Article author: Asatro News Published: 4th Æfterra Jéola 2014 / 4th day After Yule 2264.RE

Civil war or democratic resurgence: it matters not, either way we English and all Northern Europeans will resurge victorious from among the ashes of war, purified and strong: a discussion of the threats to our civilization and how they are simultaneously making us stronger

The recent case of 2 Pakistani students marrying disabled women (in forced Muslim ceremonies) in order to stay in the UK, highlights an area for discussion on the reality of the non-existent morality of numerous non-white immigrants, the damage multi-culturalism does to our civilization, but also on how this damage is ironically directed against the weaker elements of our society, whereby mass-immigration plus the welfare state results in a situation where the vulnerable are made into victims of non-whites, both in relationships, crime rate exposure and cultural degenerative effect.

I expect many English students have at least seen a few Pakistani students, although encouragingly non-white students tend to self-ghetto in terms of their social lives, even between different non-white groups (this is why they have seating plans in inner-city schools, to attempt to prevent this natural occurance), this pattern infuriates jewish university staff, who cannot tolerate the supremacy of the laws of mother nature (personified in Asatru as the Vanir Goddess: 'Nerthus'), I have witnessed their anti-natural rage and subseunt manipulative attempts 1st hand.

But for those who have Pakistanis as student classmates, it might be worthwhile looking into the moral reality of the actions of numerous Pakistani students, in regard to their ruthless abusing of vulnerable persons for their own interests and of their very presence here in England, although this is not just exclusively a Pakistani problem but a common moral behaviour among thousands of non-white international students.

In June 2012, one of these Pakistani students married a disabled woman, after nearing deportation, following a failed immigration appeal, in a bid to abuse the disabled woman and to literally use her as a tool to stay in the UK.

Subsequently a judge, in a brave move (unusual in relation to rulings dealing with Islam), saw through the facade and declared the entire Muslim marriage ceremony invalid and deported the un-named Pakistani student back to Pakistan.

The second Pakistani student, obviously a fake student (at the age of 30) exploiting the students visa market, at the end of his time period as a 'student': married and immediately had a child (a product of allegedly raping the disabled woman, according to some definitions of rape) with another disabled woman, in addition to bribing the father of the disabled woman, allegedly. During the 2nd case Mrs Justice Parker, who oversaw the case made the fantastic comment that: 

"A Muslim marriage [is] not recognised in this jurisdiction", as a statement of fact pertaining to the non-legitimacy of Islamic marriage laws. 

This is surprising, showing how despite the pessimistic thoughts of many individuals, Islam has not yet made such inroads into the laws of our country.

The Pakistani student in the 2nd case attempted to apply again for a student visa, whilst obviously not being a student, as his application was rejected, proving that student visas and potentially hundreds of thousands of so called foreign 'students' are potentially, in reality nothing more than illegal immigrants.

The 2nd case has not yet been resolved due to the complication of the situation, as a result of the Pakistani arguably in some interpretations of the concept of rape: raping the disabled woman and producing a child and subsequently introducing so called 'family rights' into the legal case, which the European Court of Human Rights, would likely uphold, despite the obvious and self-evident manipulation on behalf of the Pakistani immigrant. 

Mrs Justice Parker stated: "[The Pakistani's] position is bound to be self-serving.

The judge also stated that the disabled woman did not have "sufficient understanding" to consent to marriage with the Pakistani immigrant.

It is an undeniable fact that the places of highest immigrant numbers are in sub-working class areas, where all sensible, intelligent and financially stable white families quickly move away from. This can be seen in the massive, demographic exodus of English folk out of London, Birmingham, Manchester, Slough, Luton, and others.

Simultaneously the places that immigrant populations inhabit, are generally unhealthy city centers or crowded housing areas, where the water supply is overly contaminated with degrading chemicals, where radiation levels are higher and where pollutants permanently damage the biology and even genetics of the inhabitants of such urban areas over generations. 

Some of the most genetically damaged European populations historically were the sub-working class urban populations. It is the descendants of these people who are acting as the buffer between immigrants and the average and above average white populations.

There is an unforeseen eugenic benefit to the current problems created by multi-culturalism: 99% of inter-racial relationships (unlike the 1% seen via the Hollywood media) involve those members of our population, who are unintelligent, vulnerable, un-cultured, or disabled in some form, in addition to the aforementioned attributes, such people leaving our race are almost always on welfare or below working class in their economic situation, often generationally.

The concept of rape is often defined as being engaged in sexual relations without proper understanding of the consequences; this is the ethical foundation for the restriction on sexual consent to above the age of 18, as people under that age arguably do not have sufficient understanding (in this day and age) of the consequences of sexual activities, psychologically and biologically.

Do uneducated, niave, manipulated and socially conditioned young males and females understand the damage of miscegenation? 

In this era, evidently they do not, and in-fact through popular culture, through the Jewish funded, directed and operated Hollywood and other cultural broadcasting systems and mass-advertising companies, they are deliberately lied to over and over again.

Let it be declared as a warning to all advertising and media companies: once a nationalistic government has attained power, all companies that featured non-whites in advertising WILL be scentenced for advocating rape and miscegenation, I am 100% sure that such a scentence will entail the ultimate punishment within the newly corrected and purified legal system of this nation and numerous other European nations.

Subsequently if rape is classified as when someone cannot give reasonable willing consent, all inter-racial relations should be classed as rape, as almost none of the youth of today or of the last 50 years have ever been properly educated about the sheer damage caused to their bloodline (which is permanently destroyed in their children) by ethnic non-europeans, and even the damage caused by non-Nordic Europeans.

Non-whites who engage in any attempted sex relations with whites, should be convicted of rape in accordance to the aforementioned definition of rape.

In-fact it could be argued potentially in court even today, as aforementioned, due to the fact that the victims of inter-racial rape evidently are un-informed (even more so then under-aged persons) and evidently taken advantage of by the non-whites, be the non-white rapist a male or female. 

Fortunately levels of inter-racial relations are statistically minute, at less than 1-2% of the lowest of our population, with only 8% being open to even the suggestion of having a partner from a non-white race, showing that despite all the propaganda: the elemental biology of our men and women cannot be so easily controverted by environmental conditioning.

Proportionally White males are more often the victim of inter-racial relations (which should be defined as rape in relation to informed consent) than White females, as White females are intrinsically more instinctual and more right-wing over the population at large, even though women make up a small proportion of racial political groups, they tend to group to the center right, this right-wing women phenomenon or 'racial defence mechanism' is consistent in the UK, the US, Austrialia, New Zealand and the EU.

Although women are more likely to be the victim of violent rape, when perpetrated by non-whites this should ideally be called double rape, and be legally punished as two counts of rape instead of one.

Rapists on all advantageous levels of the definition of rape should ideally be hung until dead and then subsequently quartered in the traditional English execution method, designated for vile criminals.

On a positive eugenic note; again it is factual that the intellectually, physically, emotionally, culturally and thus the genetically worst of our population are being absorbed by the third world masses in the inner cities, not entirely but in small but still significant numbers.

The English population that remains therefore will actually on average be more intelligent, wealthier, more cultured, more hard-working, more inventive, more law-abiding and more emotionally stable and thus genetically purer overall than our population as a whole would have been if the lower elements of our population had not left our race, so that after all non-Europeans are expelled, what will remain will be the genetically finest and most existentially conscious European population, with proportionally slightly more European females than European men.

What does not kill us makes us stronger.

This is evidently true on a civilization wide basis.

Nature, and our race as the highest expressions of the beauty and accomplishments of nature, will always win in the end, no matter what, even what might look like a situation of horrific genetic decay, could easily be turned into a situation wherein our population is being proportionally refined, albeit reduced in size temporarily, this although depends entirely on whether we can expel the products of multi-culturalism in the end.

The inevitable inner city conflicts in our nation will see the unforeseen positive advantage of all the weak, unintelligent ex-members of our population literally being wiped out, via being on the front line between the clash of ethnic groups and also from their inherent vulnerability and generic disability.

A civil war, resulting in the mass-damaging of food imports would also see the weak and genetically vulnerable perish and the strong and intelligent remain, the strong and pure English farming families would become the inheritors of the entire nation.

The welfare state, combined with mass immigration, in the event of a Malthusian climax will ironically destroy the very weak and vulnerable people, its Jewish Marxist inspired socialist designers in 1942-1945 manipulated the general public into believing it existed to support.

Arguably the Conservatives are forcing the collapse of the welfare state as we speak, by allowing in massive numbers of immigrants, whilst allowing the NHS to fall to pieces, which will hasten the onset of civilization wide conflict.

Instrumentally civil war may be a fantastic opportunity, wherein our civilization, like the mythological phoenix, will be born again from the ashes of the fires of its own temporary immolation, in a temporary national funeral-pyre of self-purification as we defeat our enemies, after which would emerge a nation stronger, purer and more beautiful and unified than we have ever seen before in the entire history of our folk upon Midgard.

A Britannia purified and strong, principled and striving forth for the rest of eternity, of which we have only just begun...

Through Civil war or Democratic resugence, either way we will be victorious, but victory will come at the cost of our personal effort and struggle and ours alone... the harder we fight, the better the future lives of our people, of your children's children will be!

This is the pure idealistic future, after the flames of a democratic resurgence or civil war alike that I am fighting for.

We shall strive onwards unto this end, in accordance with our Ásatrú informed intellectual, cultural, aesthetic and biological archetypal ideals.