Article author: Asatro News Published: 20th Æfterra Jéola 2014 / 20th day After Yule 2264.RE

ComRes Opinion poll: UKIP is the public's favourite political party

(UPDATED 23/1/2014)

 Updated article on this subject 

As of Sunday it was revealed in the ComRes poll (of 2029 people including non-whites) in the Independent and Sunday Mirror that UKIP is the most favoured or "favourable" political party in the entire country.

This news shows there has been a seismic change, or in the words of Nigel Farage an "earthquake change in British politics". This earthquake is set only to increase in intensity with political fissures and after-shocks becoming an inevitability, along the fault-line of the awakening of our folk.

UKIP has legitimized concern for immigration, as the unstoppable awakening against immigration has shown, with upwards of 89% of our folk wanting immigration to be tackled if not entirely ceased, with growing numbers of opinion poll respondents stating all immigrants should be 'sent home' or repatriated.

The ComRes opinion Poll results

The question was roughly: Which party do you feel the most favourable towards. 

27% UKIP 

26% Labour

25% Conservatives

14% Liberal Democrats

0%~ BNP

Which party do you feel the LEAST favourable towards:

50% Conservatives

49% Lib Dems

45% Labour

38% UKIP

* The favourablility of the governing parties is always lower during office and before the re-election period.

ComRes Voting intentions, general election 2015:

35% Labour

30% Conservatives

19% UKIP

8% Liberal democrats

0%~ BNP

ComRes most popular political party leader:

27% David Cameron

22% Nigel Farage

Ed Miliband, less popular than the Labour party (below 19%)

YouGov 2015 general election prediction result (vote percentages):

Labour with 32% (Labour majority of 56 seats estimated)

UKIP with 26%

Cons with 23%  

*Due to FPTP even with 26% of the vote UKIP could still get less than 10 Parliamentary seats at the general election in 2015.

UKIP has also taken positive actions to remove Jew-Loving-Christian members from the party, which will increase its popularity with an increasingly spiritual* but (less Christian) electorate, as exampled by the recent case of the removal of Councillor David Silvester, a fundamentalist Christian who blamed the recent UK flooding on his own God as punishment against David Cameron, which is not only scientifically retarded, it is a religious opinion that deflects away from (by not even mentioning) the real culprits of the gay marriage bill who are cultural Christians (not surprisingly) and the all-pervasive Jewish-Supremacists.

*Polling data shows that the general public (only refering to us English, Welsh, Scottish and Ulster folk) increasingly believe in some "higher purpose" or "divinity" but are not Christians or affiliated with any Church, indicating what is a massive spiritual awakening to the tune of 75%+ of the population, who are heading towards a paganistic worldview that sees divinity and worth in ordinary life, which is the final solution to end the semitic Nihilism that has plagued our societies for generations since the imposition of Christianity and atheism alike, especially in the last century.

UKIP is going to be the number one party in the EU elections in 2014, 2015 is our only immediate electoral concern...  

If Labour is to be stopped in 2015 we must work to help disrupt the Labour vote in key border constituencies, this tactic among dozens of others will be deployed by the Asatro News before the 2015 general election.