Article author:Asatro News & Volunteer Writer Published: 16th day of Hrēþ-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 16th day of Hrēþ-mōnaþ 2014

European Folkish political rebellion on the horizon

Eurosceptic parties are set to dominate at the upcoming European parliamentary elections in May, and it's a fact that is scaring the daylights out of the establishment.

The mainstream media has lost all credibility; it is losing its ability to dissuade voters from rebelling against the political hegemony.

Its heavy-handed reliance on falsely-justified moral crowd-bigotry, scaremongering and smear-campaigns is wearing thin with a large section of the public.

In fact, there is evidence to suggest that the harder the mainstream media and LibLabCon politicians try to discredit Eurosceptic parties, the more popular they become.

The evidence is undeniable, Euroscepticism is 100% valid.

The criminal Jewish-Supremacists pulling the strings of the bloated behemoth Eurostate are planning a police co-ordination effort throughout Europe that will include surveillance, intelligence gathering and remote vehicle stopping technology.

That's right – they want technology built into all new cars sold in the Eurozone that allows them to track you, wherever you are, and gives them the power to literally, with the push of a button, halt you in your tracks if they suspect that you are perhaps not towing the party line. What these Jewish-supremacists in Brussels have planned for us is beyond even the scope of Orwell's far-sighted vision. Stalin himself would approvingly twist his moustache with a jealous hand if he were alive to contemplate the scale of the totalitarian measures the genocidal Jewish-Supremacists are co-ordinating for us as each day passes.

The Jewish 2014 manifesto details the PR manipulated image of what they intend to enact.                    

This anti-European racial agenda, evidently and empirically verified as being driven by Jews, must be stopped, and it is being fought against in public opinion every single day.

Research conducted by a professor at the University of Nottingham, in which 100,000 voters' views were analysed, suggests that UKIP could win over 30% of the electorate if they can succeed in getting their message across.

That would be for next year's general election, but as people take the Euro elections far less seriously, there would be far less hesitancy among voters to vote tactically, which benefits UKIP.

A new Comres poll, commissioned by the Independent of Sunday and the Sunday Mirror, confirms this.

As far as the European parliamentary elections go, UKIP leads with 30%, two points ahead of Labour. UKIP could very well double the 13 seats they won in Brussels in 2009.

A positive (1st place overall) result for UKIP in the Euro elections could embolden the electorate to abandon their traditional, complacent LibLabCon voting habits come 2015.

All across Europe people are revolting against the Marxist terror-state.

Just yesterday the Danish People's Party emerged as the most likely to win the most seats in the Euro elections, ahead of the two biggest mainstream parties in Denmark!

In Austria, the Freedom Party are neck-and-neck with the ruling parties. In Holland, Geert Wilders' PPV are expected to easily come 1st overall.

The French National Front is making huge strides, not only being predicted as destined to come 1st in the European Parliamentary elections, Marine Le Pen is now marginally predicted to win the presidency of the entirety of France in 2017.

Those who have fallen for the Jewish-infiltrator lies that our situation is hopeless (and of retreating into enclaves) need to be forced to observe reality, come the 2014 EU elections everyone in our nation who is not on-side with our folk will witness our folk rising -the entirety of Europe is our enclave.

The people of Europe are statistically and emotionally infuriated.

We are statistically, reasonably and emotionally) infuriated at not being able to control who enters our countries and what our state will look, act, legislate and feel like in the future.

Every European is infuriated at the ECHR and “Human Rights” charters that prevents us from deporting the scum of the earth, that insists that the liberties of rapists, murderers and terrorists are more important than the safety and well-being of our people.

We are righteously infuriated at having laws dictated to us by unelected bureaucrats that are hell-bent on undermining our national sovereignty and gradually exterminating our race.

2066 would be our minority status prediction line in relation to the UK on the current demographic course. -This infuriates our folk, this scares our folk, this demographic trend and its symptoms (high crime rate, massive welfare spending, high taxation, all led by Jewish anti-white cultural and demographic onslaughts) is why we are rising, consciously and reactively.

When the European Parliamentary elections roll around, they will be dominated by Eurosceptic parties.

It just so happens that most of these anti-EU parties are what the mainstream media calls “far-right extremist” or “neo-Nazi” parties, or who's leaders were more hard-line than Enoch Powell in their youth (e.g: Farage) or near past (e.g: Marine Le Pen).

Naturally these movements are becoming unchallengeably popular, for these movements are the best aligned with the best interests of the European people as is currently possible for a mainstream political party, which is by-definition the nearly at the diametrical opposite to Jewish (Supremacist, racist and psychotic) interests as seen in the 2014 Jewish EU manifesto.

What will follow after this victory will be the true battle, to mobilize our folk's folkish opinions in a professional, appealing and leading manner, so that leaving the EU becomes only the beginning of a great European Political rebellion, resurgence and righteous ascendancy past all expectations.

I for one will not complacently remain as a spectator or commentator, I along with all of you reading this who are willing, will take to the streets in 2014 and 2015 and every year until we have power, to wage our war on behalf of our beloved folk, to leave nothing to destiny alone, but to forge forth our own path for the resurgence of our folk, to a Nationalistic, Asatru inspired future.

The beginning of the great European awakening is upon us. - It is unstoppable.

Hail our European folk, as our own Gods and Goddesses in our destined brilliance as we triumph through this era of struggle by our own persevering strength, intelligence and willpower