Article author: Asatro News / Published: November 24th 2013 (1st edition article) / 24th Blót-mónaþ 2263.RE

How to get elected in a majority non-white constituency: The groundbreaking methodology that could negate the influence of the racist non-white voting blocks in electoral politics

Non-whites vote overwhelmingly along racial lines, non-whites are on average 73% more likely than whites to be inclined to racist views against Europeans and other ethnic groups, this permeates undeniably into electoral politics and the mainstream and far-left cannot hide such, as it is visible in each and every election at every imagineable level since Blacks entered white countries / were given the right to vote by Jewish activists (via Jewish-founded iorganisations like the NAACP, SPLC and HIAS). To the tune of 93%-99% blacks in the US voted for Obama in 2008 and again in 2012, despite massive cultural and philosophical differences with Obama's Marxist-Alinskyite ideology.

In November this mass-racist-racial-allegiance voting block was turned right back upon its own 'ethnically biased' intentions. 

Ironically: the liberal statement that racism is as a result of 'ignorance' and 'ill-education' is proved absolutely correct in the case of the racist voting tendencies of africans, asians, hispanics and semitic peoples. Dave Wilson, is a European American, and a Republican with strong family values and holds a staunch anti-sodomy stance, Dave Wilson recently gained election in a majority black electoral area (district 2, Austin, Texas) for the Nov 2013 Houston Community College board elections in Texas, he is now elected for 6 years as a trustee of the aforementioned board... in a majority non-white ghetto/urban area... 

Many on the right, complain about the difficuly of electoral politics in areas with significant non-white populations. Dave Wilson did not complain, he just got down to work on negating its influence and has thus brought to light a fantastic election tactic, that should be emulated and copied across all electoral areas with high non-white populations. 

In essense Dave Wilson carefully placed advertisement literature, radio broadcasts and posters that showed a large number of black faces on them, endorsing Dave Wilson, without actually ever specifically stating he was black himself, he achieved this effect merely by implication and the racist assumptions of the majority black electorate. 
Due to the ignorance fueled racism of the majority black electorate in Dave Wilsons target ward, this facade worked perfectly and he attained a safe majority of votes ousting an establishment politician and taking an important position in the local government of Austin, Texas. 

The 83% Jewish owned media in the United States briefly mentioned the case, but the story, despite its news worthy content, has quickly been dropped and is no longer in media circulation. 


Surely the anti-white media want to attack Dave Wilson and imply he wishes to throw babies out of incubators or gas 6 million jews? 

To the contrary, for this story shows no wrongdoing on the part of Dave Wilson, he has committed no crimes, he justified his actions very well, when accused of implictly lying, when he stated. 

"Every time a politician talks, he's out there deceiving voters"
 This story shows only one thing, and it not only shows it, but conclusively proves that non-whites are horrifically racist in just about everything they do. -From which shops they purchase things from, to who they give their seat up to on a bus (one could call that Rosa-Parks hypocrisy) and to the people they vote for (when they can be bothered, non-whites have an extremely low turn-out rate during elections, thankfully). 

Dave Wilson has demonstrated a tactic that can and SHOULD be utilized by every single electoral candidate, there is nothing the media can do if every white, center right candidate, even the conservatives imply during their election material that specific candidates are non-white on a tactical, election-outcome oriented basis. 

And if the media does make a large effort to tell black voters "do not be fooled, he is not black",

 that will also tell every single white person in the country and likely on an international level everything they need to know about the racist views of non-whites and the importance of race. 

If even a few candidates adopt such tactics in the next cycle of elections in all of our respective countries and areas, the awareness it would create if the media 'attacked' them, for 'exploiting' the racism of non-whites would wake up millions of people to the importance of race. It is a lose-lose situation for the left and Jewish-supremacists. 

Either they do not report such 'implicit suggestions that a candidate is black' and that candidate stands a better chance of getting elected. 


They report on such 'implicit suggestions that a candidate is black' and all they do is tell the entire electorate that black-voters vote purely along racial lines, causing a massive surge in the awareness of race, a decrease in integration, a growth in anti-immigrant sentiment and through doing such help us to wake up our nations. 

D.C voters in 2010 faced a demonstration of the same tactic, but it failed as it was in the high profile D.C area and the anti-white media tagged Michael Brown as "white Mike", although the few remaining whites in D.C (many of whom have now left for the NW or South) were blatantly shown the reality and severity of the importance of race. 

Thankyou Dave Wilson !
And thankyou to all of the people who will attempt to utilize this tactic during the next elections in their areas, especially in target constituencies in the UK.

 I would recommend that every single political figure on the right adopt this tactic, if everyone does it, the media will be able to do nothing but stick their heads in the sand and pretend nothing is happening in an effort to not encourage others to do the same (this is where having our own media outfits comes into the plan)

For years figures on the right such as Ann Coulter have complained about the inability of 'right-wingers' to get elected in areas with large non-white populations. 

This tactic championed by Dave Wilson could turn 'demographically lost areas' into electorally viable areas again. 

Could a far-right candidate win solely on the non-white vote therefore?!?!

 Insanely, yes!

It is theoretically possible, if they attract a majority of the white voters fed up with mass immigration by default in such a non-white area and then use 'implicit suggestions' targeted at demographically majority non-white areas within their constituency, with slogans like:

 "vowing to fight racism" (albeit, the racism one would be fighting is anti-white racism from the non-whites who are voting for you (irony) ). 

One might think: "but might implying you are black lose you votes with the white population?" 

This is where the comparative racist nature of the non-white populations is evidenced again and with it the hypocrisy of the entire anti-white media, education establishment and political class. 

The answer is no, white voters are 73% less likely to vote along racial lines than non-whites, sometimes 90% less likely to vote for a candidate on the basis of race alone. 

One might think this is a major problem with white voters in elections, as in they do not vote along lines of racial loyalty. 

Yes this is a problem, that is disappearing thankfully (a higher proportion of whites voted for Romney (and we are talking about the terrible candidate of Mit Romney) in 2012, than for Ronald Reagan!), as the White or European electorate in both the US and every single nation on earth is becoming more and more racially unified towards the right politically.

White voters are unlikely to be put off for voting for a candidate who is implying he is non-white, as they are far more likely to see through such a ploy, especially if the media mention such, unlike the non-white electorate, who often vote without any prior consideration of the candidates. 

This is proven in countless cases where non-whites are bused to the polls by organized far-left groups who tell them who to vote for outside the polling station. The superiority of IQ in the white electorate demonstrates the fact that the white electorate will never fall for such a ploy, which is on average 40 points higher, often 45 points higher than the non-white electorate, and higher than 90% of the Jewish populations (increasingly low, Haredi) IQ this has been proven in over 3,500 IQ studies into race and IQ. 

This method of implicitly stating you are of another ethnicity has evidently been field tested, has proven successful and is ready for full operational deployment.

 In addition to the NAN planned campaign against Diane Abbott. Is anyone reared up for contesting Diane Abbott in her Hackney constituency in 2015, utilizing the above methodology?

I sure am willing to provide activist organization and PR support to such an effort when it comes to 2015! 

The Nationalist Asatru News will run several articles and a concealed volunteer drive when we are in the run up to the 2015 general election, hopefully we can hit multiple large non-white constituencies and border constituencies and lose Labour a few seats, it is easier to do than you might believe, often it is a matter of only a few thousand votes in such constituencies, and with a vote spiting independent 'non-white' campaign, a Labour candidate could lose with ease in several border constituencies. 

Border constituencies make or break entire elections. 

The influence we will have if we are able to mobilize efforts even in only a few constituencies will be colossal. 

Some are Sceptical about electoral politics on the far-right but there is no reason we cannot engage in a form of electoral campaigning that stands outside the rules of conventional electoral political warfare. 

The electoral targeting of vocally anti-white politicians like Ed Miliband and Diane Abbott would be the first electoral HVTs (high value targets) we will campaign against.