Article author: Asatro News Published: 25th Ærra Jéola 2013 / 6th day of Yule 2263.RE

Immigrant wave of 2014: the perpetrators identified.


Jewish dominated companies and countless Jewish individuals involved in the banking sector donated over £600,000 in 2010 alone (in the vital election year) to the Conservative party and will do such again in 2014 and 2015, in order to attempt to spite UKIP and prevent the people of the UK genuine democratic governance.

Former Goldman Sachs bankers have donated hundreds of thousands alone, ex-Goldman Sachs bankers working at other banks such as HSBC have also donated hundreds of thousands. These very same bankers have found themselves personally appointed to various government positions after their donations, where they go on to manipulate the creation of government policy further.

One alleged example is J. Isaacs, a City banker who previously worked at Lehman Brothers, one of the core banks involved in the recent and less recent banking crisis, in the UK, who donated multiple thousands to the Conservative party.

Jewish donors working in the insurance sector have given more than roughly £179,000 to the Conservatives, during the vital 2010 election period and additional sums since then, to keep the Conservative party policy moderate and in full support of mass-immigration. 

Specifically Jewish hedge fund operators are the biggest contributors overall in bankrolling the Conservative party, giving over £1.4 million to the Conservatives in the single year prior to the 2010 general election. 

Anyone who looks at this trend can understand why it is that the Conservative party is fully behind mass-immigration and has been unwilling to go against the European Union on the current incoming wave of sub-Slavic, Roma, Romanian and Bulgarian parasitic economic immigrants. 

Meanwhile, the allegedly illegitimate President of Bulgaria: Rosen Plevneliev has emerged as the most recent disgusting, hypocritical Jewish tool, who has accused the UK conservative party and David Cameron directly of "pandering to nationalists," and yet Plevneliev's own political party’s ideology is classed as nationalist, populist and centre-right! 

Albiet the anti-white nature of Plevneliev's political persuasion is solely due to the Christian nature of his political persuasion, which sees immigrants as welcomed 'neighbours to be loved' (also encouraging miscegenation, something Plevneliev promotes like a true genocidal anti-European Judeo-Christian). 

Rosen Plevneliev has a history of anti-white immorality and Jewish demagoguery in addition to being a staunch follower of the fraudulent Jewish religion of Christianity. 

Rosen Plevneliev has undergone a mission of turning the entire history of the Bulgarians into one lament about how the Bulgarians saved their Jews during the Jewish caused second European fratricidal war.

Rosen Plevneliev willingly continues to promote the malicious and blatantly obvious lie that is the Holocaust in order to stifle and suppress Bulgarian nationalists and other European nationalists. 

Now he has directly attacked a head of another sovereign state, less than a few months after a meeting with the world's most prominent Jews (ADL & the leaders of the 50 mosti nfluential Jewish organisations).

Rosen Plevneliev went on to slander British history, by asserting that our history is a history that has "pioneered integration," referring to the failed multi-cultural policies of the Blair and Brown governments, that were publically declared as a failure by several European heads of state including Chancellor Merkel and Prime Minister Cameron. 

Despite the obvious pro Jewish and pro-Israeli Jewish racist sympathies (blackmail caused) of these two heads of state, they are at least no longer perpetuating the same lie of multiculturalism, that Rosen Plevneliev, wishes the British and English people would fall back into believing to enact a total demographic genocide without resistance. Our folk have already woken up to this reality thankfully, Jewish-Supremacist slaves like Plevneliev have failed, it can now be stated.

Rosen Plevneliev disgustingly, has sought to bludgeon the entire Executive (The Prime Minister and entire cabinet) establishment of Britain to let his poorest Bulgarian people and numerous non-white immigrants who have resided in Bulgaria, into England, including several thousand overtly criminal non-whites to take massive payouts in welfare from us here in the UK and elsewhere in sacred Northern Europe.

Rosen Plevneliev, stated the history of our nations are as "proud tolerant nations", another blatant lie and intrinsic self-contradiction, a tolerant nation, can never be proud, as it is constantly having to 'tolerate' its own genocide and high non-white crime rates and the constant demographic change prevent it from being a nation by the only valid definition, which is as an ethnic nation. 

Rosen Plevneliev also made the ludicrous assertion that nationalism is a "short-term political approach..." another anti-nature statement, by someone who is obviously being told what to say and when, for it makes no logical sense for someone whose own party is a form of anti-white, self-serving civic nationalism to make a statement which is not just false, but the diametrical opposite of the truth. 

Rosen Plevneliev needs to buck up his Jewish inspired, politically retarded comments, and realize that over 92% of the English do not like Immigration, and over 66% of English people want 'drastic action' taken in tackling immigration, more than that which the conservatives promised (and are failing to deliver), which was to reduce net immigration down to below 100,000 when it is currently at over 500,000. Over 10% of the indigenous population of the UK believe in full repatriation of all non-whites, and this figure is growing.

Rosen Plevneliev is just another puppet of the Jewish racists, who want to wipe us out.

Until we destroy Jewish power worldwide, absolutely and uncompromisingly, we will keep having foreign heads of states asserting the Jewish world view in an attempt to bully our weak-minded politicians into conforming to what they then subsequently think is the norm among European executives, which is nothing more than a Jewish racist persuasion that has parasitically infiltrated the mainstream political discourse within government. 

This agenda is nothing more than a vile, horrific and malicious Jewish-supremacist political cartel like agenda, that millions of individuals and tens of thousands of grassroots political figures have described as attempted genocide against Europeans, plain and simple (so simple the aforementioned is being realized by millions of Europeans, thankfully). 

It is not the politicians themselves who are the route cause (although the Christian anti-white marxists, liberals and conservatives do not even need much in the way of Jewish inspiration to commit genocide against the European races, as their Christianity implores them to do such without question).

Our political class are merely the disposable means, and if it was not Vince Cable comparing Cameron to Enoch Powel (which is laughable and an absurd insult against Enoch Powel) and invoking (our ancestor's logical and well founded) "panics over Jewish immigrants" (an amazing thing for a mainstream politician to admit happened), in an attempt to morally suppress the current increase in logical and sensible anti-immigrant sentiment by appealing to the Jewish false-victim icon, it would just be Nick Clegg or a supposed conservative MP: Mark Field, under the Jewish whip who stated "the more we bang on about [immigration] as the Conservative party, the more I fear 'people' in this country with brown skin, with black skin" will be less likely to vote for us / feel the Conservatives are racist, as an argument to stop opposing mass immigration of non-whites into the UK. 

Mark Field, an anti-white so called Conservaitve: implicitly admitting the racial agenda that is against white interests and thus explaining why blacks and other non-whites will not vote for anything that is not obviously in their interests, and against white interests by default.

The last several archbishops of Canterbury and 100% of all recognized clergy and Christian ministers in the UK have fully supported this very same agenda, and have in-fact led this agenda continuously alongside their Jewish counter-parts, this is absolutely undeniable.

"In Christ's name: mass immigration (genocide) has been good for Christian congregation levels!".
-London, UK, an average Christian priest.

The Jewish criminal, thief and genocidal manipulator: Christ, is now just another symbol of white genocide in the UK (as it was always designed to be: irregardless of the naive sentiments and ignorant perception of thousands of weak willed followers of Christianity), the surrender of life, nailed in defeat to the Jewish cross, so that further gentiles might follow in his self-sacrifice to Jewish interests. In modern terms this means following Christianity in any form, as it will inevitable lead to the destruction of the folk following it, as Christianity is inherently universalistic: "all are one in Jesus Christ."

The Jewish dominated Goldman Sachs meanwhile has threatened to move their entire banking chain out of London if Westminster even tries to slow down the rate of white genocide, by leaving the European Union, whilst the majority of the various Christian denominations support being members of the European Union, as congregation levels drop to less than 9% of what they were even 20 years ago, showing the English folk are waking up to the reality of the anti-European religious insitutions of this past era and are returning instead to the way of life of their ancestors.

The pressure the Jewish financial & cultural and Christian cultural pressure have on Westminster politicians is self-evident having just listed (an example of the massive) influence on electoral politics that is exerted by the Jewish dominated banking sector in addition to the internal cabinet government and banking establishment's incestuous relationship that exists.

The (statistically verifiable) Jewish owned banks and organized Christianity know that their power (and anti-white  agenda) will only be able to be sustained if there is a massive non-white block preventing the English from rising up (democratically) through a party like UKIP and ousting the bankers or imposing greater banking sanctions, which is a UKIP policy, that is increasingly becoming more popular and radical in itself as the public roar in their support of anti-bank sentiments (considering that 83-93% of bankers are racially Jewish, as has been demonstrated in multiple pieces of research, the colossal anti-'banker' sentiment is by at least 83% in actual fact and in its effect anti-Jewish sentiment). 

The ethnic minority hordes in addition to furthering comparative demographic genocide also provide the Jewish bankers and openly Marxist Christians literally with a human shield, that they can manipulate and direct in their own interests as a block vote to ensure they get the political and cultural support they want.

Hypocritical, morally criminal political figures like Plevneliev, are not the root cause of our problems, unless he is actually Jewish, then it could be said he is doing such out of his own racial hatred for Northern Europeans, surprisingly, those such as Rosen Plevneliev are merely a part of the mechanism of PR and inter-governmental political manipulation that is used by Jewish Supremacist groups like the EJP, ADL, etc to prevent individual European politicians (in all White countries from New Zealand to Iceland) from doing anything in the interest of their people, this is how they gradually took over European politics in the first place. 

This influence seeks to prevent discussions on referendums on the EU, curbing immigrant numbers, and regulations pertaining to the majority owned Jewish banks and countless other subject areas. Jewish bankers are just as responsible for British membership of the European Union as Westminster Politicians: the self-evident truth every English person and other Europeans should see. 

Peoples such as Vince Cable, David Cameron, and the entire UK cabinet and elected Parliament are nothing more than convenient, disposable assets as far as anti-white Jewish activists such as Moshe Kantor or the entirety of the European Jewish Congress are concerned. Thankfully we English are the most Euro-skeptic race in Europe, numerous research has been done suggesting EU scepticism is primarily an English trait, according to research by the University of Cardiff. It was also stated that UKIP is the de facto Nationalist and Patriotic party of the English people.

Although as not to diminish our Welsh, Scottish and Ulster relatives, who I value highly as independent and trustworthy fellow Europeans, the English, Welsh, Scottish and Ulster folk as a whole are the most anti-EU national group of folk out of all the singular territories within the European Union. It is wonderful to realize that our people are the most informed about the agenda of the European Union; this shows massive promise for our peoples understanding of the wider Jewish racist atrocity that is ongoing all over Europe. 

As someone who loves our folk without limitation, it is truly heartwarming to know that we are the most awakened among the European folk within the Jewish inspired, authored and organized EU. The people of Britain will be the spearhead that impales the abhorrent, immoral and lunatic plan of Jewish racists, who have now for over 50 years openly talked (in their circles of conversation, such as at the height of the Soviet Union) about exterminating the white race. 

An aim the Jewish Supremacists and subversives alike will never accomplish and will do nothing more than cause a massive (near final) surge of justified and fair hatred against these same Jewish genocidal criminals, their organizations and the so called Jewish 'communities,' which enable them. 

The EU exit will be a catalyst for a pure European ascension. Once the EU is out of the way, we are home free, all the Jewish bankers will be forced to leave, the Jewish and generically liberal media will be hated for all time for its pro EU campaign right up until the point where the referendum results are declared and probably also during the legislative process afterwards when Westminster begins legislating to leave the EU, and right up until the EU flag is burned everywhere on UK sovereign territory. 

All the immigrants from the EU, including massive numbers of non-whites who reside in other EU member states and work here under the EU or reside here, will be kicked out as the EU alone provides the legal framwork for the presence of such internal EU immigrants here, and then its just the immigrants that managed to get citizenship specifically as citizens of the UK beforehand who we will have to expel ourselves manually through successive legislative changes, as more and more genuine folk take over Westminster and local councils. 

There will most definately be legislation set in place (authored by Westminster) so that all the beneficial working immigrants, overwhelmingly from fellow Northern European ethnic groups, can remain in the UK such as the mass granting of work visas for skilled German, Dutch and Scandinavian folk, negating the whole argument against leaving the EU on the basis of potentially losing skilled workers.

The detrimental, parasitic third world immigrants will not merely be expelled to the nearest EU state but deported straight back to their third world countries of ethnic origin, including Palestine, where It is my wish that many of the most radical Islamist/Jihadist elements will be deported to, to aid in the struggle there, simultaneously whilst the international boycott of Israel grows in intensity.