Article author: Asatro News Published: 28th Æfterra Jéola 2264.RE / 28th day After Yule 2014

Asatru destiny, Asatru, the perfect solution to all the ills of this era, it cannot be anything other than destiny (Nature's will)

Asatru gives us archetypes: role models to act in accordance with. Living in accordance or under inspiration of the noble, pure and wise archetypes of our Nordic & Germanic Gods and Goddesses uplifts our civilization and guides us towards noble and worthy goals in ourselves and in the physical and meta-physical end-results of our efforts.

Asatru is the death sentence of Nihilism, the eternal cure for Nihilism for it gives freely the gift of purpose and of meaning to the lives of all Europeans who merely understand or fully and deeply believe in our Gods and Goddesses.

Asatru is a religion and simultaneously the opposite of a religion, it is a system of spiritual outlook whereby there is no official doctrine requiring all to believe in the existence of the Gods and Goddesses, but merely that Asatruar understand that the Gods and Goddesses in their image and the tales of their feats contain eternal, elemental truths and time-tested advice on how to live a good, noble, worthy and extraordinary existence.

Only the purest Asatruar have honestly attained a level of Tru belief in the Gods and Goddesses, through inspiration, introspection, innate blood-knowledge or intuition.

Understanding the purpose of our racial Gods and Goddesses confers upon us Noble Europeans the path to the fulfillment of our ultimate physical, spiritual and mental existences, whilst also rooting us in a deep, ancient community surrounded in our own folk, and the ancient tales of our folk, whilst also compelling us to aspire to great deeds, magnificent triumphs over mediocrity, not for ourselves alone but for all our folk as one people united and yet beautifully individualistic.

 Asatru is the perfect solution to all the ills of this era, it cannot be anything other than destiny, that now in this era we are to return to the true way of our ancestors to ensure we in turn are to be ensured as the ancestors of an infinite number of trillions of pure, Nordic & Germanic descended generations to come.

Hail our Gods

Hail our Goddesses

Hail our noble folk