Article author: Asatro News / Published: October 17th 2013 (1st edition article) / 17th Winter-fylleþ 2263.RE

Could the government shutdown have  sealed the end of the 2 party domination of politics in the United States?

Context: only 24 percent approve of the Republican or Democrat Party in a WSJ/NBC survey, the lowest results in the poll’s history. 

President Obama (nicknamed: the first Jewish President) is (further) ruining the reputation and track record of Democrats in the office of the Presidency in the eyes of the majority of white voters at the same time as annihilating the Republicans reputation, in a situation where he is "cutting off his nose to spite his face" metaphorically speaking that is...

With the non-white vote solidly in favour of Democrats, by 93-99% among blacks, could the death of the Republican party see the emergence of a strong-majority white political movement under the implicit banner of the Libertarian/Tea party banner? 

Polls conducted in Iowa during the Republican presidential primaries showed that Ron Paul was scheduled to bear Obama, whilst Romney was still 9 points behind.

Could the obvious cross Democrat-Republican appeal of a libertarian endorsed candidate like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz signal the end of the Republican-Democrat ideological and electoral hegemony? 

The National GOP has had its reputation ruined, in the eyes of the general population, independents especially and with core values voters. The only remaining grassroot (with patches of Astroturf admittedly) movement that supports the GOP is the Tea Party, and they do not support the GOP blindly, but only candidates who they agree with, working to oust R.I.N.Os (Republicans In Name Only) was and still is a usual hobby for the Tea party, signaling that in terms of core unthinking mass support, the GOP is running low. Could the GOP be sidelined by a libertarian party or could the GOP itself fracture into such?

 -Or could the GOP be purified by Tea party pressure until all of its viable candidates are Libertarian or Tea Party endorsed candidates? It remains to be seen. What is sure that is the GOP has reached a historical low in its popularity. 

When parties reach low-points, there is almost always a rebound, during that rebound, in order for that rebound to happen large segments of the party will likely be altered. 

After the 2012 fiasco, led by the cowardous general Mitt Romney, who was an establishment candidate, almost designed to lose, the RINO core of the republican party (and that is what it is), decided that the solution to the problem of their epic presidential election failure was to become more like the Democrats, failing to realize that no-matter how much they change, unless they offer anti-white governmental proposals, the ethnic minority block votes will still go to the Democratic party, despite the philosophical contradictions many ethnic minorities have with abortion and the foreign wars conducted by the Democratic administration of President Obama, they will still vote for their perceived ethnic interests, which is the party which will let more people like them into the country. 

All of the moves by traitorous figures such as Arizona Senator John McCain and Florida Senator Marco Rubio to endorse anti-white mass-legalization of illegal immigration have been futile, for now the parties ratings have dropped to record lows with traditional Republicans and 75% of the population of the U.S who now disapprove of the GOPs performance and the GOP itself. 

Compromise is designed to be a one way street. The Democrats know that, the R.I.N.OS in the Republican party know that. But the grassroots (now) ex-supporters of the Republican party now also have started in ever greater numbers to wise up to that reality. So what can we expect at local and national elections? 

The GOP electorally and the Democrats will be faltering to win over independents, with the unfavorable ratings for Obama-care, as the biggest tax hike in U.S history and the political hypocrisy and retardation of the Republican party it is evident that there is considerable room for a socially, economically and even possibly an (isolationist) racially traditionalist party in the US electoral system or in the cultural scene, although national elections will still be between the 2 main parties, regional governerships and state house seats will likely be contended by pro-segregation and disolution of the union candidates, either privately or overtly.

A tactical word of advice: entryism is the only means through which any national agenda in the US for European advocates will ever be attained. Ultimately electoral politics itself is a failing system in the United states, which beckons the arrival of massive numbers of anti-government movements, that go outside of politics and advocate military or constitutional seccession from the Union for a specific area

Ultimately all European Americans moving to Europe, subsequently letting America collapse, would be the best move, after which America could then be re-colonisesd, or a pro-white military coup from within the United states, these are the only assured to win tactics for European racial nationalists in America, all else is a gamble, against unfavourable odds.

America is sustained on the taxes stolen from European Americans, if European American's leave, America collapses.

It goes without saying that those same people who have led the Republican party to destruction will want to do everything possible to keep it in play so that it can stifle and dilute any nationalistic or merely traditionalist or libertarian resistance parties from gaining the ascendancy. 

It is up to the will of the strong minded libertarians, patriots and traditionalists in America to cleanse the moderate elements within the GOP and hijack it as a party structure to their own ends or to completely ensure it is retired to the dust so that a genuine pro-European American (implicitly, i.e a libertarian party) party may emerge. 

The potential is there, the figure heads are there (Ted Cruz, Rand Paul (to an extent) among other less well known potential leaders) all it takes is finance, organisation and one or two electoral cycles and the presidency could fall into the hands of someone like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul.


Ultimately at the end of the day the only missing ingredient is Asatro informed willpower on behalf of those Northern European Americans who wish to save their very existence on the North American continent.