Article author: Asatro News Published: 9th Æfterra Jéola 2014 / 9th day After Yule 2264.RE

Demographic report: The ethnic battlelines within Great Britain

Demographic report : Using the most recent available statistics, which are in-fact out-dated, the population of the UK stood in 2012 at 63.23 million, the white population at roughly less than 53 million as a whole.

There are roughly 10-13 million non-whites in the UK, with over 10 million here 'legally' and up to 3 million possibly here illegally.* 

 *I would argue that all non-white immigrants or immigrant descendant populations should be classed as illegal, all of them, as their presence here is ethnically against the interest of our people, and legal classifications and ultimately the law should be based solely on what is good for our folk, but illegal and legal here is according to the flawed conception of the law in use today in relation to such a distinction, meaing those who had paper documents and those who did not have little bits of paper with ink passport patterns printed on them, ultimately, it is such a pathetic grounding for the difference between legal and illegal non-white immigrants, who as stated should all be classified as illegal.

 ONS 2011 statistics summary from the ONS 2011 census figures ONLY for England and Wales(now outdated) 
 "White was the majority ethnic group at 48.2 million in 2011 (86.0 per cent). Within this ethnic group, White British was the largest group at 45.1 million (80.5 per cent)." 

 From this trend we can estimate that 'White British' is now currently less than 75% over the the mainland UK as a whole (excluding Northern Ireland) with 'White at less than 79% of the population. 

 Although we are still the majority by far, enough so that in the scenario of a civil war in the next 15 years we would emerge victorious with ease, unfortunately the majority of births are non-white meaning, that as soon as the majority non-white birth generation reaches adulthood, the nation will be in severe danger, that is in less than 15 years time, all the forecasts about becoming a minority by 2130 or some ludicrous number is nothing more than propaganda, designed to manipulate and cause complacency in our people, whilst simultaneously forcing weaker people into defeatist thoughts.

 Although the death rate for non-white children (and adults) is higher and will continue to rise, and a small percentage of them leave the UK, although not enough to off-set their massive birth-rate.

To illustrate this the Muslim population has increased by over 10x in recent years, primarily the result of Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Muslim African immigration, and their horrifically high birthrates. 

 Although surprisingly and positively  Eastern Europeans have seen their population numbers increase even more than the non-white population increase, providing what could be an unexpected opportunity.

 "The White ethnic group accounted for 86.0 per cent of the usual resident population in 2011, a decrease from 91.3 per cent in 2001 and 94.1 per cent in 1991." 

 The white population decreased by -14.1% from 1991 to 2011 in only 20 years, with the majority of that reduction since 1991 occurring in between 1997 and 2011, in what was a period of Jewish supremacist advocated white-genocide, enacted by the Labour government of 1997-2010, within which the likes of Ed Miliband and other Jewish-supremacists played a crucial role, along with the gentile figureheads of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. 

 "Across the English regions and Wales, London was the most ethnically diverse area, and Wales the least."

 It is self evident, and this is something the public needs to wake up to, that more 'ethnically diverse', can by definition only mean, less English, 'ethnically diverse' is a malicious, quite frankly offensive code-word: meaning increasingly non-European and non-English.

 "91.0 per cent of the usual resident population identified with at least one UK national identity (English, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish, and British) in 2011."

 Meaning that 5 percent of the non-white population does not classify as 'usually resident' or they tactically stated that they were English, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish or British, when they, are self-evidently not, by the only valid definition, the ethnic definition of national identity. 

"White British and White Irish decreased between 2001 and 2011. The remaining ethnic groups increased, Any Other White background had the largest increase of 1.1 million (1.8 percentage points)."

 Note the offensives term: 'Any Other white', they distinguish between Bangladeshi and Pakistani, and yet not between Romanians and Norwegians, a ludicrous lack of logic, or an obvious attempt to belittle the significane of the unique nature of the white races.

On a positive note in relation to the above data, it is a potential advantage that the single biggest increase of any demographic came from Eastern European immigrant populations, in the period 2001-2011 this was from primarily Polish immigrants, the support of whom, could and at this current trend be crucial in re-taking our nation. 

Proportionally, during the influx of over 700,000 Poles, the UK actually became proportionally more European or proportionally more 'White' for a short while, albeit simultaneously the UK became less Northern European and evidently less English, Scottish, and Welsh.

As I have stated before, these Eastern European immigrants are a bulwark, between the non-white immigrant populations and ourselves, and routinely show more racial awareness, and thus could be ideal as a militant support base.

They could also be superbly valuable in the theoretical scenario of a civil war, or multiple, short race-based civil disturbances over the next few years, the occurance of which is inevitable. 

This growing, mainly Polish, Slovakian, Lithuanian and Latvian population block could also be superbly valuable in community organising efforts in peacetime as many of them already have their own shops, so if you do not have an English or Northern European owned shop in your area, then go to the next best thing, a North-Eastern European (Polish) shop, instead of the Jewish owned supermarkets, such as Tesco or the non-white owned or staffed kebab shops, corner shops or take-aways.

The informational chart to the right demonstrates the detrimental economic siphoning and unemployment caused by the utilization of foreign workers, an act that in itself is intrinsically detrimental for a civilization to enact.

Our own Northern European population should be completing all work within our nation, and if there are problems with certain sectors of the economy and the difficulty in finding suitable workers arrises, the methodology I laid out in this article should be followed. If immigration is to exist at all it should solely be between ourselves and populations of identical racial character, such as between fellow Northern European nations and our ex-colonial populations of Australia, New Zealand, North America, Pretoria, etc.

Mass-immigration has had an unforeseen consequence, namely the creation of a situation of near racial conflict between rival third world immigrant blocks and Eastern European immigrants, a de-facto racial alliance with these Eastern European immigrants, especially the North-Eastern European Immigrants (Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, etc) will be superbly beneficial as far as the re-taking and awakening of our nation is concerned and far less damaging than having their numbers replaced by non-whites.

These more folkish North-Eastern European immigrants could then return to their home countries, after receiving appropriate training, to re-take their countries of ethnic origin, such as Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, providing us with a forward guard of sorts in Europe, after the fall of the dominance of Jewish Supremacist power, which has currently manifest itself through the totalitarian insitution of the EU, which at the top (in media terms) resides the European Jewish Parliament and European Jewish Congress (as a separate but influential organisation in the promotion of non-whites), further demonstrating the necessity of the destruction of the EU.

The Eastern European immigrants here, and our de-facto long-term political alliance with them, could prove vital to maintaining inter-state peace in a future, nationalist Europe.