Article author: Asatro News / Published: 1st Before (Ærra) Yule (Jéola) 2263 / 1st Ærra Jéola 2013.RE

Laying the foundations for an Asatru governmental ethos of efficiency: Deconstructing the myth of 'useful' immigrant labour

The mainstream Christian conservative, Christian Liberal, Socialist and ultimately the Jewish talking point on the economic benefit of immigration almost always circles around this fundamental point: Immigrants do the Jobs that 'we' (Northern Europeans) do not want to do.

This is not the way a civilization should move forward, importing other peoples to do jobs its citizens supposedly do not want to do, if it even is a slightly truthful argument, which anyone informed on the subject knows it is not, as the economic benefits of this job (e.g: picking strawberries) being done is negated by the sheer amount of benefits (including healthcare, housing, child benefits etc) such immigrants can claim, making them a net economic burden in reality, this is true in every Northern European country in comparison with Eastern European immigrants and it is true of all of Europe in comparison with non-European immigrants.

But to those who believe this insidious argument to be a true argument, rather than a facade, a.k.a: to those who believe the marxist political soundbite this argument is, the following destruction of this argument is required: 

There are those who would have not wanted to lift buckets of water over fields to irrigate it in early history and this remains true today, the solution is not to have immigrants do it for you. That is not how we overcame the problem of this job that no one wanted to do. Our intellectual citizens, instead invented several variants of the irrigation channel to do the task, out of necessity and a consideration for efficiency in the longterm, our ancestors were wise and so are we.

If our ancestors had utilized immigrants to do such a job instead, we would never have had the necessary pressure to invent a methodology to overcome the awkward job of irrigating fields.

Having immigrants doing a particular job, that no-one else wanted to do simply keeps those unpopular jobs in existence, rather than forcing our civilization to invent a methodology around such an awkward repetitive task such as irrigating fields. 

Imagine if we had immigrants to conduct the collection of human toilet waste in ancient Europe, if we had utilized slave or low-paid labourers for such tasks we would not have invented the earliest forms of plumbing and can you imagine how much more inefficient our cities would be, with busloads of immigrants going from house to house collecting toilet waste or lighting lamps by hand (another job one could have used immigrants for). Instead our ancestors invented methodologies around such awkward jobs, such as gravity fed and water augmented plumbing systems, irrigation channels and gates, self-lighting lamps and entire networks of sewers and electric infrastructure, all of which would never have been invented if we had instead used immigrant labour. 

Imagine how inefficient an alternate civilization using immigrant labour would still be in comparison to our magnificent, ingenious inventions around these repetitive tasks and hundreds of other small unwanted tasks. 

Today we have rubbish trucks for rubbish collection, automated furnaces, instead of employing immigrants to sort our rubbish into furnaces, immigrants doing these jobs, hampers our ability to rid ourselves of the inefficiency of having sectors of the economy which are far too undignified for a European to ever wish to do, by our own standards, that will carve us like Gods, we do not need slave workers, we never have needed them, we instead used our intelligence to invent methods around such shortfalls in available low-dignity labourers for low-dignity labour tasks.

It is the short sighted and the un-intelligent civilizations who need and still need to use immigrant labour, Israel for example has a higher proportion of 'guest workers' than any other territory on earth, the non-whites (including Jews), and the liberals who lack the Nordic or Germanic spirit of ingenuity have been the masters of the slave trade for all time, ironically the aforementioned groups have been both master to the slave/immigrant labourer and slave to the necessity of the institution of slave/immigrant labour, that is why we should not subscribe to such a ludicrous economic persuasion, as it constrains a civilization and chains it to a status-quo of steady decline. 

We must annihilate such economic flaws in our civilization, not fill them with detrimental immigrants who then go on to kill our own population and contribute to the genetic, cultural, aesthetic and economic degradation of our civilization, that is not the true Nordic or Germanic way, efficiency and industriousness are our way, industriousness in intellectual ingenuity and inventiveness that allows us to overcome the need for such small undignified jobs. 

Need to mass produce car parts to keep your factories economical? 

We invented automated car-welders and robotic hands all mounted next to an automated conveyor belt. We could even theoretically go further than that, to fully automate all factories within a decade in every single aspect, including the supervisors. 

Thus eliminating the requirement for worker health care, space-wasting safety features, the removal of those space wasting car parks for employee cars and all of those other inefficient worker-environ features. Which would then mean several hundred people would be free to do other jobs or roles in civilization. 

We could even remove all oxygen from our factories to reduce oxidization of unfinished metals during the production stage, to improve the internal surface quality of metallic joints, internal components and other products and even reduce the temperature of factories to optimum levels for specific tasks, where heat may effect the manufacturing process. 

We could utilize robotic collection rigs on all terrain caterpillar tracks, with colour recognition software with multiple mechanical picking arms that drive swiftly over fields picking only the ripe strawberries or digging up only certain sizes of potatoes using ground sonar technology, without having to pay the machine or overcome ridiculous health and safety regulations for a person picking strawberries! 

Plus all of these machines could work 24/7, especially if multiple replacement machines are on standby in nearby mini-hangars/garden sheds, thus improving crop collection yield, net profits, harvest collection time and thus requiring no criminally inclined, welfare wage-augmented, third-world hand labourers. 

This is an example of what we should be doing instead of allowing in this example: car companies/agricultural corporations to move to areas (the non-white, third-world or non-white inner cities) where cheap manual labour markets exist, for them to make larger short-term profits, but significantly lower long-term profits and successes. It will not be too long until we start utilizing robots in other capacities, in the same way that we utilize drones, but for routine jobs and maintenance tasks. 

We simply do not need immigrants for any job in existence. 

If we simply find a job that needs doing, which is un-dignified we should set aside a budget amount from the national budget for the development of experimental worker technologies and use such to literally render such jobs as the crop-picker into the history books. 

When an Asatru inspired nationalist (such inspired policies require a living religion such as Asatru to sustain the production of such ideas, in addition to being merely a 'nationalist' government) were to replace our government it is almost guaranteed that we will have a 2nd industrial revolution. 

This time it will be a revolution of pure Nordic and Germanic efficiency that will dwarf the original industrial revolution and from which every Nordic and Germanic person in Britain would experience a massive economic boom, without an economic bust period afterwards, as the GDP of our nation would permanently increase to a massively higher level, potentially even creating a division between 1st world nation economies that do not do such a technological revolution and ourselves, creating a high 1st, 1st and then 3rd world economic division. 

This is what the left and their ideologies, such as Christianity(proto-Socialism), Communism and Conservatism would hate to happen, and why they support things such as immigrant labour, as a method to deliberately and maliciously hold us back, as our economic unleashing as Nordics/Germanic's would mean more "global wealth disparity", simply because we would be so much more efficient (even more so) than the other races of the earth in our economies and technology that we would literally generate billions every single hour in terms of our economic improvement and output levels. 

I have always thought that If I were to be placed in a factory, as an English person, with my English virtues and intellect on day 1 I would observe and recommend to the owner of the factory a way to make the factory line more efficient, this is the trait so evident in our people. Our peoples racial intellect and traits are the cure to all potential ailments of economic in-efficiency, through our ingenuity, intellect, inventiveness, and industriousness. 

Nordic and Germanic humankind have the highest proportion of IQ Geniuses, inventors and scientists of all kinds and practices from medicine to physics of any genetic racial group on earth, among which the English are nearly the absolute finest. 

This alone in addition to the aforementioned arguments are irreproachable reasons as to why immigration of all non-Northern Europeans must be ceased and all non-Europeans expelled from Europe, especially the ones that come here to 'work', they are the most damaging of all immigrants.


The policy conversation on immigration should not just be about the unemployed scroungers, the immigrant workers are just as damaging as those immigrants that do not work and thus they all must be ceased, for the progress of science, of art, of culture, of high civilization to be forever unleashed, never restrained under Zionist spite, and all the mediocre ideologies that emanate from that, be it Christianity to its intended final phase: communism, through feminism and nihilism, these ideologies are the ideologies of the inefficient, the civilizations of which will always lack the aforementioned Nordic and Germanic virtues i speak of in their unleashed forms. 

Once we rid ourselves of such pathetic governmental ideological restraints and persons as currently occupy our governments today, we will never again even remotely need to consider immigrant labour as a solution to anything, our civilization should and will learn to stand on its own magnificent spirit and in doing so we will become a super power again with utter ease, and beyond that we will be able to manage and achieve a new era of English history in our technological advances, where space will no longer be a limit and life upon the earth a walk in the park, where our power is absolute on an international level and Great Britannia is realized once more, permanently.