Article author: Asatro News Published: 13th day of Ēostre-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 13th day of Ēostre-mōnaþ 2014

Jewish Political-Psychopath: Ed Miliband

Every Western leader or politician seeking executive election since 1947 has visited Israel to genuflect before the Jewish Supremacists, note: Bush, Blair, Obama, Cameron, Mitt Romney, Sarkozy, Merkel, Hollande and even supposed outsiders like Rand Paul (US senator) and Geert Wilders have genuflected before the Jewish-Supremacist state, normally before the Western wall of the Old temple, where Messianic Jews hope their Messiah will rule the world from in the future (see the memoirs of 1st Israeli Prime minister Ben Gurion for his ambition for the world to worship Israel and the Jews).

Ed Miliband has recently gone to Israel, making the usual, double-faced "condemnation" of West bank settlements and simultaneously being "intolerant towards those who challenge Israels right to exist", meeting with the psychotic Israeli Likud Prime Minister: Netanyahu and the un-representative head of the Palestinian authority: Mahmoud Abbas.

Ed Miliband perpetuates the Malicious Holocaust lie (see the relevant resource page article) to instill guilt into his political enemies: which are all us English folk and all wider European people.
Ed Milband, an ethnic Jew, whose lies are so obvious, would seek to criminalize Holocaust denial and create a renewed cult of Holocaust-ianity and Judeo-Christian Judeo worship alongside the Jewish Archbishop Welby in order to supress English Asatro.

Ed Miliband is going through the near-institutionalized candidate pre-election visit to Israel, to show his fellow Jews that he is a fanatical Zionist, whilst simultaneously fooling his own leftist followers into thinking he is pro-Palestinian rights.

Which means the right of Palestinians to die a slower genocide rather than a fast genocide, as all peace-talks and compromises are impossible and are thus just an attempt to slow or smoothen out the genocide of the Palestinian people.

Ed Miliband has applied the same manipulative diversionary political discourse tactic in relation to the comparative demographic genocide of our folk from areas such as London, Leicester, Birmingham, Manchester and in the UK as a whole.

Although if he is even elected, he will be the last ever Jewish Prime Minister, guaranteed, possibly the last ever Labour PM, as he will destroy his and the political establishments entire reputation through his Marxist fanatacism, we are very fortunate, as destined, in our enemies in this era.

The Jewish-manipulator Ed Miliband effectively says "Labour got it wrong on immigration", and simultaneously praises the genocide locations of Manchester and Birmingham as being the ideal for multiculturalism and pledges to "bring back Socialism".

Multiculturalism is by definition an attempt to destroy the host culture, by bringing it into a multi-culture, that by definition is cultural genocide.

Multi-racialism (the force that creates multiculturalism) is by definition an attempt to destroy the host race of a nation by bringing it into a multi-racial environment, that by definition is genocide, driven by ethnocentric Jewish-Supremacists, who are on record as openly stating their anti-European genocidal ambitions.

The Jewish method of assaulting our nation through advocating, propagandizing (promoting the tolerance of this genocidal effort) on behalf of and enforcing multi-racialsm (achieved through mass-immigration, which started with the 1948 British Nationalities act, which gave absolute right-of-settlement to 100% of commonwealth citizens) highlighted in the Kalergi plan and the foundational objective of the EU (see resource page article) and numerous statements by psychotic Jewish-Supremacists, who on numerous occasions have advocated destroying our race.

Including Ed Miliband's father, the allegedly psychotic Jewish-Marxist and confessed anti-English racist, who taught Ed Miliband everything he knows, and who gave Ed Miliband his perspective to take into office, in an attempt to destroy us, the English folk, who Jews like Ralph Miliband (and thus Ed Miliband) despise, driven by an atavistic racial jealousy, hatred and malice of us English folk.

This is what we must fight against. 

This is what I am seeking to fight against, this is what the growth in UKIP* is fighting against directly, and indirectly by undermining the Labour vote, destryoing Political-Correctness and thus increasing the racial identity re-assertion of all English folk as a whole, overcoming 70 years of Labour working-class block-vote tendencies and stimulating a 10-20% increase in anti-immigrant sentiment since 2012 alone, according to polling data.

*The UKIP immigration policy is to freeze immigration for settlement to -0- for 5 years immediately upon coming to office and then down below 50,000 for work permits after that 5 years has ended, the 50,000 will be filled with German, Dutch and Northern European skilled migrants, they will get the Visas. The dying BNP and vile Jewish-infiltrators (on fake, infighting 'Nationalist' sites) slander UKIP policy in an attempt to demoralize nationalists into being inactive electorally in terms of our otherwise successful entryism, these vile Jewish-Infiltrators fail to even mention that it is UKIP policy to freeze 100% of immigration for settlement for 5 years, after which public opinion will be even more right-wing, and immigration for settlement will likely never again re-start, UKIP has not stated whether immigration for settlement (as opposed to work Visas) will re-start after that 5 year freeze on all permanent settlement even, UKIP is a catalyst, that is well known, but they could also be a Trojan horse of an indirect form, legitimizing nationalist sentiments, reducing immigration and destroying the old unilaterally pro-Jewish political establishment and hegemony in Westminster.

It is our role to increase our pure English, Nationalist & Asatru voices, to mobilize public opinion, so that in that scenario, immigration will not be re-started, especially in the wake of potentially leaving the EU as early as 2017 or 2015 if Cameron is pressured to do so before the election. Which is what UKIP is pressuring for.

Ed Miliband, pretends to be a moderate, as seen in comments where he 'condemned' the Labour councilors over the UKIP adoption case, Ed Miliband privately fears the growth of UKIP and the racial-identity re-assertion of the white working class that will tear apart the Labour vote, from beneath.

This is why he is a fanatical multi-racialist, for he knows he can only maintain and retain power (if he is elected) by wiping us out of existence, through making us a smaller and smaller part of the population, until he can rely on the welfarist and non-white votes alone to re-elect the Labour government, as Barack Obama achieved in 2012 in the United States.

Labour are already polling behind UKIP for the EU elections and behind the Conservatives also. Ed Miliband is 7 percent below Nigel Farage in popularity rankings of political party leaders. Labour will come 3rd in the EU elections, as they did in 2009. The Labour voting base is afflicted with apathy and is coming over to UKIP and hardline, oftentimes overtly racial anti-non-white-immigration sentiments as we speak. The UKIP vote prediction for the 2015 elections is already at a historic high of 20%., with Labout only 15 points ahead at 35 and the Conservatives only 9 points ahead at 29%. The combined right-wing political-party vote in the UK is at 49-52%, showing conclusively that this is a right-wing country, and this trend is increasing at a speed which is terrifying the Jewish-establishment.

The 2014 European Union MEP elections will be the catalyst for the 2015 elections, which in turn will seal the fate as to which mechanism is viable for retaking our nation, through democratic resurgence or civil war.

That is why English Asatro is mobilizing a campaign group on the 3rd and 4th of May 2014 prior to the EU elections in target areas in Bristol, to destroy the Labour vote, whilst simultaneously spreading pro-English and anti-Jewish-Supremacist literature and making selective postal vote form and informational follow-up visits to the houses of potential would-be folkish-Asatru folk in the Bristol area. (Update: Post tense, meeting completed)

Ed Miliband is the perfect enemy, the archetype of the manipulative, double-speaking Jewish-Supremacist, pushing a genocidal (by definition) anti-European, anti-English, propaganda, legislation and election effort, to enable him to actually legislate from the office of Prime Minister, to increase immigration, engage in 'busing' of non-whites from the cities to towns and suburban areas and other horrific acts of anti-European political, legislative and demographic manipulation.

The Asatru News, prior to the 2015 general election will be making a full literary investigation into all of the works of Ralph Miliband to expose the anti-white racism that Ed Miliband was brought up with.

Ed Miliband, is so leftwing even his own brother disagrees with his radical and overtly visible anti-gentile political opinions, that form the psychological foundation of his anti-English and anti-European political career.

Ed Miliband hates us English folk, and all European races in general and is psychotically trying to get into office specifically to wage war against us, anti-English and anti-European Jewish atavistic hatred forms the core of Ed Miliband's political beliefs and final objectives.

 He must be stopped, and he will be stopped, his existence and political campaign in 2015 will although serve to demonstrate the archetype of what our people are facing, a Marxist, allegedly psychotic, Jewish supremacist.

The Asatru News will be waging political war in 2015 in order to prevent this Marxist, allegedly psychotic, Jewish Supremacist from becoming Prime Minister and if he does become PM, I will personally arise a folk army of opinion and mobilization against his illegitimate rule over my England.