Article author: Asatro News / Published: October 17th 2013 (1st edition article) / 17th Winter-fylleþ 2263.RE

The UK government parliamentary Home affairs committee as part of an inquiry into counter-terrorism is to investigate the Guardian News company.

Well we all knew the Marxists over at 'The Guardian' were a dangerous, seditious and manipulative bunch of anti-white racists, it is about time they were investigated (it would be more accurately named 'The Subversive' than 'The Guardian').

Unfortunately the investigation being conducted into the Guardian is purely a matter pertaining to the Guardian's mass-publication of articles, news stories and statistics pertaining to mass surveillance gathered from the immediate leaks of US government insider-whistleblower Edward Snowden.

 The Guardian is not the only entity under investigation, in what is a wide ranging anti-terrorist investigation. Pertaining to the above the chair of the Home affairs committee stated the committee would seek to investigate "elements of the Guardian's involvement in, and publication of the Snowden leaks". 

The Guardian seems to be heavily involved in the investigation being conducted under the new counter-terrorism investigation after it was brought to the attention of the Prime Minister by Liam Fox who demanded a completely "full and transparent assessment about the Guardian [news company's] involvement in the Snowden affair". 

 The moral failings of the Guardian as a far-left reporting outfit are quite evident. Releasing government data is not a moral failing and is in almost all cases beneficial to the maintenance of government transparency, the disgustingly selective reporting of such data in accordance with a far-left political ideology is. 

 The same has occurred every single time a mass government leak is reported on, where the genuinely important documents such as operations on Israeli covert activities, jewish interest groups and the state of Israel itself are selectively and deliberately not reported by the mainstream media. 

It seems that for information to be leaked successfully and honestly, two layers of information transition are required: the initial leak out of the government data files and then the dissemination of that information in a publically accessible format so that the general public actually receive the information in its purest possible form, our people deserve nothing less than the Truth. 

 The Ásatro News is dedicated to that purpose.