Article author: Asatro NewsPublished: 1st Æfterra Jéola 2014 / 1st day After Yule 2264.RE

The Immigrant Invasion Intensifies: 

Day 1: 

The degenerate media lies and betrayal are ripped open

Remember back in 2013, as far back as early 2013, from March and all throughout the summer and right up until we declared our day after tomorrow, mainstream media groups such as Sky, Channel 4, ITV, the Independent, the Guardian and all the other semitic owned or influenced news outlets and only the semitic owned outlets (excluding the Dailymail, for example) were stating that the numbers of immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria would be small, and that UKIP was just scaremongering. 

Even some members of the pro-Jewish BNP (not surprisingly) took the opportunity to call Nigel Farage a scaremongerer.

Remember the suspiciously well-rehearsed BBC Question time audience members in Boston who went psychotic on Nigel Farage, calling him a 'scaremongerer,' saying he was exploiting vulnerable people's fears (calling people concerned with immigration vulnerable, is the opposite of the truth by the way) and that Bulgarians and Romanians are coming here to pick ALL of your potatoes and other vegetables (that used to be picked by part-time English folk alongside a proper job, as a side-job) that all non-immigrants are somehow incapabale of doing.

Remember all the hundreds of articles by pathetic Jewish Marxists and non-whites like Benjamin Zephaniah ("the media face of white genocide") in various papers, on various websites, and on national television who attacked UKIP for daring to warn the English people about the massive threat inbound, due to the marxist enforcement of "freedom of movement" within the EU, in terms of human-traffic.

Remember how the Prime Minister of Romania, the vile, semitic beholden liar, who went on BBC hardtalk, to lie about the numbers of Roma from his country who would flood here.

Remember how the Pro-Israel, Pro-Jewish 'Community' Conservative MP Anna Soubry  attacked Nigel Farage for raising awareness about the Romanian and Bulgarian mass-immigration wave incoming and the other non-whites coming through Romania and Bulgaria, and castigated such information as scaremongering.

Remember how Searchlight, got involved in the pathetic frenzy of ignorance and hypocrisy in calling UKIP scaremongerers?

Remember how Christian Bishops engaged in attacking Nigel Farage and all other opponents of the recent wave of mass-immigration of sub-European peoples as un-christian and rallied Christians in opposition of UKIP and all rational semi-nationalist people?

Did you see this morning and last night how Keith Vaz, one of the many Westminster faces of anti-English racism went to the airport to welcome non-English, in-fact barely European immigrants into England, who WILL vote Labour to secure their immoral and un-natural supply of 'benefits' secured via theft via the Westminster government from our wages and taxes and our children's education and health care systems and very life expectancies therefore.

Do you remember the racial and national treason committed by almost every member of the media, Ed Miliband and all of Labour, Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats, the majority of the Conservatives and even small elements of the BNP in addition to the entire Christian clergy establishment.
They all lied in order to prevent the general public from knowing the truth, they are all guilty of informational treason against our nation as a whole up until this morning especially, with some media outlets even continuing their obvious lies this evening on the 1st of January. Their lies on this new intense increase in the numbers inherent in this colossol-mass-immigration genocidal effort are just as seditious as their lies about multi-culturalism, race, religion and every aspect of our existences that they can and have lied about, at the behest of semitic financial and political interests, if not more so.

Do you remember the Jewish financed pressure groups that sent protestors out into London, with placards saying "immigrants come here to work" written on them?

The lies are once again visible now for all to see.

Every single bus, coach and plane flight out of the capital of Bulgaria coming to England is booked all the way until the 9TH OF JANUARY, that is a capacity of 10,000-50,000 in just over one mere week... The majority of these flights are booked on one way tickets, normal flight levels have increased by near to several 1000%, with some tickets selling for almost £3,000. 

I do not suppose the people paying £3,000 for a plane ticket are just coming here on a business trip, or maybe commuters coming to find work? 

-What (honest) worker could ever spend £3,000 on a single-way plane ticket?

 The only people willing to pay such money are those who know they will get more than 3,000 pounds back instantly, and they will get far more than that.

They are by definition parasitic and millions more Roma and non-whites are waiting to make the same trip if we allow it to continue.

Each benefits immigrant will be 13,000 pounds better of on welfare within a few months of being in the UK, with wage rates also potentially being five or six times higher here in the UK than in Bulgaria or Romania.

These immigrants are coming here to literally loot our nation, to sleep, to eat, to breed on the NHS and social services, to recieve benefits, commit 92% of credit card theft and fraud, steal over 40% of Big-Issue selling opportunities for genuine homeless folk, let alone mainstream job opportunities.

Immigration is ruining the lives of everyone in this nation, from the once English part-time potato pickers to the middle class families who are made victims of crime, to the wealthy, who find their taxes increasing to fund the overburdened and increasingly non-white occupied school, health, and prison systems.

The only people who are gaining are Jewish and rogue landlords who can charge rent from 30 immigrants living in a single house or a dozen immigrants living in a single garden shed or more.

The Bulgarian pro Jewish Prime Minister Rosen Plevneliev and his Romanian counter-part, have also ordered their governments to accelerate the rate of  giving foreign citizens Bulgarian or Romanian passports so that they can pass through Bulgaria or Romania from the third world and come straight to the UK, in what is evidently a well thought out and systematic attempt to literally assault the homogeniety of the UK, whilst we are still a member of the EU until 2017, they are trying to change the internal demographics of the EU and UK, so come a 2017 UK EU  exit referendum, the English 80-90% who want to leave the EU will not, by then, constitute such a strong majority of the electorate, if even a 2017 referendum is even possible under the modified EU constitutional rules by 2017, which are rumoured to being manipulated to make having a referendum to leave the EU non-binding, requiring the EUs permission to leave.
It is that serious, this is the fast lane to genocide and there will be no UN intervention, no human rights watchdog alarms, it is up to us to stand and fight against the destruction of our race and nation.

And its not just the Roma, as exampled, it is massive numbers of non-whites pouring through Romania and Bulgaria at the orders of Jewish lobby groups in the EU, and the Romanian and Bulgarian governments.

The Jewish EU is waging war against England. There is no other way to rationalise and explain what is happening.

The Jewish Ed Miliband got what he wanted for New Year: a massive wave of welfare dependent voters, who do not hold any allegiance to England or respect our English identity, the English identity his anti-gentile racist father Ralph Miliband so detested. 

Nigel Farage was 100% right, in-fact much like Enoch Powell, he might have under-stated the extent of the threat.

This is the start of 2014, this is the start of our intensified war to reclaim our nation.

Get active now: awaken your immediate friends, family and co-workers to this threat

Despite all: Keep positive, Keep practical & Keep persevering

Rise Nordic & Germanic folk!