Article author: Asatro News / Published: October 17th 2013 (1st edition article) / 17th Winter-fylleþ 2263.RE

There are one, maybe two people in government with a basic understanding of the: a) reality and b) importance of genetics, and more specifically IQ in education.

The parliamentary adviser to Secretary of state for Education Michael Gove has stated openly that it is IQ not education that dictates the grade attainment and overall educatability of children, not the curriculum or any other environmental factor. 

Dominic Cummings makes the refreshingly realist statements in a 250 page thesis, which criticises Labour and all 1945-2013 educational approaches as neglecting the most important factor, which is as he states, genetics, as determining the temperament, IQ and will power of students to apply themselves to their studies as the primary factors behind academic success. 

Having just recently passed through the school system myself, a note to all those who have done such also, did you notice how the syllabus would change every year? We were constantly told, your year will be the last year to do this test or that test, be it the SATs in year 6 and year 9 or those strange, suddenly announced CAT examinations, which seemed to operate in the same manner as IQ tests. 

In hindsight it is evident that what all we school children were going through was the vain and panicked attempts of Marxists to try and change all kinds of variables in order to attempt to firstly skew the academic results so it was not so obvious the New Labour education system had failed and secondly an attempt to hide or artificially negate the natural superiority of high IQ students to low IQ students. 

-Especially in the case of non-European students as an integral part of 'stealthed' affirmative action as opposed to declared affirmative action (which is for the un-educated nothing more than a PR codeword for discrimination against Europeans) in order to literally pressure us (as numerical results in terms of grade output) into fitting the Marxist thesis on the non-existence of genetic IQ and race as a factor in anything. 

Dominic Cummings states that a new scientific approach to understanding education is required (that is a good start, but words mean nothing when uttered by mainstream politicians)


Ultimately this will results in the reinforcement of the fact that IQ varys over racial groups, when all of the majority non-white inner city schools continue to provide results expected of such a lower average IQ per student. 

Although until a government is elected with the will power to remove all these immigrants and their children, this will only result in increased funding to majority non-white schools and their parents until such reaches epidemic levels of academic failure in the inner city schools, augmenting the political pressure surrounding immigrants and their drain on public resources and the inability of any governmental policy other than deportation to solve the problem. 

A note to Dominic Cummings: You understand the reality of genetics and IQ, If you want higher average results, first you need to improve the genetic stock of the student population, by adjusting immigration and then demographic policies accordingly. According to the last census (2011), only 76 percent of the children are white in England and Wales. In London, Manchester, Birmingham, Slough, Luton and Leicester the majority of the children are non-white. 

The majority of academic failure will therefore on the vast-average consistently come from non-white majority inner city schools, with majority white rural schools routinely outperforming them (this is already an established fact). Differntials in IQ dictated by race as the causal factor has been conclusively demonstrated in over 3,500 studies. Government policy should reflect this reality, not to seek to counter it or to cover it up, but to act accordingly.

Percentage of children in England & Wales that are genetically European/White: 

ENGLAND + WALES overall: 76,3%

London: 46,8% (the main cause of the demographic problem eminates from London statistically)

West Midlands: 70,8% 

Yorkshire and the Humber: 79,1% 

North West: 81,8% 

East Midlands: 82,5% 

East of England: 83,7%

South East: 83,7%

South West: 91,0%

North East: 91,2%

Wales: 92,1%

The majority of the non-European child population is based almost exclusivley in urban centers around areas of cheap employment (the places their parents migrated to and have subsequently occupied en-masse), below is the percentage of children who are White/European/English in the major urban areas: 

London: 46,8% 

Birmingham: 40,1% 

Leeds: 73,6% 

Sheffield: 69,1% 

Bradford: 50,7% 

Manchester: 47,6% 

Liverpool: 80,8%

Conveniently life expectancy in all of the areas of concentrated immigrant populations is lower, so too is child life expectancy.

Evidently it would be morally perfect and humane to deport these third world masses in their entirety, and allow our people a decent quality life.