Article author: Asatro News Published: 18th day of Sol-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 18th day of Sol-month 2014

Egalitarianism, the anti-natural, anti-European, Jewish-ideology: the dysgenic effect of the 'safety-net'

The left-wing subversive Catholic Archbishop Vincent Nichols, recently made a ludicrous and laughable attack on the Conservative government's inadequate 'cutting' and simplification of the anti-natural, Jewish-ideology inspired, dysgenic welfare system.

The Catholic Archbishop stated ludicrously that:

"The basic safety net to guarantee that (non-white and parasitic) people are not left in hunger or destitution has actually been torn apart... it no longer exists...and that is a real, real dramatic crisis"

Catholic subversive, Vincent Nichols

*The Catholic Archbishop of England and Wales is a position that should not exist, for a religion that should not exist in our lands and did not thanks solely to our glorious and triumphant (*link= a video capturing the pride-filled emotion of our victory over Catholicism in the link) victory over the Spanish Armada, that was ordered to take over Britain and muddy our race on behalf of the Catholic church, which meant our people did not have to suffer through the inquisition and ensured our English spiritual, racial and cultural heritage survived intact slightly more than in other European nations.

The attack is ludicrous because, the (Catholic) Welfare Secretary Ian Duncan smith (Jew-sympathizer and Kosher conservative) and the Department for Work & Pensions is spending 94 billion a year on working age benefits alone, under will continue to do so under a new scheme called the "Universal credit" scheme (sounds like the payment method from some dystopian welfarist future world as seen in the film Dredd, which revolves around a 94% unemployed, multi-ethnic tower-block ruled by a drug cartel).

The Catholic and especially Jewish obsession about the enforcement of a welfare 'safety net' in all White and only White countries, is nothing more than an attempt to enforce a dysgenic system of welfare upon our people, that means that the parasitic immigrants and low-IQ'd parasites, of non-European ethnicity can survive (instead of dying off as they naturally would without a 'safety net' in a highly competitive economy) and have more children at the expense (literally though our taxes and in reflection with our evolutionary interests) of the high IQ'd, harder working and less welfare prone European population.

But even within our population, the "safety net", which should be re-named the "dysgenic net" has a horrific, long term negative-evolutionary effect.

The 'safety net', in preventing the non-white and parasites from dying out, means that our population as a whole stagnates and regresses in its genetic quality over time, multiply this by millions of non-white immigrants (who are majority unemployed in the case of blacks, Arabs and Pakistanis (Muslims especially) and the dysgenic effect and comparative demographic effect (comparative demographic genocide) and you see the sheer amount of damage the 'safety net' causes.

The 'Safety net' does not exist because Jews care about the poor, or because the Catholics care about the poor (even though low-level Catholics might think that is why they support it), it is enforced by the lefts ideology (an undeniably Jewish creation in itself) and the media, financial and religious (Christianity, especially Catholics) enforcement and moral blackmail against the government on the subject of the 'safety net' specifically in order to ensure our people our subject to its long-term dysgenic and anti-industrious effect it has on our nation.

Welfare spending in most categories increased by over 300% between 1997 and 2010, this period also saw immigration increase to 0.5 million per year for almost 13 years straight.

The agenda and relationship between the ''safety net' (dysgenic 'welfare') and mass non-white immigration is blatantly obvious, it is a two pronged attack on our genetic integrity and status as the ethnic majority in our own homeland.

The egalitarian ideologies in general, are not actually egalitarian, but are in-fact, malicious, manipulative, slow-genocide inducing ideologies that seek to do nothing else but go against nature and in doing so attempt to destroy our people by doing what is the opposite of our natural genetic interests, and presenting it as a good thing, and in-fact demonizing anyone who opposes such as 'elitist', un-egalitarian or racist (to cut to the point), welfarism is anti-European, for to be European means excellence and any form of welfare encourages mediocrity, parasitism and degeneracy.

It is at the cause of the majority of our problems. For example, the anti-European Democratic party (in the US) and the Labour party in the UK, and the same with every last single far-left and soft-left party in the world, relies upon welfare-dependent or welfare receiving voters for their re-election, through which they can afford to betray those same European voters in committing partial genocide against them, but can none-the-less rely on their vote for re-election, simply due to the (perceived) importance of welfare to the lives of so many, who could actually otherwise stand on their own two feet, if welfare was to cease to exist.

It is a self-perpetuating cycle of destruction, destruction of the work ethic and character of the individual, and then the ethnic destruction of them, welfare is like a drug, symptoms of which include unemployment followed by passivity and illogically voting for political causes and parties which in-fact seek to ethnically replace the person who is on welfare themselves, ultimately.

Welfare is the barbed-hook at the end of a fishing line, that is being reeled in towards genocide, by its genocidal, Jewish-Supremacist creator, who is fanatically winding in the line, which is itself composed of Christianity and contemporary egalitarianism and other anti-European and anti-nature ideologies.

Nationalists must spread the word about the dysgenic effect the 'safety net' has, and that in the next few years, it will be the number one reason why ethnic minorities are increasing in number, besides immigration itself, it is only due to the 'safety net' that countless non-whites can even afford to have children in our highly expensive and resource-absent economy, that is primarily based around commercial industry, commercial farming, finance, chemical industries and retail.

If non-whites were subject to the same economic rules as us, and denied of the 'safety net', within 100 years, there would be almost no non-whites left in the country, or less than 1/10th of their current population levels or less, simply due to their proven tendencies towards unemployment and what should ideally thus be economic and then biological failure in the competition that is life.

An ideologically coherent nationalist should oppose anything that is counter to natures laws, for nature created us, and it is by adherence to natures laws alone, that we live or die, evolve or degenerate.

Nature is both our sword and shield, the welfare state, and especially the 'safety net' are contradictory to natures laws of natural selection and thus must be annihilated.

The safety net alone is the most damaging aspect of the welfare state on a long-term genetic level, let alone the ludicrous welfare payouts to non-whites, in housing, child benefits, NHS treatment, their illegitimate use of our 1st world infrastructure and unemployment benefits, these and the safety net itself are threats to the genetic, economic and spiritual/cultural (culture of dependency) integrity of our nation.

Returning to nature, is the solution to these Jewish ideologies, returning to the natural morality economics and eugenics of our ancestors is the unrivaled solution to these anti-natural cultural and spiritual aberrations, such as Christianity and its degenerating egalitarianism.