demographic disenfranchisement, caused by non-white voting blocks and comparative demographic genocide itself, the Jewish-Supremacist authored anti English and wider anti-European or anti-white, genocidal crimes against humanity being continually committed (and simultaneously denied) are obvious.

A term often used by indoctrinated Marxist fanatics (who call themselves 'liberals') is 'intergenerational justice' (you can instantly tell this term is horrific in its agenda, just from the sound of it).

Intergenerational justice is the liberal term for co-opting the essential perspective of ensuring the future of a civilization.

It is effectively self-contradictory in reflection to its contents, it is naught more than a facade for increasing only Jewish power upon each generation, thus from their perspective this is what intergenerational justice means, it is sickeningly self-evident, and yet my fellow students are indoctrinated with the concepts of intergenerational justice, that are used to argue for the restriction of Europeans, in terms of a wider (facade of the) climate change (protecting the environment) argument, which in effect argues for a lower European population, that is supposed to not use up resources and less European industrial infrastructure.

The argument ignores the massive 'crimes against the environment' committed by third world nations like India, China and Pakistan, showing the obvious anti-European, ethnic bias at the route of this argument and thus the anti-European agenda, in 'intergenerational justice'.

Indoctrinated Marxist fanatics (who call themselves 'liberals') will even state that intergenerational justice is to protect the environment for 'developing countries', in what is an obvious and overt argument, revealing that the entire associated set of arguments surrounding 'Intergeneration justice' is nothing more than an admitted (in academia) moral, political, racial and economic bigotry crusade against the interests of Ethnic Europeans, especially us Northern Europeans, whose descendants and relatives compose the majority of all of-continent White territories, such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, Greenland, South Africa and all of our countless Island colonies and ex-colonies.

The 'Liberal' state coerces and punishes those who do not pay taxes (often using 'intergenerational justice' as an argument for this in the case of environmental or carbon taxes) and yet simultaneously provides welfare to others, demonstrating that the coercion of tax avoiders cannot by definition be about preventing people from living parasitically off the efforts of others (as Communists manipulate people into thinking the wealthy do, hypocritically), as that is what welfare recipients do, as is self-evident.

This deliberate creation of a parasitic class (which is now almost a majority immigrant block) is inherently contradictory to the idea that the current state's sole objective is coercion of those who live parasitically off the efforts of others.

The states failure to ensure order also demolishes any arguments that the modern state is about ensuring order, law and security, note the London riots, that could occur without a moments notice again at any point, and the police would be nearly powerless to prevent it.

Thus it is evident that the modern 'Judaized' state (especially the EU) exists solely to coerce, ensure and enforce a dysgenic situation that gradually attempts to (but will ultimately fail to) destroy our intrinsically Noble, Northern European nation (we have virtue, recessive genetics (conducive to efficient evolution), intelligence, industriousness, artistic spirits, longevity and beauty to name but a few of our attributes) within the legislative reach of each given European state, the anti-utilitarian* , anti-evolution and anti-natural (dysgenic) state is the enemy of our own future.

It must be replaced or re-captured by Nationalist, Asatru folk who serve our high folk interests at all costs.

*No utility is gained from the parasitic/welfarist immigrant elements which the state encourages, thus it cannot be utilitarian by definition, note health tourism as a glaring example of this and immigration of non-whites into our nation, who cost us hundreds of thousands each and provide only a severely-negative economic, cultural and racial impact.

The modern 'Judaized' state is the enemy of our Noble Folk, we can form our own governments and rules independent of it thus showing how useless it is, but until that point is reached, the current government will (by the pressure of anti-European advocates, minority lobbies and financial power) use force to prevent us forming our own state, even an implicit one, a state within a stronger state that is highly ideologically opposed to our existence is IMPOSSIBLE without nuclear (or better) deterrence, and thus those who promote this idea, as the sole objective, are pursuing delayed genocide.

The only way to secure the future of our folk and to fight against and destroy all that our enemies are directing against us, is to take full national and then international power. The influence and power a highly organised, well-connected, universal, wide reaching and naturally popular Nationalistic, Asatruan governmental force that resembles an alternate governmental force or elite in England will have, will dwarf the influence and power of the Jewish-Supremacist and combined minority lobbies with ease.

Our enemies have taken their war against our very existences onto our Northern European home soil, with all their hypocrisy and malice, as shown in their liberalism and contradictory concepts they have corrupted academia and thus the minds of all our past leaders with.

This fight being waged on our home soil is our advantage, for around us, we are surrounded, by own own people, our own 'grassroots', whose interests are our interests, this is why immigration is so essential to their short term power, as it is their long-term genocidal objectives. But as I have shown, polling data conclusively demonstrates that at least 85-95% of English folk oppose immigration, as shown this is not an economic subject, but a pure, unadulterated racial opinion.

Our victory is almost guaranteed, if all we  do is mobilize this opinion, to deploy it in defence of our own Noble Folk in politics, culture, spirituality, economics, infrastructure and academia.

That is what the Nationalist Asatru News is here to do, this is why you stand alongside this effort, a new era has begun, the forces arranged in defence of our folk are growing and organising, the 22nd of February saw the most significant meeting of the far-right in decades, the titans are marching, our Noble Folk are arising in spirit and in strength of organisation and politics.