Article author: Volunteer writer / Published: 3rd Before Yule 2013 / 3rd Ærra Jéola 2263.RE

Our responsibility to protect and organize our folk: demonstrated by the case of the Rochdale "Girl A"

Rochdale. One of England's ancient towns, the first recorded documentation of which is found in our legendary Domesday Book of 1086, where it was written as Recedham Manor. Lying at the foothills of the South Pennines on the River Roch, it became a boomtown of the Industrial Revolution, a veritable behemoth of textile manufacture. 

It was a time and age when British men and women proved for all time the true industriousness and unequaled skill of the British labour force. 

The work was hard and the pay was a pittance; lives were cut short through long hours of backbreaking labour and under-nourishment; but the irresolute steel of pride saw them through, for they knew they led the world. 

When the people of Rochdale woke up in the morning, facing another arduous day in the mills, they could do so with a smile and a happy heart, for they were British. 

With such spirit and such pride, the future of their progeny should have been golden and will again be so after we are victorious in this current struggle. 

One-hundred-and-fifty years later, Rochdale is nationally renown for one thing only: “Grooming” – a conveniently harmless term misapplied by the media for the purpose of damage limitation to describe the barbaric gang-raping of teenage English girls by a vast network of Pakistani men. 

It is more realistically described as "racially motivated sexual enslavement".

So much for the golden future, instead our civilization has been plunged into a tooth and claw fight for survival, where we have to become our own leaders, for our nations leaders are the slaves of our enemies. Pakistan, as well as being a bastion of insanity with regard to religion, where “blasphemy” is a crime punishable by death, where Hindus, Europeans and Women are openly hunted by gangs who are in fact just the normal population.

 Pakistan regularly tops Google trends in the porn department, including, but not limited to: 

  • Child rape
  • Incest rape
  • Donkey sex
  • Camel sex
  • Rape porn
  • White girls

Need I go on? 

You see, male humanoids from Pakistan are quite often (but not always, as to be accurate), according to these statistics, a sexually 'abstract' bunch (to describe their affliction mildly, and legally), and due to this, in conjunction with their culturally and religiously encoded 'normal' 2nd cousin grade inbreeding over generations, subsequent genetic accumulation of certain traits plus their violent and very morally relativist religion, has resulted in the current trends, let alone the chaos Pakistan experiences internally, one needs only look for news coming out of Pakistan to see the reality of the aforementioned statements. 

The rapes of hundreds, if not thousands of White girls in the north of England over the past decade would not have been a surprise to anyone if unbiased public discussions on racial topics were allowed in this country. But in spite of the glaringly obvious, what did the mind-controlling media tell us? “The rapists weren't rapists because they were Pakistani, they just happened to be Pakistani.” 

The same shoddy logic was used to deflect the racial aspect in relation to the victims. 

“The victims weren't targeted because they were white! They just happened to be white.”  -A manipulative lie, in order to mask the epidemic of racially motivated sexual enslavement.

A full understanding of the psychology of the victims and perpetrators is almost impossible for an outsider looking in. That is why 'Girl A: My Story' is an absolute must read, not just for nationalists, but especially for mothers, fathers and teenage girls across the nation. 

Girl A: My story should be compulsory reading for all year 8 students, instead of reading "Poems from other (non-white) cultures" in 'English literature'. 

It is the account of a regular girl, not from a low-end working class background but from a middle-class background who, terrifyingly easily, became a sex-slave overnight. She endured three years of abuse, much of which is detailed graphically. 

“It would happen most days, with up to five different men in a day. And not even in just one house or one flat: I'd be taken to one house, then another, then a third. It might be Rochdale one night, Bradford the next, or Nelson or Oldham.” (p. 126.) 

So you see, it is not just a handful of sick bastards abusing a handful of girls. It was, and remains, a vast network of hundreds of Pakistanis, in addition to a number of Bangladeshis and Blacks abusing hundreds of English girls. An isolated incident this most certainly isn't! Continued: 

“Wherever I was taken, there was a set routine, in which they'd give me alcohol to get me drunk and then come at me, one after another, until they'd had enough of me.” “It was the same routine. I'd go into the bedroom and lie on the bed. Aarif, and then the others, would come in, get naked and climb on top of me. I'd just lie there. Afterwards the man who'd just raped me would go back into the living room and the next one would come in.” (p. 147.) 

Her controller – an obese, physically intimidating girl (herself a victim of this abuse) – forced her to shave off her pubic hair to appear younger, as this was demanded by the abusers. Whenever she complained to her attackers that men their age having sexual contact with a fifteen year-old girl was perverted, they would answer: 

“My dear, where I am from, it is legal to have sex with eleven year-olds.” 

And these are people our traitorous governments want to “integrate” into our society. 

“Most of the men liked to [have anal intercourse with me] as well, especially if I was on my period. As Tariq had made clear, it meant they stayed 'clean' while they were raping me. Lucky them.” (p. 150.)          -Pakistani logic. 

Even if you don't care that a vast and growing number of Pakistani's in this country are, as the police and court records now show for a significant proprtion of their population: who are undeniably child-rapists, this should make you think twice before you provide financial business in the form of ordering food from some of their outlets, because many of which, it is alleged as in the Charlene Downes case, are utilized as the core hubs of networks of racially motivated sexual enslavement cartel operations. 

The fact (as described by the first hand witness "Girl A") that many of them consider annal sex religiously 'clean' shows you the sheer impossibility of the integration of such demographics into Britain, as has been proven by other factors also, such as their horrifically high crime rates in other regards and tendency to be unemployed by a majority within their communities, although they would get on very well with the pro-sodomy David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and the entire political establishment in that regard. 

Happily, "Girl A" goes on to smash the media's defence of the victims just happening to be white... 

“You never know what goes on behind closed doors, but I got the impression Asian girls were safe from them.” (p.168.) 

This has been proven and admitted by the overwhelmingly, but not exclusively Pakistani (along with Bangladeshi and African) rapists in court and in various documentaries. 

One of the most enraging sections in the book describes the reaction of a Childcare worker Girl A had established a strong relationship with (and was likely the only one who could help her) when it was revealed to her that Girl A's father had joined the BNP: 

“Unfortunately, just when the bond between me and Jane seemed to be at its best, it began to unravel. 'We're going on a family day out to a theme park,' I told her one day, oblivious to the fact that I was about to cross a line with my rescuer. 'The BNP have organised it.' She looked at me, aghast. 'Sorry Hannah,' she said, as if she hadn't quite heard properly. 'The BNP?' Sadly, Dad's bitterness about what had happened to me had turned into an irrational – and, thankfully, temporary – hatred of all things Asian. 'Yes,'  I said. 'Dad's joined. He reckons that if they get in to Parliament, they'll give all the foreigners money to go back to their own country***.' Jane, gentle, lovely Jane, had a face like thunder. 'That's racism*, Hannah,' she said, as levelly as she could. … 'This is their country!' (p. 229-230) 

***a) The BNP will never get into government due to the political imcomptence of their pro-jewish, pro-christian leader and core members & b) The BNP would not actually change anything, as money is already available to immigrants to leave the country, the BNP is a facade, so yes in a way it is shocking that any reasonable, intelligent father would join such a pathetic, manipulating, designed to fail-slowly-over-decades (and thus destroy our national resistance) political party such as the BNP.

*Joining the BNP could allegedly be equated with racism against the British people in terms of the effect of sustaining the BNP, as it is destroying our resistance, by forcibly being "the only game in town", whilst deliberately failing (by being mediocre) in being "the only game in town", which subsequently means the BNP is screwing over the British people even more than the mainstream political parties, by preventing the arrival of a true resistance and by dirtying the image of nationalism in the eyes of ORDINARY people with its deliberately self-defiling PR incompetence.

This, for me, is the most terrifyingly aspect of the problem. Folkish Nationalists are literally the only people in this country with the understanding of the racial problem and the courage to take the appropriate action to solve the problem. But the very mention of even the BNP, the great sell-outs of British nationalism, strikes the conditioned liberal mind with brutal, repellent force. 

Even a woman who knew full-well the nature and the scale of the abuse was almost struck dumb that the father of a girl who had been raped countless times by dozens of Pakis felt a smidgeon of anger towards that particular protected minority group. 

Her relationship with Girl A was soured to the point that she almost walked away. 

Isn't that just incredible?! 

But no, this is now the standard reaction among the social working class, teaching class, media class and the political class. 

What's more, both Girl A and her father (a one time, typical BNP member) are careful to stress that they don't bear ill-will towards the Pakistani community. 

How weak...  How illogical.. How typically Christian... It is disheatening to see 2 potentially strong English persons, like the brave Girl A and her father, cowed by the christian morality of foregiveness, in this case for the horrific crime of racially motivated sexual enslavement.

I won't attempt to briefly summarize the book because there is simply too much of interest that would necessarily be overlooked for the sake of brevity. But the bare bones of the situation is this: English girls, not just those of a “vulnerable background”, are falling prey to sadistic savages with a fetish and racially motivated hatred for defiling underage White girls. 

This is not happening on a small scale. 

The government knows about it; Social Services goes out of its way to ignore it; the police are afraid to deal with it; the media does its best to hide it, to sweep it under the carpet. 

Jewish or Marxist led pressure groups do their best to crush anyone who speaks openly about it, all with the aim of: making the English people: go back to sleep and pretend it never happened. 

They would all rather allow this outrage to continue unchecked than provide “ammunition for the far-right”, which is to say, they would rather deny reality than admit the so called far-right, a.k.a those who hold natural and logic based beliefs, that they are 100% correct. They would rather condemn our daughters to die a slow death as sexual slaves than risk having their political power risked by a rising folkish political movement. 

It is the greatest fear of the establishment that the public should ever come to see that we, the folkish nationalists, were right all along; that we are the good guys in this fight; that we are the only ones who are looking out for the best interests of the sons and daughters of all the English people. 

Area with large Pakistani majority ghetto areas such as Rochdale, Heywood, Leeds, Bradford, Oldham and Blackburn just so happen to have paedophile hotspots.

Something must be done, and we absolutely should not consult the state or any existent political party to do anything about it, for they cannot and they care only for their own gains. 

The fight for racial survival demands that we look out for our own, each individual reading this must do their utmost to set up parent networks, neighbour-hood teams and other legal units and measures in order to prevent, detect and deter any aggression against our daughters, women and increasingly our sons also. 

It is the role of brothers, sister parents, uncles, aunts and grandparents, who are politically awake to teach their entire families about this threat and the wider threat posed by all immigrants and leftwing ideologues to our very safety and to organize effectively to counter such a threat on a friends network and family based level. 

If each person reading this took measures to ensure the safety of their entire family in their awareness and preparedness in the face of immigrant crime, thousands of families, that is tens of thousands of people would live safer, more politically awakened lives. 

A golden future is still possible and is becoming more an more likely due to our people's unstoppable awakening.

 It falls to us to make it happen, it falls to us to protect and organize, so that the general will of our people is unleashed.