Article author: Asatro News Published: 25th Æfterra Jéola 2264 / 25th day After Yule 2014.RE

Israel is going beyond the point of no-return towards global isolation within the next 5 years

Israel is going beyond the point of no-return towards global isolation and will reach that point within 5 years time, according to pro-Israeli Jewish estimates.

"If Israel were to go down the road of continued settlement expansion…I am afraid that what will transpire is a situation where Israel finds itself increasingly isolated,"

"[Tel Aviv will be isolated] not necessarily because of any decisions taken at a government level, but because of decisions taken by a myriad of private economic actors, be it companies, be it pension funds, be it consumers who will be choosing other products on the supermarket shelves.”

Faaborg-Andersen. EU Ambassador to Israel on the 22nd of January.

Public opinion is growing against Israel and it is growing against Israel at increasing speed, but more than that -there has been a surge in boycott efforts and official bodies and organisations, such as the EU ceasing to recognize entire Israeli companies, Israeli universities and everything with any connection to West-Bank activities, which also means an effective boycott of Israeli companies in general, as many Israeli companies have at least some investment in the West-Bank genocidal expansions.  

For a full article on the boycott effort: The beginning of the end for Israel: Israel in 2014: reaching a South-Africa level boycott effort.

Even the Jewish UK ambassador to Israel has stated that the Jewish-Supremacist state is about to be confronted with increased amounts of isolation over its settlement expansions in the midst of so-called peace talks.

“Attitudes are shifting, Israel is losing support. I look at the British parliament, look at the media – there is a change. It’s not a tsunami. It happens slowly and it happens over time but if you don’t spot it before it’s too late then it’s very hard to repair,”

“I am concerned that in five years Israel will wake up and find that it does not have enough friends,”

Matthew Gould, Britain’s Jewish ambassador to the Jewish state of Israel.

Israeli banks are increasingly coming under pressure from European pension funds to cut their ties to settlement activities in the occupied West Bank.

Israel is also going to be permanently excluded from participating in or receiving research results from the EU Horizon 2020 scientific program.

42% of the British public believe Israel is a "genocidal state", which shows massive potential for further awakening on the subject of Jewish supremacism.

Around the 19th of January a protest of 500 pro-palestinian acitivists demonstrated outside the Israeli embassy in London, led by establishment British politicians like Liberal Democrat MP for Richmond Park: Baroness Jenny Tonge, showing how Israel has lost all legitimacy in the eyes of even mainstream political figures.

“The people there are going hungry, being poisoned and deprived of their human rights.”

Liberal Democrat MP Baroness Jenny Tonge 

The Prime minister of the Jewish-supremacist state has sealed the end of all peace talks between Israel and Palestine on any reasonable grounds and has just made a comment as of the 25th of January that WILL isolate Israel, for it means Israel will not remove internationally considered ILLEGAL settlements, the below remark was made at the Davos conference in Switzerland:

"[The Israeli government] will NOT evacuate ANY settlements or uproot a single Israeli"

-Benjamin Netanyahu, Jewish-terrorist and anti-white racist

The current round of talks between Israel and Palestinian representatives is being considered by many as the last opportunity for legitimacy of Israel, so that WHEN these talks fail to reach any agreement, Israel will be revealed, with renewed intensity as a genocidal nation that does not seek peace, but simply further genocidal expansion, using the 'peace-process' as public relations cover for what can only be described as genocide.

By the estimate of the Jewish UK-Israeli ambassador that process of awakening against Israel will happen within the next 5 years, lets make that 4 years...

There is also a fast-growing awareness of Jewish Supremacist role in the promotion of mass-immigration, which is in itself the most hated aspect of the political status-quo in England today, our awakening is within sight, now is the time to increase our efforts.

Keep positive, Keep practical, Keep persevering