Article author: Asatro News / Originally written: 12th of Yule 2012 at 5:55pm

Published: 27th day of Sol-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 27th day of Sol-month 2014

Call out to eternity: Arise Britannia!

I have no moral duty higher in life and political warfare than to serve my noble blooded folk for the ultimate expression of morality is what is in the best interests of our folk, we must wage war, political war on behalf of our folk, as it is thus our moral duty, we must wage political war until we are victorious, when we stand as a true and pure folk should, we must unite behind and within the purity of the best of our most ancient ancestor's purity of mind and spirit, we must dedicate all in our lives to our folk.

I call out to you, arise, stand and engage in an unfaltering, unflinching, unrelenting political war for the right of our noble Nordic and Germanic folk to exist, flourish and pursue ever ascending gradations of perfection in accordance with our Asatru archetypes.

You as an Asatru and especially a Nationalist Asatru individual may have been torn a hundred times, in sorrow or in lifes long years, all whilst the sight of colossal realities impend upon our folk, but through it all, you have had but one guiding light, lest you realize it, and recall it within your mind when in your darkest hours, the realization that: I am nothing and my noble-blooded people are everything, with every step I take, I take it on behalf of the hundreds of thousands that have come before me and the millions that shall follow after, with every breath I exhale I exhale in honour of the spirits of my ancestors, and to honour my descendents, with every word I utter, with every movement of my existence, I live dedicating my entire life to the cause of my noble and beloved folk, and if I die for my noble-blooded people, I exist as the epitome of morality for my folk's interests.

...Yet I alone stand for nothing, Nothing more than any of my ethereal people, for I have no other purpose in my life that is so truly necessary, other than to stand for you all, to fight, for you, to fight alongside you, but never will there be a day when I follow after you, like so few in this era, but of so few, I say to myself I will always wage political warfare upon the front line of the existence of our racial-folk at every stage of life, upon every day.

So that if time wished and wishes to corrupt and to corrode us, as it will try, I as will you, already have been burnished, self-disciplined, polished and consolidated by such efforts, efforts that in each and every one of our minds and lives have proven inadequate to break our dedication to our folk, our beloved people, we march affront upon the rising of the dawn, so that we may fulfill our purposes, that we, those who have long been tempered in the war-furnaces before political warfare and onwards, may serve our people, in giving our entire lives, and with them, we shall do away with the corruption, defilement and degeneration inflicted upon Britannia’s fairness in her lands and in herself until she once again reigns pure and strong, in her newfound immunity to the diseases emanating from Jewish quasi-Supremacism, the disease that has been afflicted upon us in all its evolving and mutating forms, we shall cleanse such from Britannia's veins, street by street, mind by mind, we shall free our people!

We ask or beg for none others to free our folk... for we shall do it ourselves, with hearts of folk-love and courage’s akin to gold lined, titanium reinforced diamond Mjolnir's

We few who stand against and above the corruption of our people, we few, born of battle, destined for war, adorned with pride-sourced tears for the current dysgenic, disastrous, degenerating conditions foisted upon our folk-nation, that will very soon, in their bitter coldness wash forth like a sheared wall of Ice, tear drops of purification and through our inspired political warfare, shall thus cleanse away the putrid reservoirs that were once rivers of blood that flowed in their violating degeneracy across Britannia’s virgin lands.

But you too must also fight, we lone warriors, we timeless, and yet futile few can never do this alone, you must rise up and call out to your heritage, call out to the spirit of your folk, through yourself and others, call out to everyone you have ever known!

Call out to eternity and proclaim that you will stand and you will fight for your nation, pledge to the Æsir, Vanir Disir, Valkyries, Norns, Vaettir and eternity that you give your all, you will stand to die willingly but more so, to live your life for your ancestors, to live your life in principle, pride and purity above the corruption emanating from Jewish attempts at supremacy over us, so that you, your blood and soul may truly realize themselves as noble.

To reach past the everyday idiocies and distractions of time, to embrace her, the spirit of your people, the Nordic and Germanic spirit, embrace her in the same way that she wants to embrace you, let her enshrine you, let her become you, let the dreams of our people flow through your veins, let them flow, and live for them, stand for them, and join us in fighting for them. Stand in front of your own eternity and look deep inside yourself.

Call out to eternity, and arise pure and unleashed, sons and daughters of Britannia

You must do more than voting for independent folkish individuals and working towards physical, political, cultural and spiritual gains, as you embark upon your life for your folk's existence you will become yourself, you will learn to love yourself, to throw aside your shallow personality and lowly tendencies of this era, of our time, for it is your time, this is the time of our folk, you only live in this form once, do not let your life down, fight for all your eternity, realize your strength, realize who you are, fall not for the false pretences of the false-goals of this world, all that maters is our folk, our folk knowledge, survival and archetype informed high-evolution.

Standing, defiant and proud in the battle lines of our folk is and can only be the most perfect moral act to our worthy people, it is only a negative thing because our people have been constrained, corrupted and led away from their own innate courage of spirit and eternal essence that lies deep within our blood.

There is a truth in politics, a powerful truth, beyond all the lies, statistics and genocide, that all it takes is you and you alone, to just realize, to just wake up, to save yourself, stand and fight, for entire civilizations to change, as I and my allies cannot fight for you alone, oh I so wish we could, but the strength of a people come from the inner strength of the best of the worthy majority, never from a mere, even defiantly brave few, that is the truth of the history and nature of civilization, I wish I could fight for you alone, that our fight alone would suffice, but it cannot, we cant, I cant, we need you, I need you to look inside yourself, fight for yourself, stand tall in pride, join us, engage in political warfare for your honour, vote on the principles of what is in the interests of our folk, look deep inside yourself, look past the shallowness of modern life, to the genetic reality of existence, look into eternity and know yourself.

All these years the media has blamed the politicians deliberately as the people who have been the cause for the demise of this nation, and deliberately so, that upon the switch of the power seat, all would remain docile, upon the appearance of a victorious change, dictated by the will of the people.

But it is not true, the cold hard truth, the painful realization, is that it is always the fault of the weakness within the majority being exploited and expanded by a vile exterior force, it is our fault secondarily for not standing high in realization and pride, that all we need to do is say no, all we need to do is think free. All we need to do is to stand and vote with what divine providence dictates is the highest of principle in politics.

The principle that all noble Nordic and Germanic people deserve and will take the power to rule themselves and not to be ruled, the realization that we have the power to change everything, to turn back time by marching forward, to undo the damage that has been done and then to avenge it in beautiful, ethereal ruthlessness of perfection in our future policies.

We Nationalist Asatru folk are an army of rising warriors under our folk-nation's only true spirituality and philosophy, we arose from the dust, we are diamonds forged each in our own way from the dust of the universe, the culmination of eternity, millions of years of pre-human evolution, millions of years of human and simultaneous spiritual evolution and decades of personal evolution, and of spirits forged from the mirror of eternity, in perfect shining, ethereal form.

We few are here as Nationalists because we want to sacrifice or die for our folk, we want to die for our nation, we wish to be salvation unto our nation, let us not be your salvation, be your own savior in a true and meaningful political sense in your life, for we are merely the beacons lit before you, yet still shrouded in the fog of war, you must light yourself and from yourself, others too will light up in defiance, in pride and fortitude, with eloquence, sophistication and glory, let us die for our nation in letting our lives not be in vain through our long lives of struggle, let us devote our entire lives to you, my folk, let me devote my life to you, let us stand, so that you may have a future in your blood, and that once again you may feel the comfort of the pleasant years, long since passed, days of achievement, real progress, industrious advances and of spiritual wonder beyond worthless modern pursuits, safe & secure from corruption and immediate threats, once this last immediate threat to our people has been cleansed from our folk's minds and our spirits freed from being held down to mediocrity.

But realize and know this, hold what I am about to say, close, hold it deep, hold it right next to your heart of hearts, hold it as eternal. We have no rights unless we fight for them, we have nothing unless we secure it for ourselves.

If you want our folk nation to exist, flourish and to arise to pursue perfection, you must stand for it, you must stand tall for it, you must shout out to eternity for it, you must enshrine it in your words, you must wear it, you must bear and protect it, like a loved-one, for eternity.

We defend our folk for something Inside of us tells us, that we have to understand in ourselves:  

-That besides how I will be ridiculed, how I will be cursed for my servitude to my nation, I do it anyway, because it is right, because I stand for my folk, because I stand for that which is most perfect, I stand for truth, I stand for honour, I stand for you, so that you do not have to take the first barrages and volley fires, I give my life, for I am comparatively nothing and you my people are everything to me.

I am nothing, I never will be anything by myself, It is you who will stand tall in history, I would willingly die for that future of yours to be safely yours.

I am nothing more than the call to battle, I am nothing more than that distant voice, that inspires you, I am nothing more than that light in the eyes of a lost love, I am nothing more than a beacon, I am nothing more than a lonely sole crying out to eternity that my people, deserve everything, but you must take this, I cannot take this for you, I can only be one of many voices that stand and call it on behalf of you.

Hail to you, go forth and live your life, live it for your ancestors, and fight for them, become all you were ever meant to be and more, stand, stand now, call out to yourself.

Set yourself free, join us, so we may stand together, together we cannot be ridiculed, together we are irreproachable, together we shall never fall, as an army of noble-blooded individuals, standing on principle, so will our nation, in the blink of an eye awaken.

Join us in this battle.

Look out across the city skylines of our great cities, look out across the great fields of Britain, look out across the great streets of our once Great Britain, and the coasts that guided us folk of the high-seas, look with depth across the great oceans that embrace our shores to the realms of the Ran, fair Goddess of the Ocean.

Look deep into that view, and then look deeper into yourself, ask yourself, what are you doing, why do you not stand for your honour, your heritage, why do you not fight harder for all those you have ever loved.

And then fight for them, stand and wage political warfare for every broken heart you have ever marched with, fight for every lost love, fight for every betrayal you have ever had, fight for all the scars in your memory, hold high your birthright.

You are the sons and dottirs of Odin and Frigga.

You are principled, find those principles, find your honour, find your inherent brilliance, there is a reason our nation was once called Great Britain.

That reason lies within you, it lays dormant, let it arise, let your spirit burn across eternity, awaken yourself, be inspired and join us.

To everyone you have ever known, to everyone you have ever witnessed, to everyone you have ever become close to, to everyone you have ever lost, fight in their name, stand in their honour, embrace the memories of all the people who have passed you by, remember them all, embrace all your sadness, all your joy, hold it together, take a moment to look back across your entire life, across all the late nights, all the sleepless nights the cold losses of love, to all the warm embraces of friends, remember your brothers and your sisters, remember them all, let their memories inspire you, and let us by the spear point of Grungnir and the Apex of Mjolnir that shall be struck deep into the political enemies of this nation, mortally so.

We will then only have one eternal enemy and that is the part of ourselves that prevents our realization of the truth of what we ought to do, we will help you fight that part of yourself, in every one of you so that you may stand beside us, that you may awaken in yourself a depth previously unknown to your mind, open your heart, open your soul, let it flow throughout your existence, let it become you, mirror your beauty in deeds and actions that shall echo on for eternity.

Stand for your nation, Arise and together we will stand, keep inspired.

With honour

Hail Britannia - Hail the Æsir - Hail the Vanir